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Chinese dinner was great with the sets although potion was a bit small.

Yau Pan · 31/03/2021

best view

I like the buffet and view

Hiu Wai Lai · 28/03/2021

Good memories

Formally bid farewell to her 4 years old, happily welcome her to 5 years old, and wish my daughter happiness forever! Thank you all for your dedication and dedication. I hope you are well and goodbye!

· 27/03/2021


Super beautiful scenery, the employees have super gifts, and the awareness of epidemic prevention is super high, and the buffet has to rub their hands with alcohol every time they carry food, and the buffet is at an ordinary level

Hiu Tung Yip · 26/03/2021

nice hotel service and clean environment with sanitizers around every corner

Yat Kin · 21/03/2021

Birthday Accommodation

The hotel’s epidemic prevention measures are very comprehensive. The ball pens used to fill in information during check-in are constantly replaced for disinfection. Vicky, who helped us deal with check-in matters, was courteous and dedicated to solving problems for us. The evening buffet has a dedicated person in the food area, reminding diners to rub their hands with alcohol to disinfect their hands every time. If diners forget to wear a mask for a while, they will quickly notice and remind them. Will stay again next time

Guest · 19/03/2021

Comfortable environment

Free upgrade to a mountain view suite due to birthday, first-class service, greeted by the manager

銘基 何 · 15/03/2021

Good food for in-room dining and breakfast buffet. Has a nice fitness center. Helpful staff.

Wan Chi Wendy · 14/03/2021

need to book in advance the restaurant you want for the dining credit, or else all restaurants are all. No chan e to try Hugo / Chinese library. Ordered room service in the end. Surprisingly, food was good, with decent table setting (though the room is small, one of us need to sit on the bed), but it’s quite relaxing haha. We counted how to use the dinning credit, Lobster + steak =$1001 and we only paid an extra $1

Hoi Man · 14/03/2021

Hotel is very good, we will go again for next trip. Service is good. breakfast and buffet also is good.

chi wing · 11/03/2021

Five-star room, four-star food is positive!

The deluxe room is very large and suitable for two to three persons. Although it is not a sea view, the mountain view also has its tranquility. The dining credit is used at night western restaurants but not a buffet. It is called Zuo Salmon Fillet, Steak, and it is very cost-effective to pay for 888. On the other hand, there are many people in the buffet line, and it feels very crowded, so it feels like there is no wrong by-election.

Lok Yi Kan · 10/03/2021

Tadashi Taira

I am very happy, because I really feel good about it. Buy "Local Tour" and get $880 rebate, our local buffet lunch. The room has enough space and the toilet is big enough. If there is more peace, I will buy it again

Ning Cheung · 08/03/2021


The sea view room has a beautiful view, the buffet dinner tastes ok, the staff is very polite

Elaine Elaine · 01/03/2021

Very good, value for money,

Ngai Dick · 28/02/2021

nice hotel room

nice hotel room with good service

ping fai leung · 22/02/2021

trip comment

Have a good time! The hotel is very comfortable and beautiful! Can go again

Suet Ying Ivy Chan · 21/02/2021

Good service attitude

I only included dinner when I ordered, but I ordered it to eat Hugo's. Later, I saw a more discounted package from the hotel, so I asked KKDAY again if it included breakfast. The reply was that it did not include breakfast. Dianzhi stayed at the hotel on the same day and said that I had breakfast, and I felt happy and satisfied. The staff service was also five-star quality, and the dinner also reached the expected quality.

SUK CHUN KINDY WONG · 21/02/2021

The view from the sea view room is unexpectedly beautiful, and the day and night views are beautiful

The buffet lunch is of good quality, the lamb has the flavour of sheep, the cow has the flavour of cow, and it is not a seasoning! Sweet shrimp, salmon are so fresh, roast duck is so fragrant, side dishes and noodles are superb! The middle soup is clear and sweet without monosodium glutamate, drinking three bowls in a row, and even ginger vinegar is of standard, and the desserts are unbeatable, please sweet instead of strong sweet, really positive, positive, positive!

Margaret Wong · 16/02/2021

5 dishes that exceeded expectations

In order to maintain the standard, the restaurant is divided into two rounds of food delivery, and the overall is good. The hotel arranged a room with a view of Victoria Harbour, adding a romantic atmosphere to this dinner.

Tsz Kam Chan · 14/02/2021

Great value accommodation experience

The staff is courteous, the food is of high standard, the room facilities are complete, and the price is very good!

Yau Pui Cyrus Lee · 14/02/2021

Happy family ???

I stayed in Hong Kong for consumption due to the epidemic. This time I went to Staycation at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. The room was clean, the bathroom was oversized, and the TV in the lobby was SONY super clear and oversized. The buffet lunch styles were quite normal. It was impossible to expect super fresh long-legged crab feet and breakfast. The croissant is above the standard I have eaten ?? All hotel staff are polite and smiling ??? Overall enjoyment is above 90 points, there will be another time.

耀國 劉 · 11/02/2021

Nice Staycation

Convenient transportation (MTR direct, not afraid of rain), spacious rooms, comfortable beds, very comfortable shower and shower, open scenery (part of the Victoria Harbour view), 23/F Regency Lounge with all you can drink coffee, service staff Courteous and courteous, breakfast is simple and acceptable, and the accommodation feels perfect. Nice Staycation is recommended!

Tun Shun Li · 10/02/2021

The hotel staff are professional and courteous. The checkin went smoothly. I used $1000 to eat set lunch in hugo, which was very high standard.

Man Lo · 09/02/2021

Newly married

Originally booked for one night, the sea view room was finally free upgraded to make the sea view executive suite, the night view of Victoria Harbour is very beautiful, the room is full of space. Lounge tea and cocktail The food is good but the breakfast options are relatively few but the environment is better

Dai Kat · 02/02/2021

Great for the service ! Hyatt group really good in the world !!!

IENG KEI · 27/01/2021

Easy Hong Kong tour

You can check in early on the day of check-in, and you can also have a 30% discount on the lunch buffet at the hotel. The actual payment is about 270 yuan for a buffet lunch in a five-star hotel, which is really good value for money! There are also a lot of rooms, the toilets have showers and bathtubs, the area is relatively large, and the place is spacious! Under the current epidemic, the time of the executive lounge has been changed from four to six o'clock. The food is quite abundant and there are many choices of drinks! For example: Fish sashimi, baked pork chop rice, Yangzhi Ganlu are all excellent!

Wai Ching Lam · 27/01/2021

Celebrate wedding anniversary

The KKday book is simple and easy to make, and I will email you a few days ago to remind you of the booking, very attentive. The front desk staff of the hotel are polite and proactive, and the check-in is fast and smooth; the room is quiet and comfortable, and the snacks and buffet breakfast are delicious.

Agnes Wong · 24/01/2021


staff are friendly and good services

Lai Yi Winnie Chan · 23/01/2021

The hotel’s food and accommodation is very good, but the sea view is numb, and there are many buildings in front of it.

To KKday, you are very poor at the customer service department about the epidemic. If you have other options, you will not book a room on this platform again.

Sze Mei shemy Pak · 20/01/2021

Very satisfied.

Staff are professionally trained. Well mannered and helpful. Room are clean and nice.

Chin Pang Michael Chan · 18/01/2021

The hotel feels clean and comfortable as a whole, but the WiFi in the rooms is average. In addition, there are many types of breakfast food, pancakes are very tasty.

Ko Mui · 02/01/2021

It was a good experience. Kind hospitality.

YIK HO · 19/12/2020

Amazing day trip in cozy hotel with dinner coupon and breakfast buffet

KINSING · 17/12/2020

Thank you Klook staff follow up my special request. The stay was excellent!! Hotel staff are polite and welcoming. The breakfast had a lot of varieties!! Great stay!! Great value!!

Ka Yi Karis · 17/12/2020

worth to go! Room is a bit old but has been upgraded to seaview room. $1000 beverage redeem at Hugo's lunch set, good and tasty, also full!

SZE TING · 10/12/2020

really good value. the buffet lunch and breakfast were better than expected though the room was a bit boring.

Kai see · 10/12/2020

All the staff were very kind. The Chinese restaurant was excellent. Location is great.

Hiromi · 06/12/2020

Very good. Comfortable and nice view.

KAH CHUN Nigel · 04/12/2020

Very good service for staff, nice restaurant in dinner and breakfast

kwan shing · 02/12/2020

Very friendly and helpful front office staff. Greetings from Hyatt staff everywhere.

Fu Wah Victor · 01/12/2020

As soon as I went to the hotel, First Impression was that the hotel staff were so polite. Especially the colleagues at the front desk. Everyone would greet the female colleagues in charge. They also explained it clearly. The room is very convenient and the room is spacious. The view outside the window is very beautiful. Another very pleasant surprise is that the hotel knows that I am here to celebrate the anniversary. The hotel has received the red wine and the heart card provided by the hotel. It is very heartwarming. The hotel room service is very good. The food quality is qualified. 1000 meals The rebate is so easy to use. The package of Klook is really good to buy ?? Finally, the breakfast style is very large and the food atmosphere is good. The background music is rocky and I like my taste. I want to praise it again. The staff is also very good service. Before leaving the checkout front office, colleagues will ask about the accommodation experience. This hotel is worth coming again. I lived with my girlfriend so happily ❤️


Very good hotel, nice and clean room, good location and best of all, a very nice dinner buffet with lots of good food selection. Really good deal through Klook. a room with a view too.

Yiu Ho · 24/11/2020

Nice sea view , room is so clean . and lobster are very yummy. We enjoy a lot . Thanks so much!

Hiu Ting · 23/11/2020

World of Hyatt very charming 24 Hours amazing

YEH CHEN YIN · 20/11/2020

good hotel good service gorgeous

KAT YIN · 18/11/2020

The rooms are clean and tidy with a small amount of sea views, and the staff at the reception desk is excellent and courteous than some of the better-known hotels. The most intimate thing is the alcohol handrub at the elevator entrance on the floor. I admire the closet in the room very much. The back of the door can communicate with the hidden bathroom door. It is a unique design. Breakfast Café has a wide variety of drinks, including Yakult, beetroot, carrot juice~ Chia seed pudding is good, cheese is average, salad bar has fewer dishes and others are good. Set Lunch (Set Lunch) The service and overall taste is good, except that the pickled vegetables is a bit sandy and should not be soaked in water for enough time. It needs to be improved. Overall the price is very reasonable

Lung Cheung · 14/11/2020

Very nice experience : food was very good at the hotel , spacious room , clean and nice view . Service very quick and nice , asked for bucket of ice for our wine and we get it very quickly .

Kim dung · 14/11/2020

Room is quite good but some decorations worn out. Swimming pools are good. Gym room opens around the clock.

YIU MAN · 11/11/2020

Check in Quickly explain the room size and cleanliness. There are two bonaqa and the water pressure in the bathroom is high enough. The bed is big enough. I choose the chin chin bar. There is a live band on Friday. The food and wine are of good quality and the waiters are nice. For breakfast, you need to order the location with qr code. There are a lot of choices and the taste is very satisfactory.

Wing yin · 07/11/2020

great experience. staff was helpful and polite. room was clean.

Hoi Lai · 25/10/2020

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