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through KLOOK we can save a lot of time without queuing up and get our ticket for very long and our kids enjoy it a lot

WEI KOK · 13/02/2021

nice staff and very good feeling for trip but bad bus services. delicious food and good fresh air.

wing hung · 23/01/2021

On our way back from Lantau Island, there was a long queue. My family and I were just waiting for our turn to get on the cable car that would bring us back to the city. We were actually at the farthest, but then one of the staffs saw our Klook tag, and told us, “Come, come! You’re priority.” And then she pulled us out from the line and we got on the next cable car straight away. So convenient!

Evangeline · 14/01/2021

It was a nice experience to go to Ngong Ping during weekday. Not too crowded and we can enjoy the view. This trip put a nice full stop to our 2020.

WING YIN · 05/01/2021

Actually worth Going for the price!!! Despite having the boat trip cancelled due to Covid, exploring the island and villages as it self was wonderful! My partner and I enjoyed the variety of delicacies and abstract views we got to see. I'd 100% recommend. PLUS, you get to skip the ticket queues before riding the Cable Car (we saved ourselves 1-2 hrs of queuing!)

Hallie Francesca · 29/12/2020

Superb experience, the cable car ride was very smooth and enjoyable. Sadly the sky was foggy and weather was cold, the boat trip was cancelled due to government COVID control. Other wise it will be a wonderful trip.

Tiffany · 13/12/2020

Don't hesitate to buy this package. It's really worth it.

Bea dolorosa · 07/12/2020

Really love the cable car experience as you can look downwards and it’s the sea!! Otherwise I was surrounded by fog as it was foggy that day.

Guo Hao Nicholas · 02/12/2020

Nice trip, amazing view, good experience.

Ka king · 02/12/2020

Really good value n convenient to use the vouchers without queuing. The snack vouchers are a real bonus as we used them to try the famous local snacks.

Choy · 26/11/2020

Not only big Buddha but wisdam trace is good place to visit. Some restaurants are closed.

Makoto · 09/11/2020

Wonderful experience. Easy purchase and redemption. We picked the crystal cabin. High mountain scenic view. Food was really tasty.

Savith · 06/10/2020

It makes our trip goes well booking it in advance. You don’t need to wait in line to get through the gate. Good choice of company!

Julia Beran · 16/02/2020

this was a magical trip. the cable car was absolutely breathtaking. we took the transparent cable car. where we can see the ground below and it was fantastic. the time spent up was also beautiful and seeing the cows was so fun.

IMRAN MUHAMMAD · 11/02/2020

The view was great. A bit scary since it's too high up. But it was fun! The Tai-O side trip was just a bonus. The boat trip was short, food stalls were few.

Jamie Joie · 08/02/2020

One of the best trip of my HK life. This tour covers a lot of landmarks, those are not to be missed if you are ever in Hong Kong. Start the day early in the morning and enjoy the whole day- don't miss anything due to shortage of time. The price may seem a bit high, but it is actually reasonable. Klook made the queue shorter. Recommended.

Tasmiah · 24/01/2020

Great experience, wish we had more time there, use your vouchers in the fishing village, they aren't valid anywhere else. great views from the gondola

Deborah · 21/01/2020

Definitely worth the money - a very much enjoyed day out. We only wished we'd arrived earlier because we could have spent so much time at the lovely fishing village! Booking via Klook definitely saved money by paying on arrival. Highlight of our trip to HK!

Sophie · 21/01/2020

It was a good experience too bad the weather was muggy and humid. Get to tour the local village and get some fresh our with the boat ride.

Vanvisa · 20/01/2020

The cable car ride was good. The spectacular view from cable car was amazing. We took the bus from the cable car to Tai O. For those who cannot tolerate winding roads, take note. Tai O fishing village is worth visit as it is a little village that has maintained its uniqueness with sea surrounding it and fish products (fresh and dried) sold every where. We had our lunch at a cafe which is by the sea facing other houses in stilts on the sea. Cosy and nice.

sau yin · 15/01/2020

The cable car was fun, although closed for several hours of bad weather so my day was a bit delayed. The boat tour wasn’t running from Tai O so can’t comment on that but the village was interesting to explore- lots of fish!

Jennifer · 14/01/2020

Good experience. Booked with Klook and avoid long queue line. Bought one way crystal cable car with Tai O boat excursion and bus ticket to return. Should have bought return cable car instead. Nice view from the top. Tai O boat excursion is quite unique too, didnt expect to go out to the sea. Unfortunately it was a foggy day.

Grace · 13/01/2020

It was a very nice experience together with my husband and my 2 kids. We love adventure, we will come back again. Thank you ?? Klook it is really convenient for the tourist like us. ?

Liezel · 13/01/2020

Nicely packaged ! The crystal cabin is a must try. The village and Buddha now is not crowded like before so can take it slowly to roam around. The boat ride in Tai O was good and we got to see the pink dolphin near the new Bridge. Would go again !

Kelly · 12/01/2020

Totally worth the money!! The Boat excursions redemption is a bit hard to find, since it's inside the Tai-O village, but staff are very friendly and nice. and as always, the cable car ride is fun and amazing.

Nestle · 12/01/2020

Love this package.. You get to enjoy sky, land and sea in 1 package. The glass bottom cable car is so good... Managed to watch sunset from atop too.

Ei Wei · 10/01/2020

This is one of the most exciting activity that we had on our trip. I am afraid of heights but when I was on top I really enjoyed every inch of the view. We get to enjoy the boat excursion at Tai-O too which was very unforgettable as we were really emerged to the culture.

April Ann · 09/01/2020

We had an amazing day. Very easy to book klook tours. There’s a separate lane for klook and just need to present the QR code to be able to get the ticket.

Valentina · 08/01/2020

We had a wonderful day! The lines weren't too long and on our return trip, we had the crystal cabin to ourselves. We especially loved the fishing village.

Marissa · 07/01/2020

I was worried about how I would pick up the tickets but it was really easy. Go to tung Chung station and walk to npong 360 and you'll find them there with all the other booths. They'll give you the information and off you go.

Emmanuel · 03/01/2020

Such a beautiful ride and a beautiful place.. it’s so peaceful once u get to the buddha statue

saranya devi · 02/01/2020

Ngong Village is one for the books! Though we weren't able to use our prebooked klook tickets because we overlooked that if you purchased a day tour package, you must arrived BEFORE 1pm at the site (we arrived at 1PM). We were asked to return the next day to avail our package but sadly, the 'next day' was our flight back to Manila. (Money wasted but LESSON LEARNED) We bought another roundtrip tickets (?????) at the site for us not to miss the Ngong Ping Village experience. We availed crystal cabin and was really glad that we had it all to ourselves. ❤

Ranelyn Joyce · 02/01/2020

When arrived to Nong Ping will see Klook line very easy but have to check on bus time table again when arrived.

Duangrat · 31/12/2019

Collection of tickets at 360 Klook booth was a breeze. No waiting no line up. It was 9:00am so before the crowds. Took bus to Tai O then the boat ride through the stilt homes and out to the bay and saw in the distance a pink dolphin jump out of the water. The Taip O doughnuts are a must try

KENNETH · 30/12/2019

The view from the cable car was breath taking. We took the crystal cabin. The queue was not long as we were there at around 9am. A lot of food choices and stores available. The walk up the stairs to the big Buddha was manageable as each step is not that high amd there are areas that you can stop to rest. We took te boat excursion, unfortunately did not saw any dolphins. The fishing village is quite clean. Ate donuts, egg tart and fish ball. We were not disappointed with the taste.

Anthony · 30/12/2019

Highly recommended. The package makes it very convenient. We saved lots of time queuing. The boat ride in Tai-O To see the water house and dolphins is a must.

kin bon kenny · 29/12/2019

The cable car and big buddha are very impressive. Visiting Tia O was very interesting and shows you a different side of Hong Kong

Thomas Clive · 29/12/2019

Great value for money! We decided to go only once on the cable car so we can explore Tai O. We didn’t see the pink dolphins but it’s okay. We loved both Ngong Ping Village and Tai O Village. So refreshing to be out of the concrete jungle.

Katrina · 26/12/2019

Best time to visit this place in early December. Weather is very relaxing. With Klook tickets, no need to fall in line to a very long queue. We enjoyed Ngong Ping Village and the crystal cabin ride. Although, for people with kids and who are not so much into trying local street food (mostly sea food) and who are not used to the smell of fish, I suggest to skip Tai O village.

Jennifer · 22/12/2019

klook line was so short and easy to find.. crystal cabin is well worth the money to get a good view of the forest and sea beneath.

VISHZNU · 16/12/2019

Super enjoy.. I recommend that u go for crystal cabin.. its really beautiful.. and also booking in klook is really amazing.. u get big discount and less hassle.. b

angelie · 15/12/2019

Easy to redeem and we enjoy our time in fishing village and Ngong ping

Muliyana · 15/12/2019

This pss for Ngong Ping 360 and Tai O is a comprehensive option at a very reasonable price. I have a strong intention to buy once more when I go for a visit again!

Jung Il · 14/12/2019

Very easy to redeem, you get to skip a really long queue to the ticket booth. Superb view from the top via crystal cabin. Enjoyed the fisherman’s village tour as well, a different side of Hong Kong.

Jenniffer Marie · 12/12/2019

Easy transfers from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping to Tai O! I am super happy with this Klook's aervice.

Cindy · 10/12/2019

Booked from Klook is my first choice as always can get the best offer . Nice place to visit and many packages can choose to suite everyone needs.

Lee Mee · 10/12/2019

The crystal cabin is a great experience, also less queue!

Siao Fen · 10/12/2019

Super cool experience! Make sure to get there early so you have enough time to explore. We had 4.5 hours and felt rushed.

Caitlyn · 09/12/2019

Value for money. I recommended you start the day early, allowing yourself enough time to visit and do the extra activities/places that you get. Got to skip the queue which was great as it was quite long. Took the cable car up, explored the area with the Buddha, then took a local bus to the village which gave us a boat ride (this was admittedly a bit difficult to find as you have to walk into the village a bit, do not take the one that you see straight away as your ticket is not valid for this). You should see a separate sign usually on the wall/fence to guide you to a stall where you can get on the boat. Boat trip was nice as we got to go out into the open see (didnt see any pink dolphins as the area is known for) then came back for a closer look at the stilt houses before being able to use some vouchers at specific shops which gave discount off. Unfortunately we had limited choices as we arrived quite late (around 5pm) and most of the shops were closing or had already closed. All in all a good day with lots to do and value for money. Just start earlier!

BHAVNA · 07/12/2019

my brother family, my sister and i enjoy the laidback trip. it is convenience to get a package deal to experience everything

CHUI YI · 07/12/2019

Product information

[Exclusive - HK Resident Offer] Buy 2 Ngong Ping 360 Tai O Pass (Round Trip) Get $50 Starbucks Drinks Card

Insider Tips:
  • Besides shopping and dining in Ngong Ping, don't forget to visit Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery
  • You may also purchase additional admissions in Ngong Ping Village to visit “VR 360”, “Motion 360”, and “Walking with Buddha” through Ngong Ping Walk Motion Pass