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Lovely environment and totally relaxing! Will totally do it again! Transport is also provided from the train station hence super convenient! Will recommend to friend!

Yan Tong · 10/03/2021

Massage professional and comfortable

The aroma therapist is attentive and professional. It is a very comfortable experience. The snacks and simple meals after the massage are also very good. It is a great itinerary

如瑩 高 · 13/02/2021

Everything was perfect and totally worth the money!! Klook really provided the cheapest deal. Really enjoyed the vibes, the blue river view, and the food. The staff also was really kind and nice. It takes around 30 minutes from the xindian mrt to the venue with the shuttle bus. Absolutely will recommend this activity!!!

Elroy Cares · 30/01/2021

The healer is great

The therapist will refer to your condition and give you corresponding relief, which is good, but the price is higher

旭輝 黃 · 10/01/2021

The spa was a nice place and not too difficult to go. The experience felt a little rushed though. If you have long hair and need to use the dryer to dry your hair, it will take a really long time. For a first hot spring experience, a private one is definitely not as frightening. There is also a guide to how Long you should dip for and hot first then cold. Afternoon tea was really nice.

LYNETTE · 26/11/2020

Experience was great and will definitely going back some other time with friends. Staff was very attentive and politely help you with all your needs. Facility and Food will make you feel relax and happy.

Hazel · 17/11/2020

beautiful view, scenic place, mouthwatering tea set. overall a relaxing place!

Tracy · 02/11/2020

It’s an amazing experience for us to enjoy the hot bath with a scenic view. Love the afternoon tea set and the hospitality of the staff! Perfect!

Cheah · 23/04/2020

Amazing! We confirmed our booking with relative ease. The resort was gorgeous! Booked it on Christmas day.

John Kelvin · 23/04/2020

Beautiful place worth the trip. The people were quite accommodating and polite. Wonderful products in the room too Clarins :) Suggest this be scheduled a day after hiking around the other touristy places. Quiet and nice vacation within a vacation.

maria natividad · 23/03/2020

Nice view

Nice experience, friendly staff

Khai Xin Chok · 12/03/2020

We had an amazing time here. If you have time this place is a real treat! So relaxing. It is convenient to get here as well. The afternoon tea was delicious too! Would love to visit again!

Jia Hui · 04/03/2020

A great experience soaking up the hot spring in a private bathhouse! Totally relaxing after taking an overnight flight to Taipei! The spa resort is clean and well maintained. The reception staff is also friendly and helpful. Recommend making reservations for the shuttle bus as it is a convenient way of getting to the hot spring from Xindian Station and the duration takes around 25 mins. If you have time, it is also an opportunity to explore the nearby Wulai old streets.

Terence · 03/03/2020

I glad that I booked this hot spring activity at Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort via KLOOK. Going there is super convenient because there is a shuttle bus service provided by the resort. simply drop off at Xindian MRT Station and look for the shuttle bus at the Xindian bus station, parked nearby to 7-11 shop which can be easily found after exiting the Xindian MRT station. Booking is required, just send the resort an email. NTD50 per person (each way) for the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus leave on-time, so DON'T BE LATE. The resort is fantastic and the services are awesome. Very helpful and friendly staff. The view is breathtaking, surely a great place to unwind after a long vacation in Taiwan. All and all, it worth every penny! We arrive early and had a stroll at Wulai Old Street. I recommend to come early in the morning 9am, then walk around Wulai and then go for the hot spring in the afternoon. At the evening, hop on the shuttle bus returning to Xindian MRT station.

LEE SHAN · 03/03/2020

This place was amazing. The town itself is beautiful but to have this amazing view of the river from the hotspring was beautiful. Staff were lovely too. Must do in Wulai.

Amy · 26/02/2020

First hot spring bath

Beautiful environment, less than ten minutes away from the bus station. It's easy to register and take a photo on the balcony. Afternoon tea is delicious and highly recommended!

Stephanie Wong · 26/02/2020


I had a wonderful enjoyable time relaxing and refreshing with my friend here. The private room has such a nice scene and the afternoon tea set tastes super delicious.

Ngoc Anh Le · 25/02/2020

Definitely worth it. Location is pretty far from the city but still recommended. Relaxing and posh. The view is just breathtaking! Seems like a picture perfect background from a magazine

De Guzman · 20/02/2020

Read good reviews and decided to try it out. Service by staffs were below average except driver, he was friendly. The bath itself was disappointing, didn't feel like hot spring water, just normal hot water. 1 hour soaking time. Me and my husband have been to many private ryokans in Japan and this is nothing close even to the ones at beitou. The food was normal, nothing much to remember. Only the dessert was fairly good.

Jian Ying · 18/02/2020

Very relaxing, and the meal Is nice. Jus be sure to book the shuttle bus to and fro, their public bus is very pack and very ‘initial D’ when going down from the mountain.

Jingxia Lydia · 14/02/2020

Very nice and relaxing after a tiring week of exploring Taiwan. Will definitely come back for this. Also, the food is very delicious :)

Alexis · 10/02/2020

The hotspring was super worth it and definitely recommend to everyone. The resort was easy to navigate as you only need to call one day before the experience and book the shuttle bus. Actually travellers can book the shuttle bus for an earlier timing and go visit the wulai old town & waterfall first before going back down for hotspring. All in all, superb experience!

Lin Wei · 08/02/2020

Has been as nice as we've expected it to be. I recommend to book the shuttle bus transfer which takes about 25 minutes (I think the public bus takes at least double amount of time), so don't forget to make a reservation in advance. I really wanted to extend the provided 60 minutes because time is quite short (with running the bath water and showering etc.) but unfortunately the following time was already fully booked. Maybe the resort can offer more time options (60, 90, 120 min?) in the future. The bathroom had a good view on the river. Meal was ok, nothing special. Overall, great experience in private atmosphere!

Hyeongju · 06/02/2020

Private hot spring experience??

I thought it would be enough for an hour, but I was really dressed and prepared and washed again. Thanks for taking a good rest :)

HWA RYUNG LEE · 29/01/2020

Very nice and good experience, worth the price. They also provide shutter bus, must book earlier to secure the seat.

Cheong Wah · 29/01/2020

Taiwan’s sun sets really early so I will highly advise you to book a slot before 5pm to get a good view during your hot spring! I booked my slot at 7pm and it was dark out already. Shuttle bus driver was super friendly and the bus stop was super near the place too (opp basketball court).

Fiona · 22/01/2020

Hotel Shuttle available from Xindian Station at a small charge of NT$50 per pax one way. Staff service is good, room is clean with beautiful scenery. Lunch was fantastic! We got a seat by the window with a view! Every course from starters to dessert was delicious and staff was very prompt in service too! Highly recommended!

ZHI WEI · 17/01/2020

The place was really nice and the staffs wre bery pleasant. Although 1hr bath time was abit rush, still a great experience. The afternoon tea was really yummy. This is worth it.

Shaun · 11/01/2020

Wonderful experience. Redemption is easy. Do remember to book your shuttle bus earlier else you will missed out the desired time for your bathhouse booking. The place is beautiful, well equipped facilities. Highly recommended for a visit to get a break and relax. The afternoon lunch are great! Great service and great food!

BOON BOON · 10/01/2020

The spa was peaceful with a view of a lush green mountain and calm river below. After a relaxing spa, we enjoyed afternoon tea in the restaurant which was a tasty end to an enjoyable experience.

Luke · 07/01/2020

The private bathhouse was excellent. Lunch was great! Started our session a little late and they ended 1 hour later instead of the allocated time. Would recommend this to all my friends and will definitely come back here again if i’m in taipei. It’s a 15 mins walk to Wulai Old street - pretty good experience (1hr-1.5hr is a good time to explore the area) after the session.

Eugenia · 05/01/2020

The food is excellent and the view there is magnificent. The room is comfortable. This package is really value for money. I would definitely recommend this to my friend. It would be better to go at off peak season since the time for hot spring would be 1.5 hour while I just got 1 hour since I went on 1 Jan.

Hoi Lee · 05/01/2020

Hot spring experience is satisfactory and we enjoyed ourselves. Shuttle bus service made the trip to Wulai convenient.

Xin Yun · 04/01/2020

Great service with great view. Hot spring is good for skins and health. The bath is clean. Convenience for travel by bus. 25min by bus fro mrt. Recommended for everyone. The tea set is nice. Should book day time for best time in bath with view outside

Hong Anh · 04/01/2020

I made the mistake by ordering two rooms. the place were not able to refund the duplicated order, but were more than happy to extend my time and also served me more food and drinks. great experience!!! i will be doing this again for sure.

Ian · 03/01/2020

The trip to the spa was a long one as it is quite far out from the city centre. Bus was limited with many pll intending to hop on the same bus. The spa was pleasant however wished we had longer time usage even though it was peak period but we went on a monday which was quite empty.

Nigel · 03/01/2020

Fuss free booking on klook. Received an email from the agent that our timing wasn’t available and had it rescheduled. Relaxing spa and meal time in a lovely town. Agree with the other reviews that the windows should be cleaned more often as they were quite foggy. That being said, great experience, service and food!

Shuying Felicia · 01/01/2020

Must book the shuttle bus beforehand. You can use the public bus to get there but be warned that it’s usually crowded. Don’t use the public bus if you’re traveling in a large group. The hot spring experience itself was fantastic, the view was breathtaking and the service immaculate. I highly recommend this deal.

Thuy Tien · 31/12/2019

We spent our last day in Taiwan, here at Volando Urai. The scenery and the service are beyond expectation! They even gave us a bigger room too! The staff are very accommodating and kind. Wish I can bring the place back to our home ?

Louise Aena · 30/12/2019

Easy to redeem. I was there earlier but room was ready 10minutes earlier before appointment. Nice hot spring experience. Lunch meal portion is just enough for lady and it tasted good too. Their service is great too.

Mei Mei · 30/12/2019

Going to Volando to soak in the bathhouse with a scenic view and a 5-course meal after felt very much like a "treat yourself" day especially after the flurry of holiday activities. Tip for future guests: you might want to sit at the right side to see views on the way to the hotel.

Joy · 30/12/2019

Amazing experience!! I would recommend booking early and trying to get the lunch set. We settled for the afternoon set and it was quite tasty. If you have some extra time, it would be nice to explore the Wulai District. We had quite a bit of time in between our hot spring and afternoon set meal and was able to do a bit of exploring - definitely no regrets doing that as it was such a beautiful place to explore.

Shirley Xue Ling · 30/12/2019

Enjoyed our time at the hot spring. The view from the bath is amazing. Quiet and peaceful environment. Remember to book very early if not all the timeslots will be taken up, leaving only the very early or very late time slots.

Jason Teik Leong · 30/12/2019

Very beautiful and clean place, service was really good. I wasn’t well and the staff were really nice to help out and made sure I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Easy to locate the bus to the resort, the staff also made sure we got on the bus back before leaving.

Vi Vien · 29/12/2019

It was a wonderful time.

The spa was also very satisfying. I thought the lunch was Italian but French? Creative cuisine? It was very delicious, beautiful and enjoyable for both eyes and tongue. I want to visit again.

KKday Member · 27/12/2019

Great experience. The place was clean, staffs were friendly. Opted for the one with meal as well. Dining was almost fine dining style, food was exquisite. would definitely return for this again, worth the price.

Shumi Demi · 26/12/2019

It is worthy for couple as they provide a private room for 2 experience the hot spring. Does not have the chlorine smell as compared to the hot spring water are drained off right after you have completed your course. Great view from the private room as it faces the mountain. High tea was superb. Good food and at small quantity. Shuttle bus caused NTD 50 for each pax, one way from Xindian bus terminal (right outside Xindian MRT station) to/from the hot spring hotel.

PUAY NING · 26/12/2019

Remember to book the shuttle bus service prior with the resort. The ride took less than 30mins from Xindian MRT station at NT50 per person. Overall, we had the best experience!!! The view was amazing and the lunch was superb!!! Highly recommend!!!

Wei Chorng · 24/12/2019

Great experience at the hot spring. Suggest to book timing before 5.30pm as it will get too dark to enjoy the amazing view.

Wei Ling Theresa · 23/12/2019

Bathouse is great but I hope they clean the windows for a better view. Everything was provided. Experience felt a bit rushed cause it's peak season and they were booked by the hour. Wasn't able to avail of the afternoon tea on klook but they were able to accommodate me there. Would recommend going to the bridge and old street for an hour before or after you session. Public bus is easy and frequent.

Katrina Mae · 16/12/2019

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