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When the weather is warm, there is no need to wait for the environment to be very clean, and the water is also very comfortable to soak in alternate hot and cold springs.

Hsinying · 10/03/2021

Dịch vụ tốt và trải nghiệm tốt

Dịch vụ thân thiện và trải nghiệm tốt. Không có gì ngạc nhiên khi bạn phải mất một khoảng thời gian để xếp hàng vào ngày hôm đó. Nên xếp hàng chờ trước khi đến khu vực xung quanh.

瑞賢 王 · 09/03/2021

Môi trường thoải mái, một môi trường thư giãn

Không có quá nhiều người, môi trường sạch sẽ, là một môi trường thư giãn, mong rằng sẽ có nhiều ghế hơn, thưởng trà chiều là có thưởng, và tôi sẽ ghé thăm một lần nữa.

淳聖 黃 · 09/03/2021

Kinh nghiệm ngâm mình

Đây là lần mua thứ 3 của tôi, bạn tôi huyết áp quá thấp và ngất xỉu khi nước canh, nhân viên phục vụ và các cô, dì có mặt chăm sóc chúng tôi rất chu đáo, thậm chí còn giúp bạn tôi xoa bóp để giảm bớt khó chịu. Xử lý khủng hoảng rất tốt, xuất sắc Mặc dù bạn tôi ngất xỉu nhưng cũng cảm thấy phục vụ súp rất chu đáo, tôi rất biết ơn dì của súp công.

欣樺 呂 · 08/03/2021

Dịch vụ thân thiện và phòng tắm sạch sẽ

Mặc dù cần đợi một lúc nhưng bạn không phải đợi quá lâu, có cả cookie nữa.

Kuan Yeh Chen · 08/03/2021

Sạch sẽ ghé thăm lại

Môi trường trong nhà canh sạch sẽ, không gian trong nhà đầy đủ. Sàn chống trơn trượt, khá an toàn. Ngày nghỉ thì đăng ký trước, 3 tiếng sau sẽ đến lượt tắm rửa, kinh doanh rất tốt. Nên đi ăn gần đó trước ?

YU Cheng · 07/03/2021

Một chuyến đi thật tốt

Tôi rất thích chuyến đi suối nước nóng đầu tiên của mình. Các nhân viên rất thân thiện, không có nhiều người và nó sạch sẽ.

미미 주 · 07/03/2021


Quầy dịch vụ tốt là tốt, nhà súp sạch sẽ và sẽ ghé thăm lại

Lichun Liu · 07/03/2021

Kinh nghiệm tốt

Vào khu nghỉ, đợi hết giờ có thể đi các điểm tham quan gần đó, cả nhà súp sạch sẽ, phục vụ tốt, giải khát ngon, khuyên các bạn nên

郁儒 鄭 · 07/03/2021

Super comfortable and par car service will definitely come again next time! ! ! ! ! ! !

Liuhua · 07/03/2021

The service staff are very kind and patient. It is worth recommending everyone to go to the hot springs.

chien ping · 05/03/2021

Thoải mái và sạch sẽ

Trải nghiệm tuyệt vời, môi trường thoải mái, chờ tại chỗ, suối nước nóng khoảng 42 độ

湘惠 蘇 · 05/03/2021

It's very convenient and smooth to use. Even the fake ones didn't line up. I went in soon. The store started to release the water first, and the environment was clean.

UEN IUAN · 03/03/2021

It's very convenient and smooth to use. Even the fake ones didn't line up, so I went in quickly. The environment is clean and the meals are ordinary.

UEN IUAN · 03/03/2021

The plan of lunch with hot springs has a high CP value. The lunch is delicious at regular intervals, but you need to make an appointment in advance. The hot spring environment is clean and the 90-minute bath time is sufficient. However, the hot springs must be queued on site. The hot springs are open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. There are a lot of people on holidays. It’s close to noon that day. If you are lucky enough to make an appointment until 1:30, if you line up in the afternoon, you will probably miss the soup.

YAJHEN · 01/03/2021

It feels like a high-class soup house~ the service staff are also very kind! Help us arrange the location of the soup house right away~ You can experience the SPA next time

WAN LING · 27/02/2021

Towels and mineral water are readily available, the overall space is also large, the hotel style is also great, and afternoon tea can be purchased

TZU mo · 20/02/2021

The location is easy to find, and there are many food nearby that need to be waited on the spot, but you can go to the nearby snacks for a long time. The environment of the soup house is okay, with drinks, water and towels very comfortable, 90 minutes feels not enough? Will consider going again next time

chiachun · 19/02/2021

The double soup house is spacious and clean. Buying through KLOOK is very discounted. The waiters are kind, the service is attentive, and the explanation is very detailed. It is a good choice for Beitou to take a good and cheap soup.

Chris · 17/02/2021

The CP value is very good, the soup house is clean and comfortable, and the service is very friendly. It has the atmosphere of a rustic hot spring hotel in the Japanese countryside. The lunch set menu is also simple and delicious.

ZIHAN · 10/02/2021

Sweet Beauty Hot Spring Club has a very comfortable environment in the hot spring house, and the staff is friendly and friendly

tingchun · 08/02/2021

The feeling of Sweet Beauty Hot Spring Resort is Japanese style, the lobby is beautiful, and the soup house is comfortable

tingchun · 08/02/2021

I come here every week. I like the warm greetings from the service staff and the hardware specifications.

tingchun · 08/02/2021

I really like the eldest sister of the soup house. The enthusiasm is impressive and kind

tingchun · 08/02/2021

Like the soup house with two pools, it feels very comfortable and clean, the staff is attentive

tingchun · 08/02/2021

Super 2 near the MRT station, near the park, I like the warm greetings of the service staff

tingchun · 08/02/2021

Comfortable space, good service staff, enthusiasm, people feel that the bathing environment is clean and tidy

tingchun · 08/02/2021

The soup house is clean and comfortable. The hotel service is very friendly. The soup house comes with 2 bottles of mineral water, 2 bottles of mineral water and small snacks, which can make up for the lost water. It is also very sincere to buy a 100 yuan afternoon tea for the soup. A good place to visit.

Chris · 04/02/2021

The weather was a bit cloudy and light rain today. Come to bathe. The beautiful bathhouse is very clean, with cold water and hot pools. After soaking, the skin is slippery and comfortable. There are discounts for buying coupons in Klook, and the CP value is very high. Next time you come to Beitou, come here to bathe.

YA CHI · 28/01/2021

The soup house is very big, with big and small pools, the big one is hot soup, the small one is cold soup. Towels, shampoo, shower gel are available, and the water and drinks are also provided. It is really good and clean. I will choose it next time

YA FENG · 28/01/2021

Not bad. The stuff was friendly. Spring quality was nice and you can easily access nice food in the area. One thing I can complain is it is a bit old and you can see little wall of the room.

KuoMeng · 28/01/2021

I enjoyed this trip very much.

Chung Hsu · 27/01/2021

There are hot and cold pools to soak alternately! Super comfortable ~ 1.5 hours and quite ample supplies, as long as people go! The service staff are very kind! Remember to make an appointment in advance to register the waiting time, you can go to the Beitou Park and the library opposite to take photos! Very close to the MRT Xinbeitou Station~ There are many snacks in the Beitou market that have high CP value and are delicious!

yu yun · 22/01/2021

The environment of the hot spring is good/clean, and the service staff are kind. The soup house also has a cold water pool. Alternately soaking hot and cold, very comfortable.

HUAKUNG · 19/01/2021

CP value is very high, there are many snack restaurants around, it is very enjoyable, it is recommended to go once in winter

enwen · 17/01/2021

The environment is very clean, there are hot and cold pools, and the treasure mineral power and water are very cold recently. The soup house needs to wait until 2 hours and can only make an appointment on site

Hsinying · 16/01/2021

Convenient transportation, 3 minutes away from the MRT station. The Riyue Soup House is spacious and clean.

MIN CHENG · 14/01/2021

The counter is very kind. After the on-site appointment, the exact time will be given and an appointment form will be provided. If you can enter the venue early, you will also be notified by phone. The clean water in the soup house is big and hot. It comes with two bottles of water and precious mineral power. Although the hair dryer is small, the wind is ok. The phone reminds you 10 minutes before the time is up. The CP is very high and will consider coming again!

peiching · 12/01/2021

If you book in the world before, you can use it immediately the next day. It is recommended that holidaymakers make an appointment early, and you can go nearby to pass the time when you wait.

SHU YU · 12/01/2021

Four pools in the public springs for male, two hot pools about 42°C and 40°C, one cold pool and one ice pool (no ice ofcourse). You don't need to prepare anything, it supplies one big towel and one small towel, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cotton swab, comb, hair gel, slipper.

MINCHUN · 11/01/2021

The cold rainy day is suitable for soaking in the soup. After the lunch set meal, you can enjoy the perfect sun and moon soup house for 90 minutes ?

Chia Ling · 11/01/2021

The environment is very good, the service is very kind, there is no waiting time, it is recommended to come on weekdays, the transportation is convenient.

KUAN CHENG · 04/01/2021

This is the second time visiting this store. Overall satisfied with the experience. But the reason why I gave 4 stars is we needed to go to the store and lined up. We couldn’t know when we can use hot-spring unless we visit the store. We needed to wait 6 hours for our turn there. They do not let customers make a reservation online. I recommend to go to the store in the morning or early afternoon during the weekend.

So Hyun · 03/01/2021

The two-person soup house is well equipped on weekdays and needs to wait on the spot. I also waited for 2 hours on weekdays. It is recommended to go early.

KA TING · 30/12/2020

The soup house is very big, it’s not too crowded, don’t worry about getting wet, it feels good overall

HSIANG HUA · 29/12/2020

It is very convenient to buy and use now. There are relatively few people going there on weekdays. Fortunately, I went there today and I can go directly without waiting. The soup house is clean and bright, and overall satisfactory

YUNG LING · 29/12/2020

The service attitude is very good, the equipment is very comfortable, and the overall environment is very tidy

CHIEN CHIN · 27/12/2020

The equipment is good and clean, and the public pool has a large space and will not be crowded. Will go again and recommend friends to go with.

Shengwen · 25/12/2020

Waiting time is relatively small on weekdays, and I only waited for less than 30 minutes before going in. The service staff are lovely.

YIWEN · 24/12/2020

The second time I came to Shumei Yuya, the environment was great! This time with the discount is very cost-effective

CHING WEN · 23/12/2020

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