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The very cost-effective Jianhu Mountain fare, from the early morning to the closing of the garden, it is quite enjoyable!

Ya Hui · 09/03/2021

Cheaper than official website activities

It’s cheaper than the official website, and it’s very convenient to place an order right away. It’s cost-effective for children under 100 cm. Although the equipment is a little bit older, the meals are better than E-da’s, and the rides are very kind! The children's playground ball pool is very fun, and it can spray the ball. It is recommended to walk the children! There is also a convenience store at the entrance of the park, which is very convenient, and the changing tables are both men’s and women’s toilets, very intimate

雅云 鄭 · 01/03/2021

Jianhushan Amusement World

Online ticket purchase is super convenient, on-site ticket purchase can be entered immediately! awesome

文彪 劉 · 01/03/2021

Although I still have to go to the window to pick up the ticket, it saves time to talk, not bad ?

SHU XIAN · 01/03/2021

Fast and cheap to save at least 49

Faster and cheaper. One saves at least 49. You must buy it but you have to change the ticket

念和 李 · 01/03/2021

It’s been a long time since I went to the amusement park ? to play, only fun ? There is no need to queue for the excitement! Have a lot of fun ? Buying tickets here is cheaper than buying on-site ~ push

MIN CHIA · 28/02/2021

Super invincible and convenient and highly recommended! !

It is very convenient to buy directly on site and use it directly, highly recommended!

宜琪 陳 · 28/02/2021


Fun, fun, fun, fun, very good toys, very hot, very hot, very hot, very hot, comfortable, comfortable, and comfortable, next time I want to think about it, I really want to come, if I have a chance, I will come with friends, of course I also hope to bring a girlfriend Let's play together!

彥俊 歐陽 · 28/02/2021


The service is good and you can enjoy everything.?????????

鈺婷 邱 · 26/02/2021

讚 讚

It's super convenient to buy now and use it now. You can use your card at the door on the same day and you can use it right away. You don't have to worry about temporary changes.

佩汝 蔡 · 25/02/2021

It's fast and cheap. Buy it right away and use it right away. It's cheaper than on-site, and it's very cost-effective.

JUYA · 25/02/2021

The competition is fierce, not as good as a year, the number of tourists has decreased, and the Yaoxiu has been cancelled.

HSI HSING · 24/02/2021

Jianhushan World Theme Park Ticket|Water and Land One Day Pass

There is no need to prove a lot, and there are discounted fares. Easy to pick up tickets. No long queues. KKday, will not disappoint. There are points to give back. Recommended.

瓊雯 于 · 23/02/2021


Louis · 20/02/2021

good to use and easy to collect the ticket, kind staff.

weiti · 20/02/2021

Beautiful scenery, fair facilities, good weather, you can see the Jianan Plain

MingWei · 19/02/2021

It is super convenient to buy, and the price is 10$ cheaper than other websites. Although the price was reduced on the same day, I just bought one less, so I bought a cheaper fare.

Cheng Han · 18/02/2021

The amusement park is really a good place to relieve stress, just bark! My favorite is the pirate ship that makes my heart tickle~ My mother-in-law is super cool to conquer the pirate ship in her 70s, she must have a PO point ? QRcode is very convenient to get tickets, I suggest you use it more!

Ting Jung · 17/02/2021

The crowd is just right, the price is not too much, there is a chance, there will be more g5 super fun

jeecheng · 16/02/2021

You need to line up to scan the QR code to redeem physical tickets. Children’s country is very suitable for children, and children have a great time.

YEN YU · 15/02/2021

Booking tickets with KLOOK is super convenient and cheap. It is cheaper than buying tickets on site. It also gives you more discount coupons. It is very good value. Online payment can obtain ORcode. Directly go to any counter to ask for tickets. We have +1 yuan and 1 more. Tickets for children under the age of 15 do not need to be explained, the service staff fully understand, and they will soon pick up the tickets to play, great!

PEI FEN · 15/02/2021

So highly recommended app! Legit. Beautiful places and also the rides. I love the view also.

Christine · 15/02/2021

Come to play the day before the Spring Festival. There are very few people in the park, which is very fun!

CHUNG TING · 09/02/2021

There are a lot of parents and children who come to have fun during the winter vacation, but the park occupies a large area and is not crowded. There are almost no facilities to queue up!

HUI YUAN · 08/02/2021

A perfect ticket buying experience. There are a lot of people during the summer vacation. It is recommended to enter at the beginning of business hours.

KO WEI · 29/10/2020

Discount offers and discounts for new members, let me and my family have a happy journey!

Huichiao · 04/09/2020

Loved every moment. Beautiful theme park Was also easy to use the qr code ?

Dlamini · 03/09/2020


tzuhua · 01/09/2020

It is super convenient to book tickets with KLOOK, and there is no need to line up when you order, which is cheaper and save time. Like, like, like to go to the park, it is super convenient to book tickets with KLOOK

TSUNG MIN · 31/08/2020

It’s simple and convenient to get started, and there are discounts, but you still have to go forward with the crowd to exchange for physical tickets

shengchi · 31/08/2020

Using klook app to buy tickets is cheaper than buying on-site, and you can also get points for cash rewards. I highly recommend everyone to use it!!

chu chen · 27/08/2020

Online ticket booking is very convenient, and the on-site ticket exchange process is smooth without queuing, and it is cheaper than on-site ticket purchase. There was only a small rain on this day. Fortunately, it did not affect the activities. The staff were also very helpful.

yi chun · 26/08/2020

It's very convenient and cheap. It's a great purchase ticket. I will buy it again next time I need it.

YEN LING · 26/08/2020

You can exchange tickets directly at the counter, which is very convenient and fast. I will buy tickets here next time.

Hsiu ting · 24/08/2020

The itinerary determined by the awesome platform is very convenient and cheaper than on-site ticket purchase. It is a big push ? Hope to add other park ticket purchase plans

MING PEI · 23/08/2020

The fare is cheaper than buying on-site, but you should directly scan the Qrcode to enter the venue to replace the hassle of queuing to change tickets. Overall it is great?

JINYU · 21/08/2020

It is cheaper than buying tickets on-site. When you use it, you can use your mobile phone to show your voucher at the ticket gate in exchange for a physical ticket before entering the park.

HsunFang · 21/08/2020

Very convenient, you can buy it on the spot, and you can exchange the ticket by showing the QR code at the ticket window. It's really great and the price is favorable.

MINGKUN · 20/08/2020

Buying tickets at Klook is very convenient, much cheaper than buying on-site, plus using points is even more cost-effective! If you are used to going out, come to Klook to find tickets!

CHING YU · 18/08/2020

I think the biggest advantage of buying from klook is that the price can be kept low and it is cheap to buy

WEI KAI · 17/08/2020

Wish Lab Yunlin Journey

It's the first time to hang out with everyone, really happy! I hope I have a chance to go out with you next time

妍柔 吳 · 15/08/2020

The facilities here are fun, interesting, and fresh, all of which are fun. Sitting on the Ferris wheel, I feel the air is fresh, I feel comfortable, and I am so excited to see the facilities right now!

YUCHEN · 15/08/2020


For those who’s asking if need to pay another fee inside the theme park, yes there is some. Only the slide ride from top to bottom area of theme park 250 3pax. Overall. Experience was amazing!!!

Christine Penaflor · 14/08/2020

Very cheap tickets, memories from 10 years ago, nowadays a lot of equipment has been added, haunted houses and water parks are very fun, there are many more good memories,

yao te · 14/08/2020

Using QR codes to exchange tickets is very fast, and the price is much cheaper than on-site ticket purchases! There are not many non-holiday crowds, and the kids are having fun!

meiling · 12/08/2020

Easy redemption, just go to the cashier to get your qr code scanned, and exchange it with park entrance ticket.

Meliany · 11/08/2020

The man-made waves in Jianhushan are super fun, and kids will love it! This summer, I will definitely come here, go go go!!! The fare is $450, which is a great discount!

SHU JU · 10/08/2020

It's really a great platform, which saves me a lot of money (will definitely push my friends to use this platform)

CHIA CHEN · 10/08/2020

Exchange tickets at the ticket window! It's really a bargain to buy on Klook! Enter the inviter code N49PS to get a discount coupon! Buying tickets at a hotel is so troublesome and fast! Remember to buy it on Klook!

Shu Jung · 10/08/2020

Ticket collection is very convenient, the price is cheaper than on-site, and you can play on both land and water.

YUMING · 02/08/2020

Product information

Have a wonderful time at Janfusun Fancyworld and experience exciting attractions such as Jungle Slide and Diving Machine G5.

  • Free admission for children aged under 3 or under 100 cm in height
  • Concession tickets for travelers meeting the following requirements are required to be purchased on-site: seniors aged 60 and over, expectant mothers holding a Maternal Health Booklet (孕婦健康手冊), travelers with reduced mobility and 1 of their companion, children aged 3 - 6, or children 100 - 120 cm in height
  • Please provide applicable documents in accordance with the ticket type. Failure to do so will result in redemption denial
  • Travelers must enter the amusement park after ticket redemption. Please note that refunds will not be granted to redeemed tickets
  • For your safety, please follow on-site regulations at all times
  • Please note that the on-site staff will stamp your hand so you can re-enter the amusement park
  • Please refer to the following website for operating, maintenance, and event info:
How to Use

・Eligibility: travelers age 7 - 59 (concession tickets are required to be purchased on-site)
・Janfusun Fancyworld Amusement Park Operating Hours:
- Weekday: 9:30am - 4:30pm (attractions will start to close at 4:00pm)
- Weekend: 9:30am - 5:20pm (attractions will start to close at 5:00pm)
・December 31, 2020: 
- Janfusun Fancyworld Amusement Park Operating Hours: 9:00am - 12:00am
- Attraction Operating Hours: 9:30am - 10:00pm
* Please visit the official website for public holidays operation hours
・Water Park Operating Hours:
- June 25 - August 31, 2020
- September 1 - October 11 (open on weekends and consecutive holidays only)