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Thanks to Klook. We dont have to queue to get tickets. Super good and hassle free.

diana · 04/03/2021

A bit cheaper than the original price, u must spend whole day to experience this big museum. Fun and educational!!

Kam To · 13/12/2020

great to use, easy to access, at affordable price will purchase again

CHEN LING VALERIE · 04/12/2020

The place is informative and is too big. I havent had the chance to enjoy it all. Good for kids.

Charis · 10/11/2020

Superb! Awesome! I traveled solo but everything went smooth with Klook's help. The staffs were also accommodating. I even met my uncle's friend who happens to be working there.

Rocel · 01/11/2020

Interesting place to explore! There are lots of different section about on topics like the space, human body, robots etc.

Nga Wing · 18/06/2020

This center is really suitable for children.There are plenty things to learn and most children very happy to play around.But this place not suitable for old people that feel boring and tiring by walking from 1 section to anothe section.

Sean Wei · 13/02/2020

Really worth it! The admission fee is not expensive and there are only a few people in the science center. it is near the Wharf, so if you are planning to go to the Wharf, you can stop by here as well.

Donna Mae · 13/01/2020

Very nice science center . Many interactive activities to do . The activities is very variant topics . It’s suitable for all age groups. The displays ‘re easy to understand. Good time for family activities.

Sirirat · 08/01/2020

Enough to spend half a day and our 18month old was generally entertained moving between levels and interacting with all the stations even if she was too small to truly use them. Quite a few stations were broken or unattended and therefore not in use which was disappointing. It's a long wait for a taxi after, but about a 30min walk to the ferry terminal - worth factoring this into your schedule.

Elizabeth Jane · 05/01/2020

Surprisingly enjoyable but sadly the simulator was not in service ☹️

GENEVIEVE · 02/01/2020

very nice. very informative especially if your kids love science. lots of fun inside and even if adult like me will go to place, still enjoyable!

Jenny Rose · 02/01/2020

We booked here because our daughter really loves learning Science. Her joy was seen on her face once we entered the museum. Thank you for this fun activity for kids

Ekaterini · 02/01/2020

Fun place to go if you have kids. Many interactive exhibits to play with. If you have weak knees, better to take the elevator to top floor, then take the exhibit from the top floor down.

Jesus III · 02/01/2020

Yes....must go if you go with kids. It take few hours to play around as kids are so happy to play and experience there.

LOW · 02/01/2020

The kids loved it so much. There were so many things to do and see. Thanks klook for selling this activity!

LeeLing · 02/01/2020

very good activity for leaning and playing experience for kids age 5-10

Yenny · 01/01/2020

A bit run down but great for a toddler /preschool who just wants to explore! Cheap alternative to the lights and sounds of cotai! A lot of things arent working as well anymore but there is a lot to do for the little ones! Okay to spend 2-3 hours at - then walk to the fisherman's wharf to explore that too! Interactive and fun - especially the construction area for litttle ones - similar to the one in HK but not as nice.

Katrina · 30/12/2019

Kids can enjoy the activities. I wish there were more free shuttle bus.

Michelle · 29/12/2019

Interesting place to spend half a day with the kids. Some of the exhibits are not working, probably lacking in maintenance

Soh · 29/12/2019

A place worth visit with your kids which let him/her learn about science. You can spend at least half day there for your kids explore and experience different things.

Yng Kae · 29/12/2019

Location is a bit remote, but the science games are interactive for kids to learn science principles easily in a funny way. McDonald’s restaurant view is stunning.

Chong Cheung · 28/12/2019

Super fun

You can definitely use the time of day to learn how to play with children, such as the sound of sound and the shape of water! And the place is very clean. Next time I will get up early and go for a full day. The famous heart-shaped tree in Macau is next to it

家榮 陳 · 25/12/2019


good place for family and kids.fhgfhutghuf gghytfhh

perry lee · 25/12/2019

It's good to bring children

This is especially recommended for family-friendly trips to Macau, because children can learn while having fun in the Science Museum. There are two exhibition centers and a planetarium. We only went to the exhibition center. We recommend that you reserve more time. In this way, children have enough time. We stayed in the Science Museum for almost two hours without playing. If we want to go to the Planetarium, we need more time.

SIN PEI GOH · 24/12/2019

Good value for price. Easy redeem and fun for family trip.

mee chin · 20/12/2019

very good design. We can actually went through the 10 exhibition halls as they are designed in spiral walkway from upper to lower levels. We n our kids love it as it has lots of hands on demo for kids n adults.

SING LING · 20/12/2019

The place is very scenic for photo shooting. The exhibits are simple but quite useful for the kids of below 10 years old. The entertainment shows with 3D are on, but we skipped it due to time limitations. Overall, we enjoyed the visit there over very reasonable priced tickets.

SAW · 15/12/2019

We had a great time. We went there with my father and 9 year old daughter. There were a lot of interactive exhibits. We went to the top floor first, then going down.

Myla · 11/12/2019

I like children

I love the kids at an affordable price.

Cho mi Kim · 11/12/2019

Overall good experience. Great place to spend a couple of hours if you have kids and the entrance fee is very affordable. Good educational and hands on science activities for them. When we were there few stations not functioning probably need upgrade.

Evelyn · 08/12/2019

good value for money good value for money good value for money

Li Siu · 05/12/2019

Great activity for those who enjoy learning! The exhibit is very interactive and you'll have fun trying them out one by one. Spent the afternoon there and also watched a 3D movie at the Planetarium (paid for separately at the Science Center). Booking with Klook is hassle-free! No issues when I presented our vouchers to the staff.

Fatima Vina Maria · 05/12/2019

My son enjoyed it so much. The center is filled with enjoyable stuffs. My son likes the robotic part.

ARLYN · 02/12/2019

Great experience for my niece and nephew! Awesome and fantastic learning place! A must to visit in Macau!

Marivie · 02/12/2019

Booked through Klook cheaper and fuss free. Spent about 3 hours there. Some exhibits were closed.

Sally · 01/12/2019

interesting place for the kids. there's a kids zone where you pay additional MOP10 and the kids had fun.

Chan · 29/11/2019

worth it

Bringing children to play, the first thing that attracts us is his appearance (Mr. Pei Ming's work). We went early, there is no one, and every small hall inside has a lot of things to experience. For nearly 5 hours, children are reluctant to leave. Great!

Ni Fu · 13/10/2019

kids and kids at heart will love this place ? a place full of learning and excitement

MARJORIE JEAN · 08/10/2019

Great science museum

Although the appearance looks very small, it can actually play a lot! Every floor and every space has a different scientific theme! Although I am traveling alone, I still have a good time! There are a lot of interactive facilities inside, there are also many moms and dads with children to play together, tickets are also very cheap ~ very recommended to come here to experience the mystery of science

YiShan Li · 28/09/2019

It was an awesome experience especially for the kids! Very cheap yet so worth it. ??

Sharmaine Pearl · 22/09/2019

Suitable for parents and children

Very suitable for parents and places, the place is big enough, there is also an indoor children's playground, the children will not be bored, there is a beautiful McDonald's restaurant in the underground, but the vehicles are scarce, the traffic is a little inconvenient, and the taxis are rarely parked here.

WINNIE LO · 14/09/2019

Very informative. This place is especially nice for students.

MARY GRACE · 28/08/2019

Science Museum is fun

I went with my 5 year old son. I think it will be fun until the 3rd and 4th grade of elementary school, but older friends may be tempted. Experience it as you descend from the top floor. So it is less difficult.

SEUNGKWNAG LEE · 28/08/2019

Very good place for the whole family to travel together

Very good place for the whole family to travel together, there are a lot of interactive facilities and great venues, but this time the weather is very hot, but the interior space is spacious and comfortable.

Chih Ching Yen · 25/08/2019

As my sister credit card having issue, she use my KLOOK and credit card to purchase the Macau Science center ticket & she really enjoy the museum coz it has a lot to offer for both kids and adult; also Klook process to claim the ticket and entrance with out any hussle.

Thomas Joseph · 22/07/2019

14 different exhibitions with numerous interactive game counters Perfect for children Science, geography, history all included Movies are available too

Kar Hei Carrie · 20/07/2019

Had I known this would take up half of our day tour, my family and I could've allotted more time to spend it here. Our family loves this place so much we will definitely be back! I just hope that more activities will be up and running soon.

Ira Lae · 24/06/2019

It is a good place for family hanging around. There is many activities for kids.

Hau Yee · 20/06/2019

an awesome experience in macao science center.. highly recomended for kids since too many activities for them almost all their staffs are pinoy.. superb.. ???

sherry grace · 26/05/2019

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A day of hands-on science!

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