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The food is rich in variety, and the seafood is fresh enough

The main foods include all kinds of seafood and meat, including breaded crabs, oysters, long-legged crabs, lamb chops, duck livers and duck feet with premium fish maw. The overall food supplement is very fast, and when facing the panoramic sea view, it is even more enjoyable. It is a gathering place for the whole family.

Edward Chor Shing Yeung · 28/03/2021

The highest ranked lunch buffet in my mind

The lunch buffet on Saturday is HK$400@1. This lunch buffet is better than all the buffet lunches at the same price, and even the more expensive dinner buffet. The buffet lunch has two well-known brand ice creams, which are already rare, and one of these ice creams is even served with ice cream batches. There are many types of cooked food, even the soup base and seafood of the noodle stalls that are not frequented at ordinary times are excellent, and other cooked foods are above the noodles. There are no lobsters but oysters. The oysters are not fishy and the mouth is smooth. For those who are usually afraid of oysters, they can taste it. In addition to the qualified desserts, you must know that many hotels do not even have the standard of bakery shops. The food you ate this time can be described as delicious.

NGO FEI WONG · 28/03/2021

Good place

The environment is first-rate, the staff is kind and polite, the food is fresh and delicious, and there are many styles, but it is a pity that the oysters are relatively thin, but it is not perfect!

Kin Fai Lam · 28/03/2021

Worth a try

Fresh food, adequate food supply, friendly staff and affordable prices

Cheong So · 26/03/2021

Overall satisfaction

The hotel buffet has a wide selection of food types and good quality Japanese flyers. Fresh seafood is of high quality. Long queues and long queues. Desserts. There are also many choices of haagen dazs ice cream bake and move pick ice cream.

M W Chan · 26/03/2021

The food is good and good. I like it a lot. I will eat here.

Very polite, good environment, good environment, rich and colorful food

Wai Kei Ip · 23/03/2021

Happy birthday lunch buffet

There are many types of food. Raw and cooked hot and cold dishes are readily available, ready to open oysters ? long-legged crab ? sashimi ? very fresh desserts rich durian cakes ? all good food environment cleaning service attentive price reasonable worthy of recommendation ?

Phoebe Choi · 21/03/2021

Worth recommending! !

Relatives and friends have eaten the buffet in the hotel last month. It is highly recommended. As expected, there is no mistake in introducing the seafood, the food, the fresh dessert, and the good taste worth recommending!

Ka Wai Ng · 19/03/2021

Positive, good taste

It’s very popular and it’s a recommendation. The oysters are very fresh and the desserts are not very sweet. Cheesecakes are very tender. The price is very tender.

莉莉 王 · 08/03/2021


The hotel has a good environment with sea views. There are many styles of food, including peony shrimp.. Crab feet are delicious. The service of the staff is very good, the reception and tableware are so kind, the brother at the ice cream counter is very attentive and friendly. The overall is really good. The price is recommended.

Wai Lin LAI · 07/03/2021

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