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At twelve o'clock, there were already many people queuing up to take their seats. There are two students per person each time, so many people line up. Yusheng Bar serves six types of food, but the supply of oily kangaroo is limited! The roast beef is very good, and the long-legged crabs are also fresh. There are Indian chefs who make Lasa noodle soup and pancakes. The curry is delicious. In addition to general pastries, desserts include Hagen Das ice cream and Movenpie ice cream. On the whole, this Lunch Buffet is very satisfied, and the staff tidy up the desktop very quickly and politely, great!

Ho Yee · 30/03/2021

The environment is comfortable and cost-effective. I have always used klook book activities. This time I leveled 90 mosquitoes again. Two people went to wash 500 yuan.

chi keung alex · 30/03/2021

The food is rich in variety, and the seafood is fresh enough

The main foods include all kinds of seafood and meat, including breaded crabs, oysters, long-legged crabs, lamb chops, duck livers and duck feet with premium fish maw. The overall food supplement is very fast, and when facing the panoramic sea view, it is even more enjoyable. It is a gathering place for the whole family.

Edward Chor Shing Yeung · 28/03/2021

The highest ranked lunch buffet in my mind

The lunch buffet on Saturday is [email protected] This lunch buffet is better than all the buffet lunches at the same price, and even the more expensive dinner buffet. The buffet lunch has two well-known brand ice creams, which are already rare, and one of these ice creams is even served with ice cream batches. There are many types of cooked food, even the soup base and seafood of the noodle stalls that are not frequented at ordinary times are excellent, and other cooked foods are above the noodles. There are no lobsters but oysters. The oysters are not fishy and the mouth is smooth. For those who are usually afraid of oysters, they can taste it. In addition to the qualified desserts, you must know that many hotels do not even have the standard of bakery shops. The food you ate this time can be described as delicious.

NGO FEI WONG · 28/03/2021

Good place

The environment is first-rate, the staff is kind and polite, the food is fresh and delicious, and there are many styles, but it is a pity that the oysters are relatively thin, but it is not perfect!

Kin Fai Lam · 28/03/2021

Worth a try

Fresh food, adequate food supply, friendly staff and affordable prices

Cheong So · 26/03/2021

Overall satisfaction

The hotel buffet has a wide selection of food types and good quality Japanese flyers. Fresh seafood is of high quality. Long queues and long queues. Desserts. There are also many choices of haagen dazs ice cream bake and move pick ice cream.

M W Chan · 26/03/2021

I am very satisfied with the hotel food~service. kLOOK orders that children aged 0-5 can have a meal together and will participate in the activity again.

MEI YIP · 26/03/2021

There are many options for oysters and sashimi, but after the dessert is refilled, I change to other choices. It's best to change back to the same style of course! Overall it's ok

WING CHUN · 23/03/2021

The food is good and good. I like it a lot. I will eat here.

Very polite, good environment, good environment, rich and colorful food

Wai Kei Ip · 23/03/2021

Many people seem to want to grab fresh seafood, Haoshi Shenghao provides ok Xiaolong Bao, which is resistant to desserts and wild food, and they all have refill ice cream. The staff’s attitude is generally to give you fish ?

Kan Fung · 22/03/2021

The buffet lunch includes oysters, long-legged crabs, sashimi, etc. All-you-can-drink drinks and a wide selection of desserts. The ice cream has Häagen-Dazs ice cream batter and Movenpick ice cream balls. The price is really high! Worth recommending!

Chung Ka · 21/03/2021

Happy birthday lunch buffet

There are many types of food. Raw and cooked hot and cold dishes are readily available, ready to open oysters ? long-legged crab ? sashimi ? very fresh desserts rich durian cakes ? all good food environment cleaning service attentive price reasonable worthy of recommendation ?

Phoebe Choi · 21/03/2021

Very good value of money, large variety of food with good service, just the tables are set too close to each other’s.

man wa · 21/03/2021

Seeing youtuber's introduction, it is highly rated, so let's try it. To tell the truth, the price of a five-star hotel Buffet is really unbeatable. But in fact? youtuber introduced that oysters, peony shrimp, sashimi, and Indian curry are all very good. I know that the taste is good, but there are a lot of objective factors besides the taste, which should be much worse. For example: Some of the staff have a normal attitude, and they are a hotel restaurant. They should not be measured by the standard of a tea restaurant. They are generally kind. The food is full of refills, some food is out of stock for a long time, and the Xiaolongbao has been waiting in line for the chef to steam it. In fact, they are all trivial things. The second thing is to eat first, but there are no cups and saucers in the middle of the food, which is too exaggerated. Not to mention the lack of coffee, lemon slices and the like. The quality of the food is poor, subjectively choppy, the food is not good, the main oysters are fine and cut, the peony shrimp is very fishy, the black shrimp intestines are really nauseous, like salmon, the tuna is difficult to eat, normal only Xi Ling fish. There are so many people who rank Mango Napoleon, so I don’t know how to sort it out. The whole meal only has roast beef, ice cream, and good taste of frozen coffee. Don't make three hundred seem to be worthwhile, but if you are really worthy, it's really a matter of opinion.

Ka Shun · 20/03/2021

Worth recommending! !

Relatives and friends have eaten the buffet in the hotel last month. It is highly recommended. As expected, there is no mistake in introducing the seafood, the food, the fresh dessert, and the good taste worth recommending!

Ka Wai Ng · 19/03/2021

The waiter brought me to the place where I needed to sit when I entered the stadium, the nearest entrance and exit! I am very dissatisfied and asked for a position adjustment! But the waiter’s attitude was very rude. If you want to sit in isolation, I feel that there is a difference. I will isolate a seat. Then I immediately go out to the entrance registration office and ask for a second table. , But I feel that the service attitude is poor, there are no seats available! The attitude of a waiter is like going to a food stall, not like going to a hotel to serve, really need to improve the staff's service attitude

lai sum · 19/03/2021

First of all, it is the most economical to book this dinner buffet at klook, and then this buffet does not disappoint regardless of the food, environment, and service. The dinner buffet has many types of food, including instant oysters, duck liver, A variety of sashimi and movenpick ice cream, etc., there are things that are worthy of this price, and there are also things that exceed this price, such as fish maw, red and white wine, etc. There are not only many types of food, but also good quality, like duck liver The half palm is big, the taste is strong and fragrant, the sashimi has scallops, peony shrimp and other very umami flavors, the waiters are courteous and the dishes are efficient. The only sweet variety is small and unattractive, but you can also choose to focus on a variety of movenpick ice cream and Häagen-Dazs ice bars; the table in the restaurant is not big, the chairs are side by side, and there is only a rubber plate between the table and the table, which is slightly crowded. But because the ceiling is high and you see the big sea view, the environment is still very good. This price can have such a level, it is definitely cost-effective and sincere, it is worth recommending!

Yin Ling · 19/03/2021

Can’t imagine there were so many people booked for the lunch buffet on a weekday. It was fully-booked. The tables are crowded without 1.5M social distance. The food is great with fresh oyster, crab legs, etc. Also with steamed dumpling. The dessert is delicious too with the Movenpick ice cream. We had a enjoyable holiday!

Sik Fong Sylvia · 18/03/2021

The food is fresh, the most important elements of the buffet are all dried, raw oysters, long-legged crabs, salmon sashimi, peony shrimp sashimi, desserts, branded ice cream...In addition, the restaurant is close to the sea, and all views are good. It's a bit close, it's really worth a try!

Angie · 18/03/2021

The variety of food is okay, but the quality is average, the long-legged crab and oysters refill fast, and the desserts are good. The Häagen-Dazs and Mövenpick ice cream bars are considered to be 10% back, but if there is no discount, it is not worth it.

Wing Fai · 11/03/2021

Very convenient and just buy the buffet for your parents!

Wai Kuen Hester · 10/03/2021

The environment is good, the food quality is good, the service attitude is good, the transportation is convenient, and the overall satisfaction.

Tak Sheung · 10/03/2021

For lunch on weekdays, the audience is close to full. If you want to choose a window side, you need to call to reserve (I will only be informed after I arrive). The sea view is not too narrow and the food is not many choices. Sashimi is often lined up. Oysters are generally not plump but not Too much need to line up. There are a lot of salads, but the quality is generally to eat frozen seafood. Go early to refill. The speed is not fast, especially the breaded crab cover. It has only feet except for the first round. It is difficult to get a discount. If there is a discount, it is cost-effective and no discount Come on, there are two major brands of ice cream (M & H). Desserts are medium-level meat and curry.

Chi Ho · 09/03/2021

Positive, good taste

It’s very popular and it’s a recommendation. The oysters are very fresh and the desserts are not very sweet. Cheesecakes are very tender. The price is very tender.

莉莉 王 · 08/03/2021


The hotel has a good environment with sea views. There are many styles of food, including peony shrimp.. Crab feet are delicious. The service of the staff is very good, the reception and tableware are so kind, the brother at the ice cream counter is very attentive and friendly. The overall is really good. The price is recommended.

Wai Lin LAI · 07/03/2021

Sorry no next time thx

ka yu · 07/03/2021

There are many kinds of food, the quality is worth the price, and the environment is good

Yee Ling · 06/03/2021

level! Pretty! positive! Really super worthy! The seafood is fresh enough and sweet, and the service attitude is diligent and sincere! It's just that the seats are too tight and tight, I will come again next time! positive! positive! positive

yu ling · 06/03/2021

The Haiyi Grand Hotel is good for buffet lunch, and both of you can eat it without washing 600 yuan. The refill speed is fast. There are oyster crabs, long legs and crab legs with a variety of sashimi. All are back to the original choice.

Mei Ting · 03/03/2021

Great food for living with sea view! Convenient transportation! The waiters are so polite! Must go to eat again!

wai tong joe · 03/03/2021

Very good! Much more cheaper via booking online !

SUET YING · 02/03/2021

Food is good but the restaurant is crowded with people queing for food through out the lunch buffet period. Good value for money but the dining atmosphere is below what would expect from a 5 star hotel.

Wai Hon · 02/03/2021

Monday is still full on weekdays, I believe that the price is very high. There are not many types of hot foods. Xiaolongbao is just a few of them. You should find a few foods you like, like oysters and desserts, and the quality is good, so you will definitely pay back. If you spend more than 500 yuan, you can park for two hours and you can park for more than 800 yuan.

Chung Yan · 01/03/2021

Good food, a great variety of food, but service can be improved by increasing staffing. Otherwise very nice

KT · 25/02/2021

Grab a 20% discount coupon, and you can buy it after you fold it up. There are many kinds of wild food in Lidu, and there are no few seafood styles. If you like to eat oysters, you will definitely return to the original. And what I like most is to have all-you-can-eat haagen dazs ice cream pie, which is so delicious and so satisfying?

YU · 23/02/2021

In terms of food, everything is available. Crab feet, oysters, lamb racks, steak, fish maw, bread crab, ice cream, desserts are more than 291 yuan at noon. I think it is very good. The staff is quick to add food and has a good attitude. The environment outside the hotel is beautiful. Recommend friends, you can go again next time

CHI WAI · 22/02/2021

The afternoon tea buffet is all right ? Need oyster food, but I like thorn food and tempura, and the beautiful harbor to accompany me?

MAN YEE SALLY · 21/02/2021

The food is fresh, there are instant dumplings, and there are many dessert styles, including movenpick ice cream balls and ice cream buns

Ka Chun · 17/02/2021

Food is good. Sashimi is in large portion. icecream is movenpick and haagen dazs. Two choices. Long-legged crabs are a bit salty.

yuen shan willow · 06/02/2021

There are many types of seafood, the number of oysters in line is acceptable, and the quality is better than expected. Closed, refilled juices frequently, good service. Only ice cream batches are not available at 2 o'clock.

C · 03/02/2021

Excellent bargain, good good, wide variety, great service. No wonder so many ppl, even at such low time. Must come back.

Maria · 29/01/2021

Very satisfied! Good environment and high quality food! The waiter is polite ? Eat this buffet at this price! Great value for money! ??? Hope to keep staying with this hotel offer! The only thing is that I can't sit in a sea view position?

yuk yin maggie · 28/01/2021

? It’s not fat enough, and it doesn’t taste like sea water. The breaded crab has just been covered with a lot of fat, which is good. The steak is also delicious, and the gravy is tender enough, while the lamb steak is very small. Good resistance has the second round! There are many varieties of sweets...all in all, it is still good, not bad!

lai nar lana · 26/01/2021

Cost-effective and open oysters, each person can carry 2 long-legged crabs, breaded crabs, crayfish, frozen shrimps, mussels, blue scallops and non-stop refilling. Salmon, snapping fish, ark shells, sea bream, good The big peony shrimp hot food includes instant small dragon buns, fish maw, tempura, curry, instant hand cakes, skewers, beef steak...Soufflé, ice cream, ice bars, a variety of cakes

Ka Yan Karen · 26/01/2021

The space and food were good , the views were blocked by screen because of the sun . If go Autumn time may be better with all the sunscreen pulled up . A lot of people surprisingly in the midst of covid . The buffet was nice but heavy for lunch . The price can be a bit less for lunch buffet .

Connie · 26/01/2021

1. The food is varied and fresh. The seafood of long-legged crabs can be replenished quickly. Unlike the buffet at Sha Tin Emperor X Hotel, the replenishment is slow and you have to grab food... 2. Instant steamed dumplings, thin and fresh. Juicy, super delicious ? 3. The fish is fresh, the peony prawns are big and sweet. 4. The fish maw is very popular, but the taste is average. Even if you have tried it. 5. The red wine braised oxtail and mango Napoleon are indeed worthy of the name, very delicious 6. The waiter is attentive and polite, and the collection speed is fast. 7. The discount on KLOOK ten credit card is more expensive than the purchase on the official website of the hotel. 8. Although there is a limit of 2 people for a table, today I go to a few FULL, some are a family of five of……

yuk lin · 18/01/2021

There are many types of food in the hotel, and the staff is very polite? You can eat so many foods at this price. Great value. It is easy and convenient to buy directly from klook?

Yin Ling Carrie · 18/01/2021

It’s great value for money...I ate twice by myself, and then took 22 friends to all of them. It was absolutely value-for-money food and the environment was beautiful ??????

Tsui man · 17/01/2021

Service first-class food. Fresh long-legged crabs and shrimps are crispy oysters, which are raw fish. Fresh sweet prawns are like fingers. The desserts are good. The food is not too sweet. The Chinese and Western dishes are not the best.

chunhung · 12/01/2021

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