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The room is satisfied, the single bed will not be too thin, the semi-buffet lunch is delicious, many styles, the only dissatisfaction is the breakfast, poor, the choice is small, not too rocky taste, need to improve

CHI CHOI · 23/03/2021

It was very good. We ate the buffet from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock. The restaurant staff was very polite to ask us whether we had to put away the remaining food after the meal. The oysters were very delicious.

Sze Man · 08/03/2021

The hotel is well decorated, the room is not big, but it is comfortable, the pillows are soft and hard for you to choose ?package, three meals, the quality of the food is quite satisfactory, but a thousand mosquito package three meals is a fun

Cho Kwan · 22/02/2021

Staff service is good, the environment is simple and quiet, value for money, the sky garden can gather with friends

LUEN CHING · 21/02/2021

Came for the second time, the room was very good, this time I still saw a few sea views~ The food is also good, the price is high.

YUK CHUN · 16/02/2021

Lived in a big bed room, the environment is the same as the official plan. The afternoon tea is themed with strawberry, the cake is not too sweet and easy to eat, and the high tea set can make people punch the card. The lunch steak and fish fillet are delicious, and the buffet allows those who are not full to continue eating. However, there are fewer types of breakfast food, and I feel that there is a little difference.

Kam Wing · 15/02/2021

The location is not very good, but the service and food are very good, and it is comfortable to walk to the beach at night

shek chung franco · 07/02/2021

The room is spacious; the bathroom is bright and clean! The waiters are cordial and polite; the lunch food is abundant; the restaurant staff are kind!

Hung To · 31/01/2021

High cost performance, new hotel and convenient transportation, lunch and tea set are delicious.

Ka Yee Karen · 12/01/2021

The staff's service attitude is very good, worthy of praise! Afternoon tea tastes average, the food is not hot enough, but the restaurant is comfortable and suitable for a leisurely weekend.

Wing Man Yolanda · 10/01/2021

A decent room with a nice bathroom. The package stated we were entitled for a semi-buffet lunch, yet we were only being notified during our meal that it was changed to a buffet. It would be better to notify the change to customers earlier. Food options for the buffet were acceptable. The tea set on the other hand was very enjoyable.

Jason · 08/01/2021

The rooms are nice, the staff are very polite and the food in the restaurant is of average quality.

yin ting · 06/01/2021

I chose this room because of his seafood dinner, which is purely cost-effective. The room is clean and the price cannot be too high.

WAI IAN · 07/12/2020

A new hotel with great location. The room is comfortable and the shower area is big.

Thomas Kwun Chung · 06/12/2020

Half-buffet dinner, there are only two guests, 4 people, seafood is not fresh enough, but the main dish is highly rated, I ordered lamb rack, roast spring chicken chop, both are delicious, breakfast is just good

PUN HO · 06/12/2020

The rooms are new and comfortable. The food in the restaurant is average, because it is not managed by a hotel, so you don't need to expect hotel standards.

L C · 04/12/2020

The service attitude is good, and the decoration of the hotel room is neat and tidy, and the items are quickly delivered by calling the counter. The price is reasonable and worth recommending.

Sin kan · 04/12/2020

The hotel environment is not wrong. In terms of food, the sashimi is average, the main dish is good, and the cheeks of a cow are especially good, and it melts in the mouth. The buffet part is really not too much, but the quality is good and the breakfast is average, not too special.

TSZ YAN · 03/12/2020

The hotel rooms are not small and clean, but the central air-conditioning is relatively noisy! The hotel’s dinner semi buffet is really good, the seafood is so fresh, the sashimi is so fresh, and the extra money is called a beef tenderloin, they are all delicious, and the stew is made of real ingredients. There are 3 sets for breakfast, and you can choose 1 of them. The quality is average. In general, this price is very cost-effective, and it is worth recommending!

Nga Wai · 02/12/2020

Every hotel is so new! check in, so don’t queue up! The frosted glass in the bathroom of the room is very good. If you are with friends, you will be embarrassed. The hotel package includes breakfast and dinner. The dinner is a semi buffet. A seafood platter is not wrong with sashimi. Other hot foods are only average. The main course is good! There may be no guests in the hotel. Turn left for breakfast. I was disappointed. However, with the $200 klook coupon on the left, it only costs a little more than 300 per person after the discount. In fact, the return price is very high!

Tin Hoi · 01/12/2020

Every hotel is so new! check in, so don’t queue up! The frosted glass in the bathroom of the room is very good. If you are with friends, you will be embarrassed. The hotel package includes breakfast and dinner. The dinner is a semi buffet. A seafood platter is not wrong with sashimi. Other hot foods are only average. The main course is good! There may be no guests in the hotel. Turn left for breakfast. I was disappointed. However, with the $200 klook coupon on the left, it only costs a little more than 300 per person after the discount. In fact, the return price is very high!

TSZ CHING · 01/12/2020

The hotel is newly opened for two years, the rooms are clean and tidy, the place is small but well equipped, close to apm, convenient location

Yin Yee · 30/11/2020

First of all, a lot of people have been in the room, so I don’t want to shadow the XD space. It looks like a Japanese business hotel, and it doesn’t feel like a pinch. The toilets are clean and clean, there is no odor. There is a dirt accumulation in the hot water pot ?? Because I have a Package that includes dinner and breakfast, I am a Post and dinner menu and food is on the top. I want to mention that everyone has a good eye and a narrow belly ?? because I didn’t see a half-buffet package, and then rushed to the left to pick up wild food. Turning around, I saw a table that was all wild food ?? A few startling foods and not drying; I added left money to rack the lamb with beef tenderloin, okay Food ?????? I want to talk about the main food that I have eaten at the bar table fruit ?? Only the appetizers and sushi are numb, and the burial itself may not be good for snails, so I feel numb. It’s practical for a price. I think it’s a good one, because even though it’s a staycation, the two friends are actually a hotel that is really boring, but there is an APM nearby and a camel paint building nearby, and then the staff It's all nice, the deduction is the breakfast, because it's so normal???

Hung · 29/11/2020

Let me talk about the negative first-the room is tidy, the towels have two stains, I don't know if they are not washed or not, and the tea cups are not clean. It feels a bit "nuclear" (Cantonese), so the accommodation satisfaction can only be given three stars. Let's talk about the front-the restaurant has a bright style, comfortable seats, and good service. The food is quality and tastes good. It deserves four stars. Will visit the restaurant for dinner in the future.

MEI LING · 29/11/2020

The hotel rooms are clean and tidy, but the shower water pressure is too low and the shower is not very comfortable. The main course of the semi-buffet is standard. The grilled beef tenderloin is very thick, but oh, the lamb rack is more delicious. The potato paste is very soft and smooth. There are not many food choices in the buffet area, but I like the fried sixties. Choose one style for breakfast, buffet of drinks and bread, ordinary. Overall, this package is great value.

Yee Wah Eva · 25/11/2020

Flat, beautiful, righteous, convenient location, no mistake for wild food, you can go again, but it is recommended to bring your own toothbrush, Qu D toothbrush is too soft, you have to brush it at home, it will break, the shower will not have enough water power, it is recommended to increase the water pressure. But it’s not bad to have food and to live at that price!

Chun Pong · 23/11/2020

The room is clean, the bed is very comfortable, the dinner is rich and tastes good, but the breakfast is not hot enough on the table, the overall value is great, there will be another time!

YUK CHUN · 23/11/2020

very good! Good food for dinner! Only the hotel has no usb plug!

SIN KUEN KESSLER · 23/11/2020

The room is comfortable, and the bed is biased to support. As expected for dinner, Bolong is a rubber-like tasteless version, the oysters are also washed clean and tasteless, and the risotto rice ok scallops are also tasteless. It is worthy of praise for the beef tenderloin and the soup. The beef tenderloin order is 50%. It’s cooked to the left, without losing the softness of the beef tenderloin, and the beef tenderloin is very rich in flavor. In addition, whether it is a stew for one person or a soup for all-you-can-drink, it is authentic

ka hei · 23/11/2020

The dinner food tastes right, there are not many varieties, but it is of high quality. The hotel staff and restaurant staff are very polite. The most appreciated department room has 2 chairs, and you can look at it and sigh coffee together. The location of the hotel is very convenient. Cost-effective

LL · 17/11/2020

Affordable price of a satisfactory staycation, including a nice clean room as well as semi-buffet dinner & breakfast.

YUK LAM · 17/11/2020

The room is comfortable and clean, and the walls are very soundproof. Our room faces the hall and there is no room noise. Unfortunately, I asked the staff that all the hotels do not have bathtubs. Friends who want to bathe should consider other things, and the bed is also relatively small. Hard and not flexible. The hotel pays attention to environmental protection and will not provide supplies such as cotton swabs. The service attitude is normal and good, and the food quality is good. The price is already very cost-effective. You can't ask for the taste and ingredients of five-star hotels. Overall, I will consider coming again.

HOI MAN · 15/11/2020

Pingliangzheng will go again ? The hotel is conveniently located, the environment is comfortable and clean, the breakfast and the half-buffet dinner dinner is more delicious and fresh than imagined. The breakfast style is not simple and simple and worth recommending!

Wing Kei Winky · 14/11/2020

The rooms are well equipped, with 4 pillows, there are many TV stations to watch, the restaurant is a bit disappointed, the main course is good, the others are numb, the semi-buffet only includes a drink, the freshest seafood is lobster, and the fish is average , Sushi Yuzuo is very resistant, the rice is hard and dry, and it will be scattered in a folder. The price really cannot be too high.

Ann · 14/11/2020

Fun~ The restaurant environment is already very beautiful?The food quality is so high! A lot of choices, and good taste, it is worth recommending to try, will come back again~

Wing Yee Winnie · 11/11/2020

Overall it was a very satisfying experience. The quality of the food was good and the rooms were clean. Basic toiletries are also complete, which is convenient for staying.

Long Ying · 10/11/2020

Excellent services, fresh & delicious seafood, clean & comfortable guest room.

HOI SHAN · 09/11/2020

We are frequent business travellers who spent more than half the year on the road. After February we are “grounded” in hongkong and have been taking the advantage of local staycation packages. It was by chance I came across this holiday inn express package in east Kowloon. I think it is of good value. The property is very new and somewhat spacious room for a budget line hotel. It’s close to kwun tong mtr station (under 10 mins walk) and the APM mall and there are many local small retail businesses in former industrial buildings nearby. We are Hyatt globalist, SPG and IHG platinum so I would rate the third-party-run hotel restaurant (Walter bistro) an average score for dinner. The breakfast was slightly disappointed. I understand the hotel has immediately verified the issue and therefore I’m recommending the package to anyone wanting a relax weekend away.

Simon · 08/11/2020

Quite not wrong, the hotel is new and scary, the rooms are very comfortable and clean, the food in the 1/F restaurant is not wrong, the hotel and restaurant staff are very polite, the package is definitely worthwhile for one night and two meals.

CARMEN · 07/11/2020

It is recommended, the sanitary environment is first-rate, free breakfast and dinner, and the restaurant is first-rate. The rooms are medium in size, the service staff are kind and friendly, and the shuttle bus is free.

Cheung · 05/11/2020

I love the guest room very much as it is cozy and extremely clean. I really appreciate that the hotel can provide two different kinds of pillows for the guests to choose. I also love the big windows and the partial sea view.

Man Chi Linda · 05/11/2020

The room has a good sense of space and the view is open, but the dinner buffet is a bit hea. Bonus points are the axe steak level that can add money to the main course.

Dee · 04/11/2020

Arrived at the restaurant and said that there is no lobster supply, only two hairy crabs, but the seafood platter is not the same as the menu description, but the seafood and sashimi are fresh, it is worth mentioning that the macarons and movenpick ice cream outside the dessert cabinet were given. The self-service bar has soup, salad, a small amount of hot food, desserts and fruits. If the main course cannot be eaten, you can take it out. Breakfast is not very special, but most of the other guests take it away. For this price, you can try this quality package with dinner and breakfast for one night, and you can check out at 3 o'clock.

Ching Yee · 31/10/2020

There is a difference between the semi-buffet dinner package and walk-in guests. There are no hairy crabs and oyster sashimi all you can eat, and no one person and a hairy crab can enjoy it. But at this price, room, dinner and breakfast are good personally! Can't demand high. The food quality is fair. The room is new and comfortable

Shuk Kan Ada · 30/10/2020

The standard of the hotel and the service was met. Was upgraded to one higher class with a side view of the harbour. Bathroom is spacious and neat and tidy. For the dinner part, I bought this hotel stay with the bright spot of the seafood platter plus semi buffet dinner. Unluckily, on the night of 25th October 2020, there were not enough seafood platter for may be half of the customers (say 10 tables varies from 2 to 6 customers each). And the waiting time had been extremely long (I guess because of the full house situation). The manager of the bistro offered a second time 1 person seafood meal free or another person free (a walk in companion having a la carte menu). We accepted the second choice as only 1 person free is not really a choice at all. And they ran out of the Häagen-Dazs brand icecream as well (served with house ice-cream). The dinner part was really an unhappy experience. Overall, the service was good. The food was good (even without the seafood platter). The facilities looked new. Room was tidy & neat. But without the seafood platter, I could have more options with this budget. I would still recommend you this hotel, because under full house of the bistro that night (as I could see like 20 tables full), the waitress still wore the suitable gesture and altitude. It is still worth to go there for holiday. Of course, that district was not so attractive to any tourists or local since that was an industry area to begin with.

Chi Leung · 29/10/2020

I booked a good dinner time with the hotel in the morning and went to the restaurant but there was no seafood platter. I was very disappointed. It would be better if I reminded when I checked in early in the morning and the breakfast was frozen, which could be better. Other equipment in the hotel is normal and clean and comfortable

Kwan Lun · 26/10/2020

Near the subway station, the room is clean and comfortable. Although the semi-buffet dinner is not many styles, it is fresh and delicious. There are apm and seaside parks nearby. It is convenient to go to the street and shopping.

Pui Sai Patsy · 25/10/2020

Absolute value, breakfast and dinner are included, but the bathroom shower is made of translucent frosted glass, so you can watch the other person take a shower, which is a bit embarrassing

HOI YING · 19/10/2020

The location of the hotel is nice and quiet. There are also large shopping malls nearby such as Creation City and Yada Department Store with apm etc.

CHUN MAN · 19/10/2020

Great value choice! Dinner seafood is very rich, and hairy crabs will be delivered in October, and dinner will include Chinese stew, which is very delicious. After that, you can choose a main course, which is very good. Semi-Buffet has Sajin, bread, Chinese and Western soup, curry rice, cheese, fruit and a variety of desserts. Each person has a movenpick ice cream. The rooms are new and tidy, and the hotel staff are also very friendly.

Wai Sze · 15/10/2020

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