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The room is bright, the toilet is large, clean, there is a bathtub to soak in the sea view wing, you can see the view of Victoria Harbour, it is very beautiful This time is the theme of Sin Chew cuisine, the Bak Kut Teh Coconut Sauce Rice is very good and worth recommending

Wai Kit · 31/03/2021

The rooms are very spacious and tidy, and the staff are also very polite, with all smiles on their faces. The set menu is very rich and delicious, there is a park near the hotel where you can see the sea view, you must watch it!

Kit Ying Ulphim · 31/03/2021

Package includes afternoon tea, dinner, breakfast, food and environment. The size of dinner is enough for two people. Unexpectedly, the catch is that on the day of check out, it was clearly 15:00, and it was 14:00. At the hotel, I used my key card to open the door, and I had to hire a staff member to make trouble. It turned out to be a front desk set at 14:00, check out

Wai Yee Mavis · 28/03/2021

Never tried a hotel in Gando! It’s so funny that I had Bak Kut Teh for the first breakfast! I want to eat at the same time hahahaha! Nothing wrong with Singaporean dishes at night! Afternoon tea, I don’t remember the picture, but it is also very funny, just like fried noodles in a tea restaurant! All in all, it feels so special! ?The room is ready! It's a pity not to live in front of the sea view! Disappointed! But the street is so convenient! Once off, go to Tsim Sha Tsui on the left side and the right side!

Lai ming · 24/03/2021

Don't pay attention for a while~ This package used to have afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast all served as Xingjiapo meals~ it seems too much! The hotel is nice and clean?The room is comfortable and open?

Lan Hing · 21/03/2021

One word, reach! When the car was parked in Hong Kong City, I went to CHECK IN. The staff was so polite. After completing the formalities, they sent me to the place to take the elevator. As for the room on the 22nd floor, take the elevator to the 21st floor and then go up the stairs. The room is so big (please refer to the photo), it should be the upgraded left frame house?? The view is nowhere to be seen, open the curtains and stretch your head out to see a "line" of sea view (Zhongyao is not the front view) XD The bathroom is large enough for drying, and all the supplies are available. Mao Buli said, there are face towels, hand towels and large towels. Don't wear a towel to dry the whole body. XD There is a coffee machine to return a cup of coffee, but I have no drink. There are empty bottles for you to go out to pour water and drink. Some people may worry about hygiene. Our land is OK. Environmental protection is good. You can drink as much as you want. After taking a break to the left, I went to Satay Xuan for afternoon tea, which tasted good and had enough portion. There is a lady in Satay Xuan who should be kind to her friend, and she will take the initiative to introduce me to go out to watch the sunset :) When I eat afternoon tea, I will ask you what time you want to send dinner to your room. Dinner was delivered to the room on time, the food was hot and spicy! Maybe I eat too frequently and I'm so full that I don't want to eat some dishes. XD. The second breakfast is at Cafe on the Park, but the Bak Kut Teh tastes numb. During CHECK OUT, the staff will bury the receipt for you to go to China Hong Kong City to redeem the free parking discount. Don’t wash $1200, there is a room with a big room, three meals, and 24 hours of free parking. It’s really pretty good~ The only flaw, don’t know it is because it is on the top floor, close to the computer room (?), There will be machine noises every day, morning and morning. If the environment is quiet, the rooms on the mile floor are not suitable for you~

Kit Yi · 04/02/2021

free carpark is good

Chi Man · 09/01/2021

Old hardware but great software! Staff are well trained, food are cooked properly. From the front end staff to the house keeping lady are all know what is “service” Two thumbs up ????

YIM KEE · 04/01/2021

Fantastic services! My bf was so happy to live at there with the lovely meals!

Shuk Ling · 12/12/2020

Two meals at Satay Inn! Satay Inn is well-deserved! For skewers, I choose dinner, only the dish is hot and spicy, 6 skewers are hot! Barley water is so special! The most like skewers ? Skewers are really good! In addition, the prawns with butter and wheat crust are also cooked very well. (Because I don't eat spicy food, I talked to the restaurant on the left in the morning) The pepper prawns turn left to butter oatmeal! Spicy Tong Cai turn left to stir-fried Tong Cai with garlic! Eat 4 meals! Great satisfaction ???!

Yuen · 26/11/2020

Great hotel! The staff is nice and the food is also nice! Great experience ! The view is good inside the room ! Recommend you guys go !

Tsz Kwan · 20/11/2020

I have been to Bayview International last month. This time, the Royal Pacific Hotel is better in terms of accommodation and greetings. Although it was originally a sea-view wing room, when I arrived at the front desk, it was said that the upstairs room was decorated only for a business room, but it has been I think it's good, and I don't have to say that it is convenient to eat. Even the skewers for supper are enough for four meals. As for whether it is delicious or not, it is a matter of personal taste. I am already satisfied with this price, and all the services and greetings of the hotel are not because We are locals and we are slow to stay, which deserves praise. As for the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, KLOOK has organized these hotels with board and lodging, and the price is cheap. If the time is right, you can shortly charge it and continue to participate.

Tim · 13/11/2020

Meals are quite good to be honest. However, the hotel can improve on minor details. For example, coffee capsules were not refilled before we checked in. Overall speaking, the package is more suitable for married couples and retired groups, so take a short break under the COVID situation. Would give it a 4/5!

Tsz Pui · 09/11/2020

Nice stay, the food is special but the portion of the dish is less than expected.

WING HIN · 08/11/2020

Great hospitality from staffs . Friendly and helpful ! Food is served as a set to each customer . Good arrangement for better protection of guest . Location is great and can enjoy many shopping places around the hotel .

wai Shan · 02/11/2020

very nice staff and tasty food~! great staycation!! only cons is neighbors room is very noisy during mid-night~

Ka Chun · 01/11/2020

The hotel has convenient transportation and all furnitures are well maintained. The staffs are nice and helpful, the room is clean, and the bathroom is big and clean too. All the food for afternoon tea, dinner, supper and breakfast tastes good. Overall it is good and will stay at this hotel next time.

Mei Han · 31/10/2020

With staycation's -200 discount, you can enjoy one night's accommodation and four meals for only about $1000, which is very good value. The room in the package is very large, and the bathroom is also very spacious with a bathtub! The pepper shrimp for dinner is good, but the chicken rice of Hainanese chicken rice is oilier. The supper skewers are delivered directly to the room for you to enjoy. It is hot and spicy and tastes 10 points delicious. It feels better than dinner. Breakfast is nasi lemak and bak kut teh. It is a bit unsuitable for eating in the morning, but the taste of white coffee Not bad, but my friends couldn't have afternoon tea on the first day. The restaurant is also very good. We can arrange for us to enjoy afternoon tea on the day of check-out. For afternoon tea, you can choose to stir-fried carrot cake or stir-fried Gui diao or Hokkien shrimp noodles! The overall feeling of value-for-money services is not bad!

Ka Yan Michelle · 31/10/2020

less amount of food and choice

HON WAH · 28/10/2020

A $1,100 package for two nights, $400 consumption, two bottles of red wine and four cans of drinks, is a great value. Since we don't drink soda, we called to request that all the soda in the refrigerator be changed to lemon tea. The staff can help us replace it in a short time. The staff's service attitude is first-rate, which makes us very satisfied. The standard of Satay Xuan is not wrong. The staff Monica has a very good service attitude and works actively. He took the initiative to recommend us to eat the set meal. It is more worthwhile than a la carte, very good!!!

Eric · 26/10/2020

The accommodation voucher is cost-effective, but in order for the other half to enjoy a room with panoramic sea views, I decided to pay more and stayed in a premium sea-view suite. The room was spacious, comfortable and clean, with excellent views; the hotel is well located, close to large shopping malls and Kowloon The park is easy to get in and out; all the staff are very polite; the dining is mainly Sin Chew flavor, very rich, full of portion, the placemat paper on the counter is printed with the QR code of the recipe, which is convenient for diners to download and view; the whole is very satisfied. KLook once again gave me a happy and relaxing holiday.

Siu Chun Geogiana · 20/10/2020

In terms of a four-star hotel, the lobby is newly decorated, and the check-in staff ANNA is very courteous, and took me to the entrance of the sea view wing elevator lobby! The interior decoration of the room is compared to the 90s, and there are a lot of traces of time. The cleanliness is really average, and I will clean it before using it. This time I live broadcast buy one get one free, I thought it was another four-meal package. I bought it wrong, $900 for two rooms, only $200 dinning credit, a bottle of wine will be wrong, add $385 upgrade per room to the sea view suite. Finally, each room is $835. The suite is big, with a living room, a side room with full Victoria Harbour view, and a bathtub. Seeing the Victoria Harbour view, the price/performance ratio is high!

Wai Ping · 18/10/2020

The staff at Royal Pacific Hotel was very polite and willing to help when checking-in, and they took us to take the lift. Maybe my mommy is an elder. The staff at the restaurant are very nice and polite, even though they are busy and many customers. The room is large and very comfortable.

YUK MAN · 17/10/2020

To celebrate the boyfriend’s birthday on the left, I added money to the book in the morning, upgrade to the suite, and upgrade to the suite, because the suite is so big. The bedroom and the side hall have super beautiful sea views. At the same time, I can see Hong Kong Island and West Kowloon. The bed and the sea view are already a great enjoyment. When I entered the room, I prepared the left red wine and valrhona chocolate display in the morning. The staff service in the hotel is good. Wendy at the front desk is very polite. The manager, brother and other staff at the cafe on the park received some chocolate and wine, and the staff in the cafe on the park are all good for wild food, except for the afternoon tea, hemp, dinner and breakfast are both good. Because of the upgrade, it’s great to get two more breakfasts. After seeing the comments below, I will say that 1100 packs of wild food are really good. I really think the quality is so good. My boyfriend and I are very happy and satisfied with this package. I will be back next time.

Sze Man Sandy · 15/10/2020

The front desk WENDY helped to upgrade the room to a 21/F super deluxe room. Ten minutes later, he called to follow up the room details. ?. Although the hotel has a 32-year history and has no luxurious decoration, it is well maintained and the rooms are very large, about 350 feet and practical. I feel clean and hygienic, and the housekeeping is worthy of praise?. The hot water in the bathroom is very powerful, it is worthy of praise?. The other employees, whether in the lobby or restaurant, are very enthusiastic and polite, which deserves praise. This is exactly the brand style of SINO, which can be photographed by Sun Hung Kai, not disappointing, and worthy of praise?.

kit mei · 14/10/2020

Staying one night on the left, I feel that the package is not wrong as a whole. First of all, I don’t count too many people. After that, there are four meals that taste the same size. The price/performance ratio is high. The hotel’s epidemic prevention measures are well done. The gym room is every time. It will only be better than four people using Ps if there is a sea view room

KA LOK · 12/10/2020

Upgraded the room to a deluxe room with a half sea view. The room is very large, over 400 feet, with an extra-large 6-foot bed, and the bathroom is equipped with double wash basins. I enjoyed a very sweet night. In addition, the front desk, restaurant and lobby staff are also very professional and courteous. The hotel is well located and provides free 24-hour parking. The hotel platform also provides a good environment for enjoying the sea view of Victoria Harbour! great! ???

CHI KEUNG RICKIE · 08/10/2020

I have played in many hotels recently, my wife and I are second satisfied, the Sp value is the same as cost-effective, clean and comfortable, the sense of space is large enough, the sound insulation is good, the staff’s service attitude is kind, and the nearby large core shopping malls are the same size Shop ?️ #激安donki #谷辰Guusan ????? #sinoclub #Enjoy buy one get one discount#Gift two Premio red wines#StayCastion

Wai Fai Kevin · 07/10/2020

After reviewing the evaluation, I have a try. I arrive at the hotel as early as possible. You can check in at around two o'clock. Check in for me is slower, but they are polite. Although there is no upgraded ocean room, the room is bigger than expected, and the drinks in the room are free, including the Nespresso coffee machine?. When washing the cup, ? noticed (a little bit) stains in the cup. Afternoon tea is average, take a walk around after meal, comfortable and free. Dinner and supper together, the assorted satay is hot and delicious ?The pepper shrimp is very irritating, I want to eat even the shell, the dessert coconut sago pudding, the breakfast white coffee is wrong, but it is sweeter, The rest of the food is average (not hot enough), the overall accommodation room and dinner are super positive??

Chun Heung · 07/10/2020

Make a trip so that you can completely satisfy yourself. It is definitely a lazy choice! Go to check in at around 1 o'clock that day, you can already find the room is bigger than expected and the toilet is special. After shaking for a while, you will have afternoon tea. If the weather is not wrong on that day, it is recommended that you can sit out and blow the sea breeze and live with a staff member who will ask you to arrange your dinner and supper carefully! Package includes 4 meals. The overall food quality is good. The CP value is high. Hainanese chicken rice is really a surprise~ Staff's overall service is nice and caring! The price is definitely worth it! Lobby There is a promenade along the seaside when you go out. The view is so beautiful and the weather is good.

Tin Wai Candice · 04/10/2020

Regardless of the attitude of the waiters in the restaurant at the front desk, they are so polite, I really want to like it. My room is upgraded to the left, there is some sea view, and the room is bigger than expected. In terms of food and beverages, one set of two girls is basically enough. If there are boys, the food tastes not wrong, but some are hot enough. Overall, it is still worth recommending.

NIM CHI · 03/10/2020

Very good, the hotel upgraded to a sea view room. The food is good, and it's a great value. The hotel staff is polite. I booked a room for another day. When the staff followed up, they said that they could stay in the same room without checking out. Attentive service. The hotel room is traditionally designed, so it is spacious and comfortable.

yuk lin irene · 30/09/2020

spacious room! got upgraded to harbour view! great value for money! Service was good tooo. the room was a bit outdated and lobby AC was so cold. there was a bridge to kowloon park! Convenient! overall great stay!

jessica · 23/09/2020

clean and tidy, the atmosphere is also comfortable, the facilities are also good, the price is also quite cheap including meals.

Le Nie · 14/09/2020

The room's renovation is a little bit old but it is quite spacious. The view is to the office building. I have applied 1 hour late checkout and the hotel accepted my request.

Wai Yip · 13/09/2020

Worth the price, convenient place for shopping and staycation for family or couple.

Chi Kwan · 11/09/2020

11OO yuan package breakfast, afternoon tea, supper, dinner! Super flat! The mentality that I wanted to try! As soon as you enter the hotel, check is and have a surprise! The waiter is polite! attentive! Comfortable feeling! The room is big! tidy! Although there are traces of the old days after the renovation! But they are all clean! It's a holiday mood! Because I entered the hotel! Don't you worry about food! It's like traveling! Everything is arranged! Satay Inn staff are courteous! Food is ok! This Staycation is worth a try! positive! ???

KAM LENG · 09/09/2020


tin chu · 08/09/2020

The service is good, wild food is not wrong, it is good for fun! But I want to mention the residents. After eating the skewers and supper with the same dish, I will put it at the door of the room. The corridors have to be racked everywhere, and the night mother is not allowed to accept it. It's polite, Hong Kong people shouldn't be a Wester!

TY · 31/08/2020

Food was a solid 5/10. Room was good though, the view was suboptimal.

Guorui · 30/08/2020

Nice stay, if all facilities are open, it will be more better.

Kwan · 18/08/2020

This package is really good. The hotel room is large enough and tidy. The food is all right, the breakfast bak kut teh tastes so good ?Because the check-in day I arrived at a few o’clock at 5 o’clock, the hotel has arranged for the afternoon tea on the second day, and dinner with Hainanese chicken rice. A pancake roll is so good ?? Add a skewers to fill it up, the portion is good enough for both of us to eat. The key point is to say that the hotel staff is really good at service, and all of them are so polite. They are really good. I highly recommend it ??????

Hoi Yee · 17/08/2020

The hotel staff is very polite and eats four meals throughout the whole journey; afternoon tea, dinner, supper, and breakfast. All four meals are delicious. The hotel has a free upgrade for the semi-sea view room. Due to the epidemic, the CP value of the room’s food is very high for dinner and supper.

Pak Yau · 10/08/2020

The weather is sunny and rainy, and the epidemic situation is also changeable. So I contacted Klook and the hotel before check-in to discuss different arrangements. During the process, we felt that the staff tried their best to provide good service and cooperation. Klook customer service, hotel reservations, lobby, front desk The staff of the room service and the room service are quick to deal with and explain carefully, the hotel environment and food hygiene also try to give the guests confidence, so that we can spend the day and night happily. But at the last hour, the poor attitude of a staff member at the front desk calling the room gave a bad impression on the whole journey. The staff member said that we did not check out at 12 o'clock. I replied that she had been arranged to check out until 2 o'clock when she checked in. The front desk staff thoughtfully changed the check-out time on the room card set before giving us. I thought everything was in order, I was eating the birthday cake from the hotel at 1 o'clock. It may be that the computer records at the front desk did not update the information, which caused the staff member to unilaterally believe that it was a guest problem. But when the guest explained calmly, the staff did not need to emphasize twice: "Before" at two points! After all, it was a birthday celebration, but the sudden act at the last moment was really disappointing! I hope the hotel understands that it may be a misunderstanding, but a staff member may affect the efforts of the entire team. Klook is extremely satisfied! Thank you!

SZE NGAR · 04/08/2020

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ not only includes 4 meals, but 3 meals can be delivered to the room. The breakfast is the best, and a nasi lemak and Bak Kut Teh are nothing to lose! In addition, the room is so big that it has a sea view and the night view is so beautiful. It is recommended to check in early because the hotel is very resistant to registration, and you can check in after 30 minutes of waiting, but the staff is nice. Very good experience! Via Klook book $1100 No handling fee/plus one. Adding 4 meals a night is better than other staycations??

Hei Ting · 02/08/2020

First photo - a queue waiting for check-in: popular package! Second photo - beautiful view of Victoria harbour in our room Great value for money. Afternoon tea, dinner, night snack and breakfast all included. No extra charge. $1100 and not a penny more. (Yes and the can drinks in room are included too)

Simon · 26/07/2020

good value for price, which include 4 Singapore-style meals, quality of food, courtesy service of hotel and restaurant staff, a side sea view hotel room all those have been credited. Such package I would recommend to other people during this coronavirus period for safe stay.

Yuk Chung · 26/07/2020

In the severe epidemic situation, we arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon and there were a lot of people. They had to wait in line. The staff in the lobby were very polite and the processing time was OK. I was lucky to be upgraded to a sea-view room. The room was larger than expected and the bathroom had a shower. The same bathtub, with basic personal hygiene products and 4 cans of drinks in the freezer, including package tickets and 4 meals. After checking in, you can sigh for a delicious afternoon tea. Due to the epidemic, dinner is not allowed. The lobby staff is checking in When I was asked about the delivery time to our room, when we arrived at the afternoon tea restaurant, the staff again carefully confirmed our meal and delivery time. The fitness room is useless under the epidemic. You can only take a walk in the terrace garden with invincible sea view and the nearby large Shopping in the mall, the staff delivered a delicious dinner on time at dinner time, and the dinner was still lukewarm. The delivery staff left the United States to confirm our supper delivery time, and delivered it to the room on time at supper time. The delicious skewers are still hot. positive. This experience is very satisfying, and it is worth recommending.

Sau Mei · 26/07/2020

The room is spacious and clean, with a beautiful harbour view. The meals are yum, especially the satay and the Hainan chicken rice. A very value for money and pleasant stay

PUI LAM · 19/07/2020

Called the hotel to upgrade the sea view room, facing the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry terminal and the Victoria Harbour view, the view is so beautiful. This package also includes four meals. It is recommended to switch the afternoon tea to lunch the next day, because the afternoon tea on the first day is too close to the dinner and 3 meals. The service is very good, the room size is moderate, it feels clean and hygienic, it is a rare and memorable staycation.

WING HANG VINCE · 18/07/2020

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