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tin chu · 29/03/2021

The room is bigger than expected, the facilities are clean and tidy, and the room can see the fountain in the park. The children are very happy.

Yuen ching · 29/03/2021

The value of CP is high. It is recommended to buy a breakfast package and a buffet lunch. Breakfast arrangements are delivered to the room and eat slowly. There are Chinese or Western options to choose from. The hotel location is convenient for shopping on the street in the eastern area

Siu Kuen · 28/03/2021

The room is clean and hygienic, and the lunch buffet is reasonable (at a price). There are relatively few desserts, the same quality and hemp... The breakfast is the best... There is an all day breakfast... And the portion is good, so full... Plus you can Late check out...very good!

Chung Yi · 22/03/2021


tin chu · 21/03/2021

Buy the left package, including the dinner buffet and breakfast. There are beautiful balloon decorations and 4 o’clock late check-out~ It does feel like an old-style hotel, but the newly renovated left room has the same equipment as other hotels, with a USB plug and a forklift. The toilets are all good and new~ Dinner buffet A lot of people eat ? The quality of the food is guaranteed, the taste tends to be light, I will be so salty, so it will make people eat a lot of wild~ The overall feeling is good, I want to have it in Tsim Sha Tsui The price of the package is worth it ☺️☺️

HoiYiu · 21/03/2021

The newly renovated location is excellent and there is no complaint to live in

siu ming david · 17/03/2021

The newly renovated room is very clean and the toilet is beautifully decorated!!!

Ka Man · 17/03/2021

The location of the hotel is very convenient, just at the entrance of the bus station. The hotel room is automatically updated into 2 double beds. The room is newly renovated and clean enough. It is Taiwan theme at noon, with fried buns, buns, good food with intestines, and snails. There is sand. But the overall cp value is so high and there are so many choices, it will certainly not disappoint. There are two types of breakfast, Chinese and Western, which can be eaten in the restaurant or in the room. The portion is large, especially bread.

WING TING · 14/03/2021

The room has no view, the toilet has a bathtub, lunch is OK, breakfast is average. Staff can, hardware can be. 1400 check in is fast, 1600 check out is slow. All are average, come or not. No gain, no loss. No cost performance, no memories. Klook has a three-digit package, which should be similar to this one, plus a few more old packages to make it more luxurious.

Ho yun · 07/03/2021

The staff service is considerate and courteous, the room is decorated with clouds to match the afternoon tea with clouds, and the photo shoot is right! The room is newly decorated with a bathtub, and there are hand-made gifts and masks, which is really good value for money!

Lai Kwan · 07/03/2021

The room is large, the environment is clean, the restaurant service is very good, the chef is also kind, the food is delicious, I love Western-style breakfast and dinner lamb chops ?? will come again?

Mei Hui · 04/03/2021

The package includes room layout, dinner buffet, breakfast delivered to the room, the portion is very good, you can check out late until 4:00pm

Tsz Tung · 03/03/2021

Although the room is not big, the facilities are so new! ! The wild food is so good!

Tsun Hei · 28/02/2021

I was very satisfied with the staycation of Baile this time. I found out that Baile’s newly renovated hotel should not be too awkward, so I gave it a try. The result is not disappointing~ The request for the bathtub and the double bed in front of the room are both done, and the bathtub is my most satisfied (because it has been renovated). The room is medium in size and equipped for children. Toothbrushes and slippers are provided by all the hotel staff. I tried my best to meet my needs. I was kind and satisfied with the reception, the restaurant and the cleaning of my sister. The food is just so mediocre, just as expected ?To sum up, all aspects are good, 700 mosquitoes send 600 mosquitoes to catering, I want to order ~ ok, clean business with bathtub, not 5 star hotels meet the requirements is good ??

kit ying kikie · 26/02/2021

The room is spacious, clean and tidy. The breakfast and lunch buffet tastes good. Overall the CP value is high.

Sau Man · 21/02/2021

High performance-price ratio, good food, mid-priced hotel, you can choose to take a break

HO YIN · 12/02/2021

The hotel is newly renovated and very tidy. It has been a long time without a bath. You can take a bath in a new bathtub. You don’t have to worry about hygiene. The food rack is good, the steak is average, there are $600 meal coupons, dinner $500, breakfast is called wonton noodles, Yes, I will go again next time.

yaulingannie · 08/02/2021

All in all, there is nothing wrong with a good environment, there is nothing wrong with eating, there is nothing wrong with staying, and it is worth recommending

Siu Pan · 15/01/2021

The room is big and comfortable. Room service was delivered on time and the food tasted good.

HIU TUNG · 12/01/2021

Very good, the room is newly decorated, very comfortable, the food is good and there are many choices.

Sik Wing · 12/01/2021

room service food value for money but no drinks

ka wai aeon · 09/01/2021

The food was very satisfying and the accommodation was comfy

INSU · 02/01/2021

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