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The rooms are large and air-conditioned, with invincible sea views! But the cleanliness and service are average, the restaurant downstairs can get 20% off, but we can't enjoy it at all without the dogcation of the pet seat. I ordered a rooftop jacuzzi but the yellow water can't be used and I can only take pictures

Ho Ying · 27/03/2021

The location is good, the rooms are large, but in many conditions (such as furniture and kitchen) a bit old. The service is ok, but don't expect the hotel to be as standard as a small hotel. No official staff will provide services after 6:00 pm. It is disappointing that the rooftop jacuzzi cannot be used!

KIT YEE · 26/03/2021

Helpful staff. Clean and tidy spacious room. My cat was happy likes a dog! Keep running in the room! On the first day, we did a small hike at Stanley. Went back to the hotel and enjoy the rooftop jacuzzi with breathtaking view. On the second day, we went to Po Toi island and had a lovely late lunch at Yvonne’s Kitchen. We all rested very well and enjoy the trip a lot!

so ting · 23/03/2021

The location of the hotel is very good and easy to find. There is a convenience store downstairs. All the staff are very courteous. The hotel room is relatively large and has a full kitchen, two toilets, and a large hall with a buried bar. Both are, first-class vacation and rest

Lai Shan · 22/03/2021

The hotel environment is very good, especially the terrace facing the invincible sea view, the big bathtub is also facing the sea, two toilets and one kitchen, basic facilities, it feels like living in a tight resort. The shortcomings are that the furniture and decoration have begun to age, the plumbing switch and the piston of the sink are all loose, and the high-rise terrace will be relatively narrow. In addition, due to some mistakes, it was too late to contact the hotel to make an appointment for Roof Top Jacuzzi and it was fully booked. However, the hotel knew of special circumstances and made other arrangements. The service is very satisfactory and I hope to come again!

J · 21/03/2021

Good service, good quality, the most favorite rooftop bath, so comfortable

Chun hin · 18/03/2021

Good, nice place but the TV is old version

Wai Yin · 15/03/2021

The hotel’s place is clean and tidy, with beautiful scenery, there are many restaurants downstairs, and you can go to the supermarket to buy food, return to the hotel to cook by yourself, the equipment is complete, but the mattress is too soft

po chu · 14/03/2021

The room is large, with invincible sea view, but the furniture is a bit old and the staff is very friendly, looking forward to coming again

Tsz Yau · 14/03/2021

First-class environment! The view is very good! The rooms are very large and comfortable, but the cleanliness is removed. Some locations are relatively old and the service is not comprehensive. There is no toothbrushing in the room. There is no room service after 6pm, you need to call first before picking up the reception by yourself and there is no comb to provide more than two thousand without any meals, low cost performance

Pui Yee · 14/03/2021

The family checked in with the paparazzi to celebrate their birthday. The view of the room is super beautiful, there are two toilets and bathrooms are convenient, open the terrace window to hear the chill of the waves, many restaurants downstairs can bring paparazzi, I would recommend it again

yuet kam · 13/03/2021

It’s a good place to live in a terrace with a sea view. It’s 10 minutes. Hea. Take the dog to the channel. It’s so happy. There is a big bathtub and you can swim in the water. Of course I immerse a portion. I can cook and have a bar. Sentimental, will go again

kakit · 13/03/2021

It should be a relatively large homestay at the price. The outside scenery is pretty good.

Yee Man · 12/03/2021

The view package outside the room is really beautiful, and the room is really spacious; I like it very much.

Seung Mei · 06/03/2021


tin chu · 04/03/2021

The 1200 rooms are super wide and wide, and the hairy kids keep walking around every corner. The extra-large bathroom has the latest and most beautiful design, but the furnishings of the guest rooms, halls and kitchens are relatively dilapidated. The whole is clean, and the electrical appliances are complete. You only need to bring your own furry supplies.

Man Ting · 01/03/2021

Invincible sea view, large room, two bathrooms and toilets can’t compete with each other, there are many tourist attractions nearby, and there is no epiglottis when staying many times in a hotel?

Mei Yee Vernice · 01/03/2021

Luxurious enjoyment, a good place to relax on holidays, a spacious place and stunning sea views

Cheuk Tung · 25/02/2021

Nice hotel for dogcation.

SIN TING · 24/02/2021

The view is first-rate, especially when I get up in the morning, I see a view, as if I went to another place. I am most satisfied with the bathroom, which is much larger than the average hotel. There is no problem with the bathtub for two people at the same time!

wai pan · 23/02/2021

?? Hairy boy heaven. Spacious and carpet-free, close to the beach and pet-friendly community.

Tak Ming · 22/02/2021

First of all, if you want to call the hotel and ask the wild, remember to call during 9 or 5 office hours. No one answers the phone at night. Check-in staff are very polite. Some parts of the room (for example, terraces, knives) will be relatively old, but as long as you look at the price, you will not be disappointed! At 12 o’clock in the check out time, I think it’s ample, but the staff needs to go to the room to check. If you call the car, remember to make a reservation!

kin fung · 21/02/2021

Not bad, the view is open, the bathtub is right, and it is close to the supermarket and restaurants, super invincible and convenient.

KA LAI · 18/02/2021

Receptionist and steward are friendly, patient and helpful. Spacious room with fabulous sea view. All tourist spots and restaurants are within walking distance. Recommended for travelers and local staycation. My dogs enjoy this place too.

Men Dik · 16/02/2021

The room is clean and tidy, the sea view is beautiful, the bathtub is a clean and beautiful journey

Tsz Yan · 14/02/2021

The room is super big, so I chose Stanley if I couldn't travel. Love the view from the room, the terrace is super big. There is also a kitchen in the room where you can cook. The bathtub is really big, and the price is really worth it!

lai yee · 12/02/2021

The location is very good, it is located on the street and has an invincible sea view! The rooms are super big, with basic cooking equipment, and it is also convenient to buy takeaways from the street. Although the jacuzzi on the top floor is bad, it is also good to see the sunset in the water. All in all it is a very good stay experience, will come again!

Kit Sum Iris · 11/02/2021

The view is very good and the terrace faces the sea. The environment is clean and quiet, the bathroom in the room is particularly commendable, the bathtub is large and clean. There are TVs in the halls and rooms, but they are too small. The room is wooden floor, and pets will worry about getting dirty.

Hin Tung · 07/02/2021

The hotel has a first-class location and faces the sea. There are restaurants and convenience stores downstairs. It is quite convenient. It is a pedestrian area during holidays. There are shopping malls around, supermarkets and restaurants, and the shopping malls are pet friendly. The hotel does not provide parking spaces, such as holidays Bringing pets is a bit inconvenient. On weekdays, you can park at Stanley Plaza. The hotel rooms are quite large, and the doors and windows of the hall can be opened to directly lead out to the terrace. The terrace I live on is quite large, so I can sit outside and have breakfast in the morning. The hotel is pet friendly, but there is not much support. Those who bring pets should provide their own equipment. The cleanliness of the room is average. After checking in, there are still unused bathroom supplies left behind. I immediately notify the staff and deal with them quickly. The cleanliness of the bathroom toilet should be improved. The staff are very quick to deal with the requests of the residents, which is great. I made an appointment for the jacuzzi on the top floor, but unfortunately there was only hot water supply due to the breakdown. All in all, it is worth recommending, I will come again if I have a chance.

MAN LING · 04/02/2021

The hotel environment is the same as the photo introduction. The decoration of only furniture is old, which may be due to the offshore. The pillow is too soft and I can't sleep all night. Note that the front desk service hours are 9-6, and there will be uncle security guards to provide support services from dusk to evening. There is a special celebration on this day. I have already contacted klook customer service by email in advance, and let me know in advance for the hotel to arrange. The overall arrangement and wine service are worth recommending. Will stay again next time.

Pui Ying · 03/02/2021

The terrace environment is very beautiful, the space feels good, it is a good choice for vacation

MING CHUI · 01/02/2021

Good location, the room is big but a bit old in many conditions like furniture and kitchen. Service was ok but don’t expect a hotel levels as it’s just like a small inn. After 6:00pm no regular staff to provide services. Disappointed that the rooftop massage pool was out of service!

PO lin · 28/01/2021

It is an apartment rather than a hotel. The view is superb, located in the centre of Stanley. It is a pet friendly hotel, no limit for the number of pets.

Wing Hung · 27/01/2021

The view is superb! The Jacuzzi on the top floor and the large bathroom in the bathroom of the room saw the invincible scenery, a very memorable and happy experience.

Yun Ching · 25/01/2021

You can watch a sea view, and you can watch the stars and listen to the sound of the waves at night. However, there are some areas that need to be improved. For example, the information is not detailed enough (it would be better if the check in time should be indicated). The same picture shows that there is a bathtub, but in fact, some rooms only have showers. After checking in, I was extremely disappointed.

Sora · 23/01/2021

The hotel is very convenient on Stanley Street. The rooms are large and the facilities are relatively old, but they are clean. There are many people in Lido on weekdays. You have to wait for check-in, but the staff are nice. There are no dog supplies in the room, so bring your own.

KA WING · 23/01/2021

It is definitely a place worth considering! Hotel place is big??

yee Ping Ice · 19/01/2021

The place is big and friendly to dogs. Dogs are so big with space for activities and terraces. Most restaurants in Stanley welcome dogs.

yee Ping Ice · 19/01/2021

The equipment is older, but the view is pretty good. The bathroom in this room is barrier-free, with a low sink and a large bathtub.

YI SABRINA · 14/01/2021

The view from the room is unbeatable and the bathtub is such a luxury!

alla · 10/01/2021

Cannot change date. Do not respond to emails for changing dates. Poor service!

Suk Yi Sonia · 09/01/2021

Check in and check out are easy and smooth. Room is clean and spacious. Enjoy our stay so much ! Definitely coming back

Sylvia Xiao Wei · 02/01/2021

Beautiful scenic view ! Convenient location! Helpful staff!

Suk Yi Sonia · 28/12/2020

好大,都算整齊!Stay a night or even few days with your dogs (or without dog) is prefect!

Wing Kei · 23/12/2020

The hotel is located at the center of Stanley. restaurant and bar are just nearby, very convenient. the room is spacious with nice view. also, a small kitchen is provided, u can cook and eat in the room to enjoy the sunset.

WAI LEUNG · 02/12/2020

The hotel reception staff are very friendly and try to meet the needs of guests. The hotel room is arranged on the seventh floor. The room is 1200 feet. It is very large. There are two toilets in the room, which is very convenient. There are also cooking utensils. You can enjoy take-out food in the room. There are also several wine glasses! The stay experience was very good, I will visit again if I have the opportunity

Canna · 19/11/2020

pleasant experience. on the pricey side but worth th experience. thank you

Jefferson CHUNG Howe · 12/11/2020

The landscape is first-rate, and you can see it like a Stanley. There is a convenience store pizza express downstairs in the market center, which is very convenient and the facilities are relatively old.

Yuen Ching Cagney · 08/11/2020

We only booked this staycation because dogs are allowed, but it is not really a pet-friendly hotel. It doesn't provide the basic pet amenities like water/dog bowl and pee pads. The room is a bit old and run down, and while the private balcony is nice (overlooking the ocean), the balcony deck is very worn down and feel very unstable and wobbly. maintenance is definitely required. Furthermore, the room lacks power outlets for phone/device charging and hairdryer! I had to dry my hair over the breakfast table, since that's the only available outlet I could find. Overall, while the location is nice, the hotel itself is just okay. I won't be staying here again

Carmen · 29/10/2020

The view was nice, especially the view from the balcony. The staff was nice too. However, the room and the facilities were a bit old and worn out and lacked repair. There were stains on the chair and cushions. The wifi and tv reception were weak. But given that the promotion was only for about HK$1600+, you can't complain too much. Just adjust your expectation, then you will find it ok.

Wing Sze · 28/10/2020

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