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The rooms are average and clean! A glass of white wine is given to the question for dinner~ The quality is ok, and the styles are many, and the question can be comfortable and not easy to travel in and eat! Relatively hygienic, the waiter's service attitude is super good ? But the most failure is breakfast! The food is so much all day breakfast. It's bad, the sellers are not good, and the quality of the food is numb! I can choose myself to go out for breakfast

Man Yi Rebecca · 30/03/2021

This time the hotel room is clean and tidy, with a small sea view, dinner is included, the food is delicious, fresh fish, all-you-can-drink juice soda,

WAl HONG · 30/03/2021

The service is good, but the quality of the food needs to be improved. The sashimi is not too fresh.

Chan · 29/03/2021

The afternoon tea dim sum is super-standard, high-quality and delicious, and not comparable to ordinary licensed products. They are all carefully prepared by the hotel master, which is called instant steaming, especially the soup dumplings, spring rolls, and fried dumplings. Early morning is also advisable. On the whole, the CP value is high, which is excellent value for money, positive!

Kwok Kei · 22/03/2021

The rooms are clean and tidy. Although not gorgeous, they are simple and comfortable. There is a small sea view outside the window. The dinner is all-you-can-eat, the taste is ok, the sashimi is good and it is thoughtfully presented. It is worthy of praise, but if you can choose one or two more, it would be better. The breakfast provided the next day was too little, not enough to fill my stomach, but the taste was not bad. As for the afternoon tea, the taste is normal, but it feels quite refreshing to eat with a glass of beer in the afternoon.

Chi Ho · 18/03/2021

The reception is very friendly and courteous and the staff of the Chinese cuisine department pays attention to the needs of the guests, the greetings are first-class, the quality of the dim sum is good ? The food is acceptable for breakfast in the cafe on the second day, but I did not expect that I will be the only customer, after the waiter orders I just talked with another waiter about what other visitors were and ignored us. I never thought that the hotel’s coffee shop would provide such service, especially the male waiter, who spoke loudly and had a rough tone, which made me think about this hotel. Satisfaction is greatly reduced.

YUEN SHAN · 16/03/2021

The location of the Six Nations Hotel is convenient, the surrounding environment is clean, the room is light enough for breakfast buffet, the dinner is plentiful, and the staff are polite.

WAI KWAN · 14/03/2021

It’s not the best experience, but it’s ok to check in the first room if it smells bad. The food quality is average and not bad, but they are not excellent. And all day breakfast is ordinary, nothing special, it will not eat bad people, but I will not consider it again.

Cheong · 08/03/2021

Maybe the hotel I went to recently is relatively new and Grand, this hotel is slightly inferior to the previous rooms!

Man Ping · 06/03/2021

The environment is comfortable, the room is large, clean and hygienic, the temperature of the hot water in the bathroom is easy to control, but the catch is that there is no electric system at the bed

LAP MAN · 28/02/2021

If the epidemic is not open at night, it is not easy to put pasta in the hotel room, and it is not easy to return the normal price. The room is almost free. The food quality is normal and acceptable.

Chi Shan · 24/02/2021

-Add more 150 upgrade to the exclusive rooms, the odd rooms have average views, but the rooms are comfortable and buried, and the space is large-the hotel and restaurant staff are professional and friendly, and praise-the quality of Mexican afternoon tea is excellent, but the portion is small-the quality of the question is in the standard For example, there are many choices but there are many common ingredients, skewers and desserts are ok, sashimi mochi, main course beef wellington is terrible... Overall the price is ok, it is fun, it is not expected to be too much, 6.5/10

Ka Ho Jims · 22/02/2021

The food delivery is a bit slow, and the first dish will be delivered almost an hour later. There are Valentine’s Day decorations, red wine and nuts. The next morning, there are many choices for breakfast, which is still satisfactory. The biggest surprise is that there is ??

Hoi Ying · 20/02/2021

Although the hotel is old, it is maintained and cleaned very well. Our package includes all-you-can-eat snacks and half a dozen beer. Unfortunately, the unfinished beer can’t be left.

foonyung · 16/02/2021

An old-fashioned hotel, located close to the tax building, the price is medium. The room is fairly large and tidy, but the air-conditioning is too cold. The breakfast on the second day can be enjoyed in the room or in the restaurant.

Kevin · 06/02/2021

Fair price :) I enjoy the new year eve in this hotel.

Harry · 01/02/2021

The room size is small, the buffet food is of poor quality and taste, and the dim sum breakfast is even more ridiculous, with five dim sum per person!! It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat it... Although the staff’s service attitude is very good, I will definitely not patronize it again.

CHI KEUNG · 21/01/2021

The room is very large and comfortable, and there are many choices for dinner. Although it is delivered to the room, the delivery speed is also very fast. The taste of dinner is acceptable. The dessert 3.6 milk pudding is recommended. The breakfast tastes unexpected, highly recommended

Yan Tung · 18/01/2021

The staff has a good service attitude. Afternoon tea environment is comfortable. Although the waiting time is long but the quality is high, there are many choices for dinner

Ching Tung · 11/01/2021

In the epidemic, I am afraid that there will be many people and want to eat. You can try sashimi, but the sushi rice is really bad. You can not try the side dishes. It is good. A light bite. The crab meat of tempura is good. You definitely want to try the skewers. The main course of beef jerky was changed. Wellington did not surprise the lobster at night, but the desserts were really good. I forgot that the service was good, the staff was friendly, the room facilities were normal except for the air-conditioning which seemed to be central. I adjusted it from 24 degrees to 30 degrees As cold as...

tse ching · 09/01/2021

After an unforgettable New Year’s Eve, you can enjoy buffet food in a hotel room for the first time. Each dish of food will be wrapped in plastic wrap or tin foil before being delivered to the room. It feels hygienic and safe. Although the food is not special, the prickly food is fresher than expected. There are some Christmas and New Year decorations in the room, which is very thoughtful.

Hoi Man · 04/01/2021

Boxing day check-in ~ 1 o'clock arrived smoothly and check in (12 o'clock if the hotel room permits)~ The room is tidy but a bit old~ There are a few Christmas decorations~ 2 small gifts (chocolates) are also given away. Dinner is not allowed to eat~ Enjoy in the room~ The food delivery is not fast~ No missed orders~ The food is still warm when delivered~ It is more troublesome because it is difficult to refill drinks at any time~ But the service of the delivery staff is very good and praiseworthy~ The quality of the food is average~ Desserts are not bad~ The Chinese breakfast the next morning was delicious and the portion was small~ It was originally scheduled to check out at 3 o’clock~ But at 1 o’clock we received a call saying that the hotel’s booking was very full and urged us to leave~ We were in a hurry for lunch at the time~ How Didn’t you tell us the time when you checked in? The overall evaluation is so-so~ Acceptable in terms of price, but there can be other better options~~

Mei Shan · 04/01/2021

I booked two rooms, which could be arranged in isolation, but I was disappointed that I could not arrange the connecting room; the buffet dinner was changed to the room, and the waiter could arrange the food delivery as soon as possible, but the quality of the food was relatively inferior; the next day breakfast was a dim sum platter worth $218 , The taste is satisfactory; the fish and chips for afternoon tea are better, but the buffalo chicken wings are too hard. Overall, the service is good, but the food is slightly inferior.

KA PO · 02/01/2021

Except for the decoration in the left room and the difference in red wine, the food in the room is really hard work by the hotel staff, and the shrimp is big. The original price of afternoon tea is not flat. Play from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock the next day, eat and train, and help yourself out of power.

Hiu Ching · 01/01/2021

This package is really good. It includes both dinner and morning tea. The location of the hotel is good. The evening market was changed to in-room service due to the epidemic situation. The staff were very polite and efficient. The hotel rooms have Christmas decorations and candy packs, and ViuTV is there to watch. The only flaw is that the facilities are dilapidated.

YT · 30/12/2020

Check in soon, there are Christmas decorations in the upper room, surprise! Send a small Christmas gift to the left, tie two bags of chocolate! For the buffet dinner, the main dishes are lobster and Wellington beef tenderloin. The taste is satisfactory! Other foods can be ordered, desserts are good! The breakfast is Chinese dim sum, small portion, but good food! Staff service is good!

WING YIU · 30/12/2020

The food is more delicious and fresh than expected, the most delicious dessert, but I have to wait a little bit. The afternoon tea food is salty, but the room is not lost, there are some Christmas decorations, and the gift packs are good and ordinary and chocolate

HONG MIU · 30/12/2020

At the end of the book, when the hotel called cfm booking & in room dinner, the hotel had already spoken to celebrate the birthday. The hotel cfm late check out at 3:00pm, there was no problem, but the staff at the check-in front desk actually said it was checked out at 12:00. I checked out late at 12:30 and was super disappointed. The hotel is totally honest. Later, I reported that it was better than Klook customer service. My colleague finally told me about 1:00..... 25-26/12 Check-in has some decorations, and there are 2 packs of chocolate delivery. It is better than our hotel room in room. The room service staff The staff at the same meal delivery staff have a good breakfast Chinese dim sum, but there are 5 types, one for each one is not enough ?

kwan yuk · 30/12/2020

The service attitude of the hotel staff is very good! The arrangement of eating in the room is also good!

Ka Man · 29/12/2020

Great value, rich dinner, staff sent to the room due to the epidemic. There are lobster, beef tenderloin, skewers and other delicacies. Breakfast and Mexican afternoon tea with beer ? positive.

KEUNG SANG · 29/12/2020

no early check in and late check out as stated, aside from that, everything is great, staff are friendly, room is clean, interesting dinner experience

Ching Kiu · 29/12/2020

Room facilities, holiday room layout, and the hotel location is also very good. Originally, dinner was placed in the hotel restaurant, but due to the epidemic situation, it became the right place in the room. Not bad, the overall arrangement is very good ??

HIN FUNG · 28/12/2020

The food is good, especially the skewers and tempura. The rooms are not big but they are all comfortable. Unfortunately, there is no USB port at the bedside

Wing Mei · 28/12/2020

Both 3 and 4 for lunch are good food, but don’t expect it to be delivered to the room, as well as the buffet Someone came and knocked on the door to disturb, so I may not pick this hotel again. Take A1 out of Wanchai. Go straight to the main road and turn left.

pui yan · 27/12/2020

Very nice staff and sercices received, bit suprise with a 4star hotel. For the Japanese buffet is just ok especially the 天婦羅, 黑毛豬,wellington beef and the 拿破崙餅 is yummy. Chinese breakfast is quite good too

Kwun Chau · 25/12/2020

The room is decorated for Christmas! The taste is average! But the food delivery staff are very sluggish ? The size of the breakfast! Overall it can.

CHI FO · 24/12/2020

The room is new and clean than expected, and it will not have a very old feeling. Because after 6 o'clock in the night, it is better than dine-in, and the hotel changes to the room to put questions, I think it is all right. You can watch the TV all the way and eat, and the food has someone special. The only problem is not to order too much food at one time, because there will be not enough countertops to put the Chinese breakfast. The portion is less than expected. After eating, it seems that you have not eaten the wild.

Joran · 24/12/2020

Check-in is convenient and fast, you need to explore the heat, pay 500 deposits, generally charge 80 mosquitoes (only Happy Birthday with three balloons buried) Buffet dinner: In addition to the main dish, lobster and Wilton beef tenderloin, you can have any drinks. There are Christmas chocolates in the room, two free water selection breakfast snacks: two pieces of barbecued pork buns each, siu mai, spring rolls, mushroom dumplings, fried dumplings.

Po Yin · 22/12/2020

The location is convenient, the overall service is good, and the waiters are very polite. The dessert was unexpectedly delicious. The snacks in the morning are smaller, but they taste good.

KIT YIU · 22/12/2020

In the case of the staycation of the epidemic, the price wallet buffet is the same as the CP value of the breakfast snack. The staff is very courteous. The staff is very polite. The staff is very polite. The staff is really hard and the attitude is very good. Taste Le talked about it, you can expect it to taste well. It's normal and it's already very good. Breakfast snacks are good! Enough hot and spicy ingredients are also fresh??

MEI LING · 21/12/2020

The hotel room is generally good, and the room is delivered well and the service is attentive! There are small gifts for check-in ? The only flaw is that breakfast is not enough!

SIN TING · 20/12/2020

The price is not easy to say! What a ghost! Only more than $1100 for one night room + dinner (topics + all-you-can-drinks) + breakfast (Chinese dim sum) The service is good ??The taste of dinner is average, but the breakfast dim sum is delicious?? Neat and clean room

SHUK WAI · 15/12/2020

A hotel with high CP value, convenient location, delicious buffet dinner, delivered to the stage by someone, peace of mind and avoid mutual infection! The room is small but clean and feels good, a hotel worth enjoying!

WAI CHING · 01/12/2020

The location of this hotel is quite convenient as it is close to the ferry pier and Wan Chai MTR station. The room is really spacious and cosy. I extremely enjoy the lunch buffet. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. I will surely recommend this hotel to my friends and relatives.

Man Chi Linda · 29/11/2020

The environment is comfortable and the rooms are elegant, the service quality is high, and the waiters are polite, and will definitely come back next time.

Wai Lam William · 28/11/2020

The room is comfortable and clean, and it is a discount for all meals.

Sau Yee · 20/11/2020

Very good value choice, including Japanese-style set-off, snack breakfast and afternoon tea the next day, and the quality of the food is good, check-out can be postponed to 15:00, although we can check in the room as early as 12:00. The location of the hotel is convenient , It is worth recommending.

Wai Man · 16/11/2020

High performance-price ratio. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all standard. Although the hotel does not have any supporting facilities, the rooms are comfortable and the service is very good. Satisfaction~

Wan Chi · 16/11/2020

The room is clean, large and convenient. The room is already at 12 o'clock. You can check out until 3 o'clock. The quality of the buffet food is good. Every small dish is satisfactory. ???

fung chu · 16/11/2020

Guest room is very big & clean, facilites inside the room are very enough. Have sofa & written table. Overall all the services in all the outlets are very good & nice. Actually this is a nice trip for myself.

WAI CHUEN ALVAN · 07/11/2020

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