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The staff is very polite and the afternoon tea is also very exquisite. Also sent Christmas celebration supplies?

Wing Yin Tiffany · 29/03/2021

I have stayed once before, although the location is not convenient, but the hotel’s new environment is clean. This time I celebrated my birthday. I included 2 meals on the left. You can choose your own time. I will choose to stay at Junjing Xuan on the day and check out the next day. monkey cafe Junjingxuan is a one-star Michelin star restaurant. The staff has a good service attitude. The helpers add tea and boil the fish and the fish is tender and fragrant, but not spicy. The amount of sour pork is crispy and crispy. The most pleasant surprise is the dessert custard fried dumpling. Same as the monkey cafe on the second day with the fragrant yuba syrup, the lobster and the wagyu lobster are crispy and the amount of wagyu beef is less suitable for lunch. If Li Jin has a discount, I will want to stay multiple times (◜‿◝ )♡

HIU YEE · 25/03/2021

Western food and Chinese food are too different in size and taste. You can choose lunch or dinner on your own. You can choose Zuo Wagyu meal for dinner. The steak is so thin and thin. On the contrary, the quality of Chinese food is much higher, the taste is good and the portion is good. Got it! The room is not wrong, but the best is the connection room with the isolation room. Although the door in the middle cannot be opened, it is strange. In addition, check out late to 4pm, you can rest and endure d, overall acceptable, Chinese food is the best, staff are pretty good, others don’t expect too

Kam Yee · 07/03/2021

The Christmas time has come, and I have never forgotten the quality of their food, so I always want to return to Junjing for Valentine's Day. To be honest, $1888 for 3 meals is already worth it! Zhong, please order good food! It feels great value! Especially an abalone meal! I am not good at Chinese food, but I rarely clean every dish. A wagyu lobster meal is all right! It's a pity that Zhang Xiang doesn't see you. . . This time the breakfast is bad~ but I don’t take breakfast too much~ so it’s acceptable~

Nga Yin · 02/03/2021

Staff are very friendly and helpful. The Chinese restaurant is really good and deserves the Michelin.

Cheuk Ming · 15/02/2021

On Valentine’s Day, there is no evening dine-in, and the Japanese beef meal is changed to the left. The lunch service is good at twelve o’clock and the left room is lower than mine, and the food is first. The Chinese food is the second day of lunch. It’s a good staycation where you can eat halfway through and you’ll be full

yan hung · 15/02/2021

The food is of high quality, the Chinese restaurant has professional service, courtesy, humble attitude, and feels at home. The room is small but the design is stylish and comfortable, and the sense of space is OK. Due to the gathering restrictions, the hotel’s dinner arrangement is not flexible. I have to arrange through Klook to arrange for dinner after lunch and it’s not two and a half minutes before dinner! The check-out arrangement is the weirdest, and there are still a few minutes to enough hours and someone is eager to take pictures The door asked for a ward round, and he had to walk in the hallway and put on a coat, which was very embarrassing, but the attitude of the staff was good. The whole hotel can go for meals.

Kai On Alex · 06/02/2021

The price is high, the rooms are small, the food is of good quality, and the staff are friendly!

Yau Pui · 30/01/2021

The room is spacious and clean. The sparkling wine is great.

Ka Yik · 07/01/2021

The afternoon tea set and breakfast are good! Although the cafe is a bit small, queued for a while in the morning to get breakfast. The room is a bit small, there's no wardrobe in the room and the view is so so. Forgot to bring phone charger but hotel couldn't provide one...

Fei · 06/01/2021

The Christmas stay price is only $888, and afternoon tea and breakfast are included, which is very affordable! The room is clean, the design is novel, and the soundproofing is very good. Except for the long waiting time for the bath and hot water, everything else is good!

Hei Ting · 04/01/2021

The service attitude of the hotel staff is very good and friendly, and he will try his best to meet the needs of guests ???? In addition, breakfast and afternoon tea are very good, check in one, haha!

Lai Hung · 02/01/2021

The room is not big, but it is clean and well organized. The set meal tastes very good. Although it is closed at 6 o'clock, it feels like it closes, but the service is still worthy of praise!

Wai Hung · 02/01/2021

I was obsessed with the good dinner celebrating Christmas, and I knew it was forbidden. . . At first I thought I would arrange a room meal and I told the hotel to switch to lunch on the second day. . . I really don't think so. . . Zhong was about to go to the hotel for a while, and felt very isolated. Check in and wait in line again, thinking that this time, I felt very happy! ! But in fact, I scared myself ~ there is a reason than 5 galaxies! First of all, the front desk is patient and polite, so I quarantine someone who wants to upgrade the room and ask for directions on a higher floor. I heard the whole process, and the front desk is super professional! Already worth 1 star! The room in the second galaxy is the same as that of Zhang Xiang, so bright! It's not too big, but there is enough space. The bathtub is clean! Others are all new and feel good! In addition, the rooms are soundproof. Due to the epidemic situation, breakfast has changed to set, and normal breakfast is not special~ The third galaxy is more than a lunch (dinner). Since the meun has not changed, there is no eclipse. The food quality is better than I thought. Especially a wagyu! It's awesome! Desserts are delicious and delicious, they are really better than multi-star! The fourth galaxy is more professional than the hotel staff! If Christmas is a black face, I will never see a beautiful hotel next time! Finally, the fifth galaxy is better than the arrangement this time. The hotel notified me via phone and email that I was disappointed when I switched from dinner to lunch. Although there were many people who checked out at the time of check-in, they soon realized that they were handled separately. Guest. To be honest, there must be some bombs, but it doesn’t matter if you add a few questions~

Nga Yin · 30/12/2020

The food is good, the staff is friendly, the hotel is very clean, the location is a bit hard to find, but the stay is so comfortable and satisfied

SHUJUN · 27/12/2020

The afternoon tea and breakfast are both good. The breakfast is good for a set. Don’t make it easy to travel in and out, but the air-conditioning is too big. The air-conditioning in the room is cold enough. If it is not colder, you will wake up with fright. Except for the check out, everything else is fine

Man Wa · 26/12/2020

The room is comfortable. Even though dinner must be eaten as early as 16:30 due to the gathering order, it is still satisfactory

YEUK LUNG · 26/12/2020

Good value of money; Not perfect location but easy to access if you find correct buses; Decent room with nice view (sadly no bathtub); Food & service are okay; Appreciating their effort in anniversary decoration

CHUN HIM · 26/12/2020

Staff service is very good, the hotel is very clean, the location is fairly convenient, the food quality is good

Ka Yee · 25/12/2020

The hotel is clean, the food is of good quality, breakfast is not a buffet but the portion size is suitable! Overall very satisfied! The price is also worth it!

Nok Yi · 25/12/2020

Very good experience!!!!! The room is very large, very comfortable, with a nice view. You can sit on the small sofa or watch the scenery next to it. The main menu is Australian Wagyu Lobster Meal + Junjingxuan South African Abalone Meal is very high standard, from South Africa The abalone meal is a Michelin-starred delicacy. After lunch the next day, you can eat very well and you can take a slow rest until 4:00PM. I have a very happy holiday.

Ka Kit · 20/12/2020

The room was quite cramped but clean. Dining experience was average. Check in was quick but check out took a bit of time.

Man Lam · 18/12/2020

It's a very nice hotel. The room is very clean and comfortable. The Chinese food and Western food is very delicious as well. We will return again.

Wai Man · 16/12/2020

The Emperor Junjing Hotel is very comfortable, the location is very convenient, and the facilities are also suitable for a family to live in. And the food in the hotel restaurant is also good, highly recommended.

Pak Kiu · 09/12/2020

Staff are friendly and helpful. Food are good. Location is good and convenient. View is only city view. Room is small compared with the same grade hotel. Facilities are not perfect as there is no bath chair in deluxe room. Price is acceptable and value for money.

Man Yin · 30/11/2020

Nice hotel staff, afternoon tea and breakfast in the grand floor, but hotel is next to a construction site

nganyi · 30/11/2020

With a package of $738 for one night stay, afternoon tea and breakfast for two are not wrong, but don’t expect too much food quality.

Ka Yee · 23/11/2020

Very comfortable and clean room. The food is very delicious as well.

Wai Man · 22/11/2020

Very delicious lunch and dinner meals with good services. The size of breakfast is bigger than expectation. The bedroom is clean and comfortable with good view.

Wai Man · 19/11/2020

location was quite convenient by bus, a bit far from the MTR station but as long as you take the bus, it's right outside the hotel. The high tea and breakfast was pretty good value, but nothing spectacular. good variety. Room was very well designed, different from those corporate hotel chains, however the upkeep gas been lacking , the carpet had stains, aircon changes to default temperature after a few hours (seems they have auto reset). Generally "okay" especially given the staycation price.

Gerald · 17/11/2020


Ho Ching · 17/11/2020

The room is very clean, the space is a little bit bigger than I thought, and it's pretty bright. The six-foot bed is super comfortable. The dinner standard is above average, and the food quality in the Chinese restaurant is also good, with an overall score of 85

wai yin · 17/11/2020

cozy room clean bathroom friendly staff convenient location nice food at the Chinese restaurant food was ok at the cafe.

MAN LEE · 01/11/2020

Very good experience, checkin took a little time and the room was very tidy. The bed was comfortable and the toilet was clean.

Hiu Ha · 31/10/2020

The service attitude is good, the staff took the initiative to help ?? The food is good, the amount of rock is good for 2 people, and the seafood is delicious, the pizza and pasta are both delicious, only the air-conditioning can prevent So strong

Hiu Ching · 26/10/2020

The front desk clerk was very polite and arranged for perfect arrival. They also upgraded to the suite room. The food is very delicious. The Chinese food is of good quality. I will go again next time.

chi shing · 26/10/2020

Eat well! Chinese food is not enough, Li Qi is already full, and the service attitude is kind

KA MEI · 26/10/2020

The attitude of the staff is very good because there is a room, so you can check in before 2 o'clock, the room is nice & clean (exactly the same as the picture shown), very satisfied with the opportunity to go back

Hoi Ting · 26/10/2020

The environment is clean and the food is good. The restaurant has a large sense of space, but the check in&out is not convenient. Only a few guests waited for about 10 minutes to complete the check out procedure

XIAO JUN · 23/10/2020

The room is clean, soundproofed, and the air-conditioning is too cold. The left center is too strong. When checking in, the front desk was very careful to see the active helper snow holding the cake (because the refrigerator is not cold enough), the restaurant service is good. The dishes remain hot and spicy, the pizza tastes good, the seafood is cleaned well, the service is very good and it is worth staying again

shuk ching · 21/10/2020

The rooms are clean and tidy, the design style is fashionable, the staff service is excellent, kind and courteous, paying attention to the needs of the guests, the service is absolutely excellent, worthy of praise!

Ching · 16/10/2020

Amazing staycation great value for money!!! Room perfect food outstanding staff very friendly and clean

CRISTIAN · 13/10/2020

The service is in place and better than the generally reported five-star hotels, and the meals are better than expected. The details of the rooms are also excellent. The wardrobe and refrigerator are integrated into the toilet compartment, so although the room is small, it feels much larger than other hotels of the same size.

kok to · 11/10/2020

Trendy interior design, helpful staff, good location, nice food. Definitely a good experience.

WAI CHUNG · 08/10/2020

the food is unbelievably bad. the seafood wasn't fresh and the quality is just bad. the room hotel is nice, but lack of some basic things like bar soap or spoon.

Hans Ryan · 07/10/2020

this package is great with seafood dinner and standard room, good night view, in a good location that easy to find, recommend!

Wing Yee · 07/10/2020

Advantages: 1. The front desk staff is very kind and polite. They will take the initiative to chat and upgrade to the Executive Room. The room area is much larger than the original Deluxe Room, and there is a bathtub. 2. The quality of the restaurant’s food is very high. The pumpkin soup is delicious, the salad is delicious, the lobster seafood platter is fresh and delicious, the baked oyster is fresh and sweet, the white sauce chicken macaroni is very smoky and delicious, and the Pizza is also very Tasty and polite. 3. There is Now Sports on the TV channel, you can watch Premier League matches for free ??? Disadvantages: 1. It is very far from the subway station and it takes about ten minutes to walk. 2. The carpet in the room has many stains and needs to be cleaned. 3. The room is on the third floor and faces the road. The noise of cars is very loud. Summary: The overall accommodation experience is very satisfying, and the price is only $790, which is also very good value. If you launch a new accommodation package, you will definitely come and spend it again?

Eric · 04/10/2020

Good value for money, good quality of food, there are many places to go shopping nearby, the only drawback is that the location is a bit far from the subway station. But if there is a new package, you can try again.

Suk Fun · 04/10/2020

The food is of good quality; the staff is very polite; you can watch the moon in the room at night.

YING KIT · 02/10/2020

This time I joined a two-person hotel room with a seafood meal package for one night. The seafood is fresh, and there are enough soup or salad and pizza for two people. There is also a sparkling wine to drink with the meal or room. The hotel room is open The bed and pillows are moderately firm and very comfortable. The room is very clean. The hotel staff has a very good service attitude. The price is very cheap, but the location of the hotel is a bit inconvenient

OI SHAN · 21/08/2020

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