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What a smooth journey! Booking a private car for the family from Da Nang to Hoi An is a necessary. The car is clean and spacious. The driver is patient and polite, dropping us at the nearest entrance and helping us to carry the heavy belongings. Will book a private car ride again for our next trip!

Christina · 12/11/2020

The driving skill is good and reliable. The driver will come and pick you up when you are ready to go. The company is very flexible as well. If you need a change of time just message then and they will arrange a car for you as soon as possible. The company is so reliable that make you worry free. Will recommend to my friends.

Hui Ting · 11/03/2020

Responsible Driver, speak English Well, if given a chance i would recommend this driver to my friends visiting Da Nang

Swee Wah Lloyd · 11/03/2020

We used this to transfer from Da Nang railway station to our hotel in Hoi an. In the morning, we got a WhatsApp message from the organiser confirming our train number and arrival time. We then later got confirmation that our driver would be waiting for us at arrival. Luckily the train was on time but being able to contact the driver made us reassured in case there were any delays. When we arrived the driver was waiting and it was a very easy and comfortable ride to Hoi An. Definitely recommend!

Christoph · 10/03/2020

the car was new and driver was very polite, almost the same price as grab if you share the car with 3 people but more comfortable

Vladyslav · 09/03/2020

Everything was okay! Our driver was polite and pick up us on time. We liked the long cable route, buildings, parks, golden bridge and a lot of attractions. I recommended Mangoalcoholic as deserts. The weather was sunny and hot. We had a good Valentine's day.

Anna · 07/03/2020

I’m very happy with the service. Although the driver couldn’t speak English really well but he always tried his best to answer my questions. He also had standby 20 minutes early in Hoi An, so I didn’t have to wait for a long time. The car was clean and the driver didn’t drive too crazily like typical Vietnamese “online transportation” drivers

Sabrina Rachmah · 05/03/2020

The driver pick me up on time,very polite and professional,I really love the service want to go back again

kewalee · 01/03/2020

Driver was professional and very nice to us. Ensure that you tell them exact pick up time, they can't wait too long. He had to wait for 10-15 min in Ba na Hills for us, he texted there'll be waiting charges if he's to wait more. Fortunately he didn't charge us extra.

Venkatesh · 29/02/2020

My family decided to visit Hoi An suddenly and booked this service a few hours before our departure. The driver reached out to me via Kakaotalk (mainly used by Koreans) and was already ready to take us before the pickup time. He came to Hoi An to take us back to the hotel before the appointed time. It was a pleasant drive. This service might be a little pricey but was worth the money.

HYUONGJUN · 25/02/2020

Perfect transfer! Driver was waiting with a sign at Da Nang Railway Station. The car was really nice and felt luxurious. Driver did not speed at all which was a good change for anyone that's spent anytime in SE Asia. On time and perfect ride.

Rishi · 25/02/2020

Great way to reach sun world, driver took us there safely, kindly accepted to do an stop for us to grab some food and waited for us at the park. Recommended!!

Diego · 23/02/2020

The driver was on time, friendly and helpful. Overall great experience. We also booked our round trip to Hoi An via him as well. He was helpful, friendly and punctual. He also explained to us and intro us to some of the sites on the way and gave us tips and advice. Would book again !

Jennifer · 20/02/2020

received instant confirmation after booking, the agent contacted me via watsapp so it was easy to change the timing and arrange pick up location...convinient

pravina · 20/02/2020

We book a transfer from Hoi an to danang. We have requested the driver to come over at 1.30pm but he came at 1pm instead. When he arrive we are still having our lunch. He waited us and did not rush us.

KIT YEE · 17/02/2020

The driver was waiting to pick us up outside our hotel earlier than expected, but he patiently waited for us to check-out of the hotel. The trip was quiet and comfortably cool due to the sufficient air conditioning. The driver drove slowly and very safely. In no time we were dropped of at our requested destination, and we said our good-byes.

Luke · 14/02/2020

Driver was early & waiting for us. There was good comms via email & apps to inform & confirm the time. Good, & safety driver to transfer us to Hoi An.

Jun Hong Jason · 13/02/2020

The driver was waiting to pick us up outside our hotel exactly on time. He helped to load our luggage into the trunk of the car. The car was clean and comfortable. The driver drove smoothly and safely. The trip from DaNang to Hoi An felt very quick and pleasant. When we arrived at our destination, he unloaded our luggage too. I would recommend this shuttle service.

Luke · 12/02/2020

The driver communicated with me the day before of the service by email and gave his phone number just in case. On the day, the driver was waiting for us so it was very smooth overall. It took 40 mins from Danang downtown to Hoi An. We passed by Mikei beach and Marble mountain along the way.

injoo · 10/02/2020

Very fast reply, they reply like 2 hr after booking. I love that they whatApp before a night before as I ask for time adjustment later and they are ok with it. The car is clean and the driver drive slowly which is safe.

Aunchisa · 09/02/2020

This is perfect option to travel at your own time and pace privately. the fare is cheaper than grab and much easier. the driver text me using whatsapp to confirm pickup time. he only knows simple english. the same driver pick me up for return trip.

Haslin · 09/02/2020

great car and clean car. Hoi an to my hotel in Da Nang. was originally scheduled for 6:15pm but since tour ended early I asked to see if they can move up earlier and were able to accommodate. Awesome!

Tony Chen · 06/02/2020

We booked private return transport from Da Nang to BaNa Hills. The booking process was smooth and fast. The fees was reasonable. The driver whatsapp the night before to confirm. Both the to and fro were on time. Good experience overall.

Yoong Ming · 05/02/2020

Satisfied. cheaper than grab car. Booked for 2 pax but minivan pick us up. While return is different driver with sedan car. Hoi an is nice place to take picture and relax. Suggest to visit second half as you will be amazed with the lantern surrounding.

Yen Ruey · 05/02/2020

Driver reached our hotel on time to pick us up. He was friendly and the car was new and clean. Will recommend.

Choon Wee Alden · 05/02/2020

Excellent service and great value for money. We were picked up at our hotel on time, and taken straight to our hotel in Hoi An for much less cost than a taxi. Our driver was great, excellent driver, and very friendly. Would highly recommend this efficient service.

Mark · 31/01/2020

Hoi An is the best place for us in Da Nang, the food was great, and the lanterns were amazing!

Pui Pui · 31/01/2020

The company will text you for confirmation on schedule and they’re really flexible. Our driver was fun and he played some club-like local music. We were tired by the end of the day from all the walking around the city but he made the ride back so much fun. Hoi An is really a beautiful city!


Car arrived on time, smooth ride between Hoi An and Da Nang. Was able to communicate with driver on Whatsapp.

Prashanth · 25/01/2020

I booked the transfer 2/3 hours prior to the pick up time and I almost instantly got a Whatsapp message to confirm everything. The driver called me when he arrived. The drive was smooth. I believe it took us 45 minutes from my hostel in to Da Nang to get to my hostel in Hoi An.

Wenny · 25/01/2020

Private City transfer was great. They were able to pick me up earlier than planned after I messaged the driver. They’re very accommodating. Had to pay an extra 300,000 VND because my location was outside of the Hoi An area.

Daku · 24/01/2020

Driver was very friendly and punctual. Was willing to extend the originally agreed pickup time for a small fee (120,000 dong per hour).

Yau Loong · 23/01/2020

Hoi An was absolutely beautiful. Driver was very punctual and drove very safely. Highly recommended.

Yau Loong · 23/01/2020

Quick and easy pick up at the hotel. Pick up from Hoi An was the same place as we got dropped off, on the corner of the main road where the markets were located. Drive was pretty smooth on the way there and back

Benjamin Hoi Nam · 20/01/2020

Excellent service. Driver would confirm with you on the pickup time again a day before and always arrive about 5 min before the assigned time. The car is clean and comfortable.

Billie Yan Zhang · 15/01/2020

The company confirm the pick up time one day before. The driver stand by around the hotel and sent us a car license to us to inform to mercure bana hill in order to get in. Amazing service. The 12 seats van was new.

Dusit · 14/01/2020

Driver arrived on time for pick-up, made sure we're comfortable in the car and drove safely along the way. Although he spoke little English, the driver made effort t communicate with us using Google Translate. Pick-up point is clear and driver was kind enough to drop us off at the pink cathedral instead of our hotel on the way back.

Shook Leng · 12/01/2020

Driver picked us up from our hotel punctually. The klook operator contacted us one day before the trip to confirm on the timing and the hotel address. Driver sent us to Ba Na Hills where we took a shuttle bus to the entrance of Ba Na Hills. We ended the day earlier and the klook operator was helpful to change our pick up time from Ba Na Hills earlier.

SU LING DENISE · 04/01/2020

With high quality of driver, quality service is provided. Positive and patient attitude of the driver encouraged the tourists to visit Vietnam again and use the services of Klook.

Ka sing · 30/12/2019

The driver was on time to pick us up and driving safely all the way to Hoi An. But since we booked for return trip, he has taken our photo in order to send to the next driver, so that he can recognise us. We spent quite a delightful evening at Hoi An and had our dinner there before heading back to our hotel. The next driver also come on time to pick us up with our photo. The only shortfall was that the driver doesn't speak English as we asked if he can drop us at the Japanese Bridge, he said yes, but in actual fact he dropped us in front of a school, I think.

Phaik Hoon · 27/12/2019

Great fast service. Driver had AC and didn’t drive crazy. Price is the same as you would get elsewhere and by using Klook I can pay with my travel credit card and get points that way.

Amanda · 26/12/2019

Driver was on time. No surcharge after 6pm but last collection at 9pm. We did a roundtrip from Da Nang to Hoi An, cheaper than taking a Grab. It was worth it and nice to have a driver waiting for us after a long day of walking.

Cayla Michelle · 26/12/2019

We took the round trip transfer to and fro Danang - Hoi An. Very fuss-free service with very friendly driver. They will contact you to check if you to share their car plate no. & check if you need any change in timing and arrives quite quickly (earlier than the time we initially told them too). Only thing to note is that the driver for the first trip can be different from the one for the return trip.

Poh · 24/12/2019

Superb! Easy communication. Highly recommended. Very flexible hours with driver. But driver speaks no English which is fine with us. Overall, good experience. Will book again in the future.

KING LING · 15/12/2019

Good service. driver arrive punctually and allow for last min urgent change of time. it is cheaper than grab and most of the hotel transportation.

chua · 14/12/2019

Good service by the agent. Driver are very helpful did favour by stopping at road side marble shops on the way to Hoi An. Driver arrived on time at morning and at evening. He arrived at Hoi An safely and driver drop us at good location of Hoi An town.

Thanaselan · 11/12/2019

Driver was on time. Drove safely and smoothly. This cost much lesser than Grab Taxi as Hoi An only have Grab Taxi and Grab Bike but no Grab Car, so will have to pay cash if you intend to book Grab Taxi and it will be much more expensive than this Klook voucher.

Kar Kun · 11/12/2019

I arranged for the driver to pick me up at my hotel. One day before Klook gave me an update about my private ride to Hoi An in my WhatsApp for my acknowledgement. I believe this is important as you do want to worry at the last minute whether the driver is going to turn up. When it was time to pickup driver was punctual and we proceeded to our destination. Overall it was a fuss free experience and the ride to hoi an was smooth and comfortable.

Gary · 08/12/2019

Used it twice for bana hill transfer and Hoi An transfer. Operator will add you into a whatsapp group with the driver and operator which is great so in case the driver dont understand you, operator is there to help too. Nice drivers and very polite and helpful. Like most reviews mentioned, you may discuss with the driver via whatsapp if you want to change pick up time, no worries. Highly recommend for Hoi An and bana hill since these two you dont really need a dedicated driver after reaching the sites so a transfer is more than enough.

C · 08/12/2019

The driver is very punctual. Even though our breakfast have late, but he still willing wait for us to finish the breakfast. We took the 2 ways trip to Bana hills. Although at first we told him that we are gonna meet him at 9pm. But later we noticed that the weather was not good at upside the Bana Hills and hope can left there early. And thus we inform driver see whether can changed early the pick up time. The driver is very fast replied us that he able to pick us early. He really super nice service.

Tshui Tshui · 08/12/2019

Product information

Enjoy comfortable transfers between Da Nang and Hoi An/Hue City/Ba Na Hills

Vehicle Information
  • Standard Sedan
  • Group of 3 passenger(s) or less
  • Accommodates up to 3 standard sized luggage(s)
  • Standard SUV
  • Group of 5 passenger(s) or less
  • Accommodates up to 4 standard sized luggage(s)
  • Standard Van
  • Group of 12 passenger(s) or less
  • Accommodates up to 10 standard sized luggage(s)
Additional Information
  • Child seats are not available for this transfer service
  • Transfer duration: Approximately 45 minutes (one way)