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Loved this unique Hong Kong experience, you’ll really get to appreciate the city lights better from the harbor. The complimentary wine just made it extra fun.

Nicole · 27/02/2021

Great experience! Friendly staff. We are the only group on board at TST. Free to sit anywhere. Amazing views. It was quite windy outside but they have warm blankets provided. You can choose red or white wine, soft drinks or even hot tea. They bring the drinks to you with a wooden table designed for holding the drinks steadily. The ship itself is not very special but I like the couch, the music and the atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Suk Fan · 29/01/2021

Great experience to view HK sunset especially during the cooler months. Staff were really friendly as well

Choy · 05/01/2021

Staff was very friendly even though I came abit late , they waited for me to departure area . They even served drinks and didnot stop us to walk around the boat .

Mehvish · 04/01/2021

A wonderful experience! Such a relaxing moment while enjoying the nice scenery of hong kong skyscrapers! Enjoy ur drink and relax on board!

Nur Syazana · 25/12/2020

It was my 3rd time in this boat trip. Why I keep joining it? Because it has the best view of hongkong, at the same time you could enjoy a glass of wine with your fds.

KA LOK KENNY · 03/12/2020

We did the sunset promo as we wanted to see the sunset and the transition of day to night. It was a pleasant experienced. ???❤️

Josephine · 17/11/2020

We enjoyed the chill night on the boat with the magnificent night view along Victoria Habour, they also provided a drink for each people. Highly recommend for a casual night out.

Sin Ting · 26/10/2020

The Aqua Luna is always a great treat and this time it did not disappoint! The Victoria Harbour Cruise is lovely in the evening, watching the light show while having drink is a great way to enjoy the hour on the water. We will definitely return for another trip on the Aqua Luna in the future!

Sjors · 05/10/2020

Very relaxing and enjoyable tour... I highly recommend if you come to Hong Kong to do it at least once.

Silvia · 05/10/2020

Great to sip on a refreshing drink and soak up the sights and sounds of Hong Kong’s harbour and stunning skyline on the Harbour Cruise. Amazing experience to see the sparkling city lights illuminate.

Yuchin · 25/09/2020

A relaxing and high quality harbour cruise - well worth the price of admission when you consider the stunning views and reliable / friendly / safe service.

Kwan Pheng Alan · 09/08/2020

Great social distanced experience. Amazing views and comfortable ride. Appreciate the efforts of the crew to keep the groups separated and the use of hand sanitizer. Hope to be back soon!

Robert · 08/08/2020

Enjoying this travel so much, nice place nice weather, crowded but fun. All activities in Hongkong really good and interesting. Super fun hehe

Anidya · 03/08/2020


Kunal · 03/07/2020

The evening crew was very nice as we saw the view changed from light to night. It's special times now so no one was taking the boat except for me and my friend. Money well spent I'd say. However, klook told us a wrong time to board and I had to call and confirm with the operator by myself. Klook kept in touch as the situation developed tho. Hope the customer service will get better next time.

Lin · 01/06/2020

The voucher gave clear instructions and was easy to use. The cruise was very relaxing. We were offered wine, beer or a soft drink soon after we set off. We were on the 6.30 cruise, which was ideal, as the light changed during the trip, from twilight to dark. Watching the lights on the building come on was worthwhile too.

Linda · 10/05/2020

Aqua Luna is a must have experience when traveling to HongKong. Pick the 6:45PM schedule to appreciate the entire sailing experience to see the HongKong city lights.

Jennifer · 03/04/2020

Easy to claim at the ticketing office. Great experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jefferson · 25/03/2020

The crew were helpful and generous. They assisted me in taking gorgeous pictures. It’s a memorable birthday celebration!

Hang Ning · 16/03/2020

Loved this tour! Beautiful during night to sail and see all the skyscrapers and light. Nice boat with good view.

Rebecca Victoria · 26/02/2020

Easy to redeem. The pier was easy to find aswell. Staffs are approachable and nice. Overall experience was great, easpecially during a night time sail, it was a lovely night sailing around Hongkong with a wine.

Virgencita · 26/02/2020

Great experience and atmosphere. Highly recommend the symphony of lights time slot with family and friends as it is an excellent opportunity to view Hong Kongs night lights and skyline at night. Can be chilly at night so bring a sweater but the helpful and courteous staff on board will offer blankets and take photos at request.

Allen · 23/02/2020

Wonderful hospitable evening. Kept warm by blankets and red wine. Hong Kong at night is spectacular and a way to take it all in is by being on Victoria Harbour on a dragon boat. Amazing. Highlight of my trip while visiting my friend while she is living and working in Hong Kong.

Joanna Louise · 12/02/2020

Absolutely a great way to finish our last night in Hong Kong and we'll as celebrating my sons birthday. My family and I did the night cruise to watched Symphony of Lights show. It was a great way to see Hong Kong skyline and night lights. It was very cold, so recommend to cover up, but they do provide blankets to rug up as well. The glass of complimentary wine also helped to stay warm?. Highly recommend the night cruise.

Dennis · 30/01/2020

very highly recommended! excellent photo opportunities and amazing views. Junk boat ride is smooth and confortable

Joao Paulo · 30/01/2020

It was a fantastic experience. The boat was well maintained and clean and the staff were very helpful and courteous. The washroom in the hull was very clean and nicely decorated.

Mylene Ann · 25/01/2020

It was rain, but the view is still amazing. Should take the schedule close to simphony of light show time. Very recommended.

Elizabeth · 25/01/2020

We had a great exprerience in this activity. If you want to try a very peaceful activity in hk this one would be the best! Especially sailing at night!

Maricris · 22/01/2020

Best experience ever. Very relaxing after a whole day tour. Plus there is red wine for free. Price is not expensive with the experience you will receive.

ANGELITA · 19/01/2020

i've been to HK multiple times but this is my first time doing this activity. itsa must and the experience is amazing!!

Ria · 19/01/2020

We took the 8:30pm cruise and it was a great time to look at the city. You should bring a jacket because it gets windy. The crew was really nice, we had a cup of wine included and the music was ideal for the moment. We thought we could watch the show of lights but it’s only at 8pm, so consider this before choosing your cruise time. I will definitely recommend to take this experience.

karen · 13/01/2020

Boat was around 3 mins late because there were another boat boarding people at the same dock but there was nothing the AquaLuna can do apart from waiting. Overall it was a very good experience and I would highly recommend the 5.30pm time slot cause you get to see the hk in day time —> sunset —> night time in one go. The whole atmosphere was just nice and you get one free drink. Also staff are helpful, recommended us to sit upstairs + offered blankets when the sun set.

Hei Ching · 10/01/2020

We had a very smooth sail around Victoria Harbour allowing us to capture the dancing lights and very colourful city of Hongkong. We also enjoyed our complimentary wine.

April Ann · 09/01/2020

This is a must when visiting Hong King. We did the 6.30pm cruise and it was Fantastic

Scott · 09/01/2020

We really appreciate the typical boat and the wonderful scenery at night. We booked the last cruise of the day so we could enjoy all the lights of the city. The staff was nice and we got a drink included in the package, so you can have a toast on board ! We just expected to sail further in the bay and not to stop for 15min in the middle of it... anyway it was overall a good experience. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes !

Cassandre · 07/01/2020

This is a must do activity for anyone living or visiting Hong Kong! The boarding was on time. We were served a drink of our choice (I took sparkling wine). The cruise took us around the harbour during sunset. We got to experience the equally stunning views before and after sunset.

Ardaman · 05/01/2020

After living 8 months in Hong Kong we finally made it to sail on the AquaLuna. At arrival we were greeted by the representative near pier 1, he checked us in and showed us the boarding area. Once on board we went to the upper deck and took some of the comfortable lounge seats to enjoy the trip. Nice warm blankets were provided to stay warm during the 45 minutes sail. We shared this moment with our friends and our kids (10 to 14 years old) were captivated the whole journey. The Hong Kong harbour at night is spectacular and seeing from the AquaLuna is making it even more special. This is a must do activity in Hong Kong!

Sjors · 03/01/2020

Very memorable experience. You need to go with your partner and this activity will become your good memories ?. Please wait in the designated pier until the boat come.

Indra · 01/01/2020

Highly recommend. We got on at 6:30 from TST on a weekday and were the only people on for a while. Great views of the harbour and a lovely relaxed atmosphere

Gemma Kathryn · 01/01/2020

This activity is very nice to have if you want to experience the authenticity of Hong Kong. Our family definitely enjoyed and the crew is very warm and polite. Definitely will avail again for some special occasion. Highly recommended to family and friends!

Jeremiah · 31/12/2019

Amazing experience, beautiful views of the city in both daylight and night time. Friendly staff and good value for money. One drink included

Bianca · 31/12/2019

The Aqua Luna sail is something you shouldn't miss when visiting Hong Kong. The ship is beautiful and the vibe is very chill. And there is nothing like taking Hong Kong's beautiful skyline in between the red sails and a glass of wine (which is included in the ticket).

Sophie · 31/12/2019

It's a must try in Hong Kong! It was the highlight of our first day in HK and I'm in awe! The lights were so amazing. The water is calming and relaxing. You can choose what complimentary drink (beer, wine, juice, softdrink) Tip: Wear appropriate clothes. It's so cold. ?

Ayessa Belle · 28/12/2019

Overall its a great experience. Just experienced a cold breeze while sailing at evening but its good that the blanket is available.

Abhishek · 25/12/2019

fantastic! We did the 6.30 pm sail and it was great, the view was amazing. friendly staff, nice clean boat. we were greeted with smiles as they helped us on the boat, we could pick where we wanted to sit - comfy seats, we then had an option of beer, wine or soft drink ( second drink was a little pricey)

Alison · 18/12/2019

Its about an hour journey. Staff are nice. Blanket is provided. You can choose from wine/beer/juice. Wine tastes bad not recommended.

Wing Kwan · 16/12/2019

Once in a lifetime experience! You can’t come to HK and not go on a junk boat cruise! Views of the harbour were amazing! We booked last minute and were lucky enough to secure our seats :) The boat ride was pretty smooth, a few bumps along the way but nothing too hair raising. We left from TST pier 1, went to Central pier to pick up passengers then cruised around the harbour. The boat wasn’t packed as we booked the 6.30pm time slot so we were able to move around the boat and experience sitting in different locations throughout the ride. Saw major landmarks along the harbour too. Staff were friendly and accommodating too taking heaps of photos on request. It was a magnificent experience! Highly recommended!!

Jennifer · 15/12/2019

Cannot recommend this experience enough. I live in HK and go every Christmas to enjoy the lights. What's better than a night out with all the comforts of a night in (cosy blanket, reclining seat and a glass of wine)?

Hannah · 14/12/2019

My hubby and I enjoyed the evening sail, it was relaxing and it is a must try for those who’ll visit hk for the first time. The staff are also accommodating and courteous plus they served free welcome drinks.

MAYUMI · 12/12/2019

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Insider Tips:
  • Day Tour does a circuit every hour, so when you hop off, be sure to hop back on again one or two hours later
  • For Stanley Cruise, board at Central to get first dibs on the best seats