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A must try. Book in advance to score some discount and to have a smooth experience. Will definitely do this again

Catherine Ivy · 05/03/2020

Thrilling ride from the top to the bottom. Went around New Years and was shivering from the cold winds up top. Free fall happened so quick I barely remember anything. There’s also the skywalk which took a long time. You get to store your things in the locker.

MAXIMILLIAN · 05/03/2020

Wonderful experience and excited! Great time and great arrangement!!

Weng Khong Kenneth · 01/03/2020

Convenient to use: only need qr code or add it to e wallet

Peiqi · 21/02/2020

Making a reservation through Klook saved me a lot of money on this activity.

LEI · 05/01/2020

The experience was awesome ..full marks to Klook for a smooth experience however I was a bit disappointed with the staff there. I had a booking specifically at 4pm and in spite of reaching there at 3:30, we had to wait 3 hours for the jump as it was overcrowded. They should give precedence to the people who have a booking at a time slot has opposed to walk-in customers

Mohammed · 03/01/2020

Once in a lifetime experience! Must do activity in Macau.

ZUNGSUN · 25/12/2019

It was the best

One of the best experiences of my life. The video and photos were very good. I think you should definitely have a photo. Egg tart was also delicious.

KKday Member · 25/12/2019

Must jump when coming to Macau

Buy the most complete set of equipment, it's great value, and you have all the video and photo files. Happy

瑞祥 許 · 24/12/2019

Once in a lifetime experience!!! Thank you for a safe jump . I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

Carl Jerue · 20/12/2019

Holiday Bungy Jump Full Course (Free Portuguese Egg Tower and Drinks)

It is more convenient than buying tickets on the spot. It is very convenient to change tickets. The staff is very enthusiastic. The whole experience process is very good. You can also enter the venue to make an appointment by 2pm and 12am. , For the reference of itinerary arrangements, next time I will use kkday again, very recommended!

春蘭 徐 · 18/12/2019

It was a once in a Lifetime experience, totally enthralling and mesmerizing and a bit scary as well. We did both Bungy Jump and Sky Walk as well. Mind you Skywalk is scarier than the Bungy! With the help of Klook it was a smooth redemption of tickets.

Deep Tarunbhai · 10/12/2019

Best time of my life!Everyone was so friendly and the instructors were so helpful and really tried their best to ease you and make sure you are 100% ready to jump.Would 1000% recommend it!

Nur Bainun · 08/12/2019


The KKDAY voucher is very convenient.

Wen Chien Fang · 30/11/2019

challenge the limit

The first time I came to Macau, I experienced a stupid pig jump. The moment I stood up was really super nervous, but after jumping out of that step, the whole feeling was different. Fortunately, it was a great experience~~~

禹伸 吳 · 23/11/2019

It is really amazing experience.

Cheng Ta · 22/11/2019

Macau Tower Bungee Jump

After booking through KKdays, you can get the ticket by going to the Macau Tower B1 and presenting the voucher directly to the counter. It is fast and convenient. It is recommended to buy a full meal. You can use the official video and GoPro video.

方 何 · 13/11/2019

super easy to redeem. great experience. i was excited at first, but when i actually stood at the the edge facing the super clear sky, that's when nervousness started to kick in. but nevertheless i jumped anyway, and. it. was. unbelievable. i did it! you should too!

annisa · 11/11/2019

Convenient and cheap

When you show your voucher at the service desk, you will get the tickets, which is convenient and fast, and the price is cheaper than the scene! It’s good to give a good egg tart, and it’s good~ I will recommend it to my friends.

CHIA PEI YANG · 04/11/2019

best in the world

This one package is really worthwhile! You can challenge the world's highest high-altitude bounce, you can also walk in the air, get photos, videos and certificates and feel very happy! The clothes that bounce at high altitude are also very nice! The coaches will be funny and help distract me!

于欣 林 · 31/10/2019

Super fun

Direct booking at KKday, ticket exchange is convenient and fast, but the stupid pig jumps though expensive, but it is really worth a jump. The aerial walk overlooking the panoramic view of Macau is also very refreshing. You must purchase a video photo package, and you must add 899 on the spot. Yuan AUD, very uneconomical

國媛 翟 · 31/10/2019

It was the experience of a lifetime. Really worth every penny that you spent on it. The experience will make you more alive than you ever did in your entire life?

Clare · 09/10/2019

A great way to spend the afternoon in Macau. The smoothest Bungee Jump with High Quality Staff. An Awesome experience all round. Recommend ???

Steven John · 06/10/2019

Highly recommended!! The staffs were extremely kind and fun! Very helpful as well. It's one of the unforgettable moments in my life. It costs a bit expensive, but you should try it if you visit Macau!

YESOL · 06/10/2019

It was very fun and scary to do the highest bungy jump in the world. Booking with Klook save my time and hassle, I can reserve the time slot I want to and no need to wait for the long queue at the counter. Regarding walk first or jump first, I would recommend to walk first as a warm up for the gut. Then you won't be so scared to jump off from the building for the bungy jump.

BOON KHANG · 04/10/2019

Once in a lifetime experience! Everyone should try this at least once! Staffs are experienced, very composed and focused to ensure safety standards.

Zhifeng Eric · 01/10/2019

really hassle free seamless process of booking at discounted rates, have done many bookings through klook for my hk trip. highly recommend

sanghavi · 01/10/2019

Thank you for amazing experience. Had been wanting to take this leap for a long time but was unsure about how to go about it. Klook services are amazing for tourist like me.

Dinky · 23/09/2019

Professionally run organisation with great emphasis on both safety and making the experience fun and enjoyable. A once in a lifetime experience. 80% reduction offered if you wish to do a second jump on the same day. Highly recommended.

Kevin Patrick · 20/09/2019

This is it! The highlight of your trip!! I did my jump during mid autumn festival and able to watch the firework during skywalk ?? and made few friends too ? defo the highlight to my HK Macau trip (:

Noalin · 17/09/2019

It was a wonderful and one of a kind experience. The staff are very nice and helpful. So give it a go if you're interested.

choi · 29/08/2019

This was an experience not to be missed! The bungee jump was fantastic and exhilarating. The Skywalk was fun. The staff at the attraction were great. Imho do leave Macau without visiting this!

Royston · 13/08/2019

This is truly nervous and exciting! For a moment, you seem like going to die but the rebounce makes u feel alive. You are once again reborn. Take your guts and try it.

KIAN GHEE · 16/07/2019

TRY. THIS. Its exhilarating and scary but such a memorable experience. Super professional and friendly staff. Might even come back again for a night jump!

Jia Ching · 14/07/2019

An amazing experience. Definitely not for the faint of heart, it is true adventure in the heart of Macau and for those who are daring enough definitely go for it.

Kevin · 12/07/2019

Worth every penny and probably the highlight of my Macau Trip! Plus you get to have a free skywalk experience as well (pictures included). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to redeem the snack voucher since my family was in a rush to get to the next tourist attraction after my turn to do the bungy and the skywalk. Schedule the earliest time possible to avoid a long queue. I got paranoid and arrived too early tho that I ended up as the first jumper of the day (according to the bungy staff). hehe If you’re Filipino, you’d feel more at ease because a great majority of their staff members are kababayans who are happy and hospitable enough to assist and cheer you.

Morel Dei · 09/07/2019

2 words. Try it. I dare anyone who wants to live life to the fullest to experience this. It's scary af, it's exhilarating, it's daring, it's bungy jumping! So after booking this activity, it was a bit confusing to find where the exact location of the venue in the building. You actually have to go down the lower level, take a pre-photo of you and your gang before heading up to the top where you'll show your booked ticket. They gave us shirts & meal coupon, part of the package. We got strapped in for protection after telling us what to do and what to expect once outside the board. The staffs there were very friendly & funny (they make you lose your nervousness just chatting with them). Half of them are Filipinos while some are Chinese. After about almost an hour of waiting, it was finally our turn. When I was all prepared to jump, I could see how high we were. They keep telling me not to look down or you'll be scared. I did got scared but I still took a leap of faith and wow. I was speechless, literally. It only took less than 10secs before I neared the bottom. All is safe. Nothing to ever worry about for any backlash or what. I got a copy of the pics taken from their DSLR & videos taken from the corners of the area and from the gopro attached to my hand. All in all, highly recommended activity.

Abigael Celeste · 07/07/2019

OMG BLOODY AWESOME. I don't know where to start from the beautiful view, the friendly staff especially the kiwi that greeted us and made me feel comfortable. I went first thing in the morning and got straight on, they werent rude or pushy, they gave me time to jump. Instructions were very easy to understand. The sky walk was also pretty fun. The best experience ever. Also this was the cheapest company i found for the bungy.

Casey · 02/07/2019

Easy to redeem.. Staff at there very friendly and helpfull.. I went there by taxi from airport.. i cost me 70 dollor, better u take a bus.. this staff told me, it will only cost 900 hkd dollr for 2nd jump at same date.. so afforable.. and if u want usb/pic.. buy full package at klook.. if not u have to add on 600 dllr.. for my trip, i get free skywalk too.. For bungy, my advice, pull yellow rope, just pull..?

Shashrul Suhada · 26/06/2019

Once in a lifetime experience and easy booking with klook! Definitely a must in Macau and hope to be back for more jumps!

Dylan Chun Hao · 09/06/2019

Very professional very safe. Great experience. Booking through klook was quite easy and hassle free.

nitesh · 04/06/2019

Fantastic activity and we had a lifetime experience. the entire event was well coordinated and the staff crew members were very vibrant and supportive. Must do if you want to jump your worries . Evening is a good time for sky walk as you get lovely pictures. Bungee can do anytime

Sandeep · 29/05/2019

The experience was much better than I expected, I bought full package which includes professional photos and GoPro video. The free fall feeling is scary yet amazing. Highly recommend buying from kkday, its cheaper than buying at Macau Tower and redemption is easy.

Ankur Goyal · 18/05/2019

Klook made it easy like knife thru the butter. Even before we checked in all documents were ready and took hardly 2mins to go thru. Good deal and Great experience ?

Viral Yogendra · 14/05/2019

Definitely not regret of purchasing this's once in a lifetime activity and the crew makes me feel really safe doing this bungy..I bought the pic + video separately and perhaps you should purchase it in advance because definitely it is worth to purchase..

NURUL FADILAH · 02/05/2019

It’s really a great experience, amazing! Life only once! All the staff very nice and they will make some joke to let you relax! They will check all the equipments carefully and detail, so it’s very safe.

Siau Chien · 31/03/2019

Easy to redeem and cheaper too and got free snack (egg tart + drink). There are many people queue to jump, I book for jump on 11 am, but because of the queue, I jumped on 12 pm The staffs are very friendly and very helpful

YUNITA · 31/03/2019

Nothing to worry about, it's safe! All staff are friendly and professional. No long queue, hassel-free. suggest to check weather forecast beforehand, you don't want your photos turn out to be like mine. ? overall, a good experience.

SUET LI · 25/03/2019

Great experience and you should try once! You are free on your 4th bungee jump. Wow!!!

lee peng · 12/03/2019

It was amazing. The deal at klook it’s much cheaper and the staff there were really friendly. Would definitely do it again in the futurue.

Xiao Ying · 08/01/2019

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