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The price is still too expensive, but there are few people on weekdays, and I have a limited time, so I can accept it. In class, teach children how to fight, good!

seung Edward · 25/03/2021

It’s fun to go to No-one’s games on weekdays without queuing up! Kids will love it~ The food in the restaurant is good, I especially like his chocolate muffin spaghetti pizza with meat sauce. It’s a pleasant trip.

yin ping · 25/03/2021

It's worth going, very comfortable and educational. The staff is very kind and the location is convenient.

Ching Yi · 25/03/2021

Suitable for younger children to play, $80 dining package, low!

Yuen Ling · 24/03/2021

Since there was no reminder that this activity is not allowed to enter the field without children, 15/3 there is also a ticket for use. After the complaint, Legoland promised to refund the ticket $240, but has not received it yet. Please follow up ?

Siu Han Winnie · 23/03/2021

It’s good, you can play for 3 minutes, it’s so fulfilling, there are food rolls for more value, and you can buy a flight before entering the stadium, so convenient

shuk wah · 22/03/2021

Great fun time

My four years old daughter loves it to bits. The rides and unlimited legos to build are enough for her to spend 3 hours in there without feeling bored. 4D movies are great fun for the whole family. They have 2 movies rotating every half an hour. Their hygiene department are pretty spot on too. Cleaning the interiors of the ride after use, playground has to be cleared for cleaning every 15-20 min. Daughter been asking when can we go again. Def recommend. Try to go during midday - late arvo on weekdays

Carolyn Kan · 22/03/2021

enjoy the time there

Spend some time at the coffee place. Got donuts which kids really love

Danny Lam · 22/03/2021

kids just love Lego

It’s a good choice when we can’t travel overseas.

Danny Lam · 22/03/2021

small but fun

It’s not big and it’s enough for kids to spend a half day there.

Danny Lam · 22/03/2021

Online purchase is very convenient, just scan the barcode to enter. However, the discovery centre is relatively small and cost-effective. If children like to play lego, they can go

Wai Ching · 21/03/2021

The small but exquisite display of the day and night of Hong Kong, children have a full time to play. In fact, the entrance fee is worth both

Ho Yan Angel · 21/03/2021

Just show the QR code to enter the venue. The venue is small but enough for children to play for 3 hours. The environment is clean. There are regular employees to play mobile games.

Yee Man · 21/03/2021

The K11 area is spacious, clean, and crowded. The service attitude of the staff is good, it is worth a try again!

ho leung jonathan · 21/03/2021

fast and easy to buy tickets. Highly recommended

Wing Yee Mandy · 20/03/2021

The place is wide, and the mobile game can be more and less, it would be better (now there are only two). The theme of 4D movies is more boring. It is recommended to add a Cantonese version. The Hong Kong-themed streetscape and buildings built by Lego are close enough to the ground. The food in the restaurant in the park is of good quality. Compared with other parks in Hong Kong, the taste and price are reasonable. Recommendations ordered via Klook, discounts on dining coupons?

Chui Ping · 20/03/2021

Appointments on the official website are also convenient and quick. There were not many people on the day of admission. Starting in the afternoon, when there were too many people, you would have to line up to play a small game room at the same time. There is a restaurant in the venue, the price is not expensive, Klook buys the coupons. Each facility will be cleaned after use. They are all good.

tak Wing · 19/03/2021

The children are looking forward to this Lego trip, but unfortunately the area is small and there is not much fun. It is suitable for younger children. Only stayed for two hours. It is worth mentioning that klook meal vouchers are very worth buying. The staff are very friendly.

Ching Wan · 19/03/2021

There are two mobile games in the average distribution of the activity area. The queue time is slightly longer

LAU · 18/03/2021

My boy is 2.5 years old, couldn’t enjoy everything inside the playground, but good weekday activity. I guess he had good time there. Single pass is a bit pricy.

Francisco · 17/03/2021

Very good. We were very satisfied with Legoland. We'll buy annual passport.

SACHIKO · 17/03/2021

The location is the most convenient, if there are more games, it will be even better! The cafes in the venue are very good!

OI CHING · 16/03/2021

After playing Zhongyou can upgrade the annual ticket

It's so good! After playing, Zhong can upgrade to an annual pass to buy an annual pass directly. The whole Keychain is so fast, it doesn't take 5 minutes to wash it. On weekdays, there is less crowds, and have fun

Emily Leung · 15/03/2021

Small space but the exhibit with all the Hong Kong buildings and sights was incredible!

Natalie · 15/03/2021

Very family friendly

we bring our toddler there. he enjoys most of the activities there. The activities are interactive and some even with coaches to teach them. nice. But the cafe there is a little bit disappointing. not much variety of food and the serving time is long.

Pansy Chow · 15/03/2021

Convenience, discount

Online ordering is convenient, and there are preferential prices, so children have a great time.

Billy Cheung · 14/03/2021

On the second day of the opening, few people took a child who was under three years old to go with the adults on the small road. They were very happy, especially the Lego car was built in the runway and taxiing competition in one area. Many adults are addicted to Dad Zhong. Small road, build it up ??? Cafe has a children’s snack and meal with a Lego box worth buying in the gift shop. If Lego fans want to buy it, buy tickets + $80 food coupons.

Wai shan · 14/03/2021

So smooth and fun

As soon as you receive the kkday confirmation letter, you can go to the official website to book time. If you have the kkday confirmation letter scan QR code, you can get in. If there is a key chain to be adjusted, it is recommended to go to the gift shop and order left first before entering the venue. Don’t wait until you finish playing. Because I went to play early in the morning, there were not many people, and many games could be played several times.

WONG KA LAI · 14/03/2021

At the beginning, I thought it was not too many people to visit the fruit, but there were a lot of people when I re-entered. I am satisfied overall, and the experience is somewhat better than "adventure in the United States". But less expensive. There are so many foods in Cafe, but I have tried as a cafe, but the coffee is not good, but the overall characteristics are not good.

Man Wa · 13/03/2021

Children are happy and forget to return

3 to 11 years old is the most suitable for playing. My children play until they don’t want to go. Three hours is definitely not enough. We played 4 hours and it is not enough. There are not many people involved in the epidemic, so I see that we do enough disinfection work. There must be a lot of people in the future, the field is not too big, and it will be hard work if there are too many people.

laiyee Chung · 12/03/2021

Nice vouchers to use, just go straight to the entrance and they scan with the QR. Friday totally empty. The kids basically have the whole place by themselves. The staff are friendly. The place is clean.

Susan · 12/03/2021

Very good for the kids. The staff is helpful and nice.

CHUN YEUNG · 12/03/2021

The environment is very good, but the games are average, the 4D cinema is ok, the most appreciated are the famous spots in Hong Kong, it is worth visiting

WAI LING · 12/03/2021

I feel very satisfied because the purchase process is so fast. Hope this happens every time.

Shut Yi Fanny · 12/03/2021

Much smaller than expected. Three hrs are not enough during weekends since visitors have to line up for all activities.

Yi Lee · 12/03/2021

Would be better if children can get the Lego after the workshop, if possible. They would feel disappointed since they don’t know they have to return it.

Yi Lee · 12/03/2021

It’s a nice playhouse for small kids but disappointingly small. Movies, rides, food choices at cafe are very limited. May not worth returning.

Wan · 10/03/2021

It is very convenient. You can buy cash coupons at half price. There are not many food choices. They can be used as afternoon tea. People who like to build building blocks will love it.

chui lok · 10/03/2021

It's very convenient to use, but you have to go to the official website to make an appointment for admission. It is very good to send electronic photos, and the photos can be kept as a souvenir!

chui lok · 10/03/2021

A space where children can be creative

Although the Lego Discovery Center is not large in size, it is not the same as other theme parks. In addition to allowing children to discharge, children can also use the large amount of lego in the center to develop their creativity to build a place where they want to go. There is a racing track and slides for the children to test the way to build Li’s chariot and compete with other children in the same field.

Kenny Yip · 10/03/2021

It’s very convenient to enter the venue quickly, as long as the QR code is better than the QR code, you can enter the venue. There is something to buy and eat in the venue. The price is so expensive. The staff is polite and has the ability to teach Lego.

wing shan · 09/03/2021

Hong Kong's characteristic landscape architecture is worth seeing. The 4D shadow effect is too cold.

Yau Chun Eugene · 08/03/2021

Very small premise and standard activities. LEGO workshop only suits small children less than 5. Quite disappointing experience.

Wan · 08/03/2021

It is very convenient to buy tickets with klook. You can scan the code on the spot. There are several discounts. Tickets are the same price as the official website.

Ka Yan Fion · 08/03/2021

How many people are there on Sundays, each game is played for 15 minutes, children like it

Wai Man Salina · 08/03/2021

good deal package and this is great experience

Kai Yeung · 07/03/2021

Great experience for kids. Once tickets are bought, you proceed to Lego discovery centre’s page to book time and date slot. The vouchers by Klook can be used at entrance without having to print or redeemed.

Chea Teng · 07/03/2021

1. Buy a ticket on March 2 and hit the K11 MUSEA covid. The mall is closed again, but it doesn't return to the water. What is the gameplay? The venue is high-risk, and the center-left covid count? 2. Originally, I lived with the children on March 2nd birthday, Xingzhu Zhengri birthday, but the family staff told me that I could go on April 30th? Next? The kid will go first on Zuo’s birthday. Does it mean that? You might as well take the food out next year? 3. If you are working together to fight the epidemic, the merchants have to keep their mouths. Since the recruitment is your business, the most important thing is to collect money to do business. Hong Kong is not cleared to zero, and the land is not cared. 4. The customer service has no help at all, no phone calls, and no email answers. , Totally unhelpful.

Chun Pan · 07/03/2021

The price is favorable, the appointment is convenient, and the entry is fast! A package worth recommending!

pui ki claudia · 06/03/2021

Fun for kids and a lot of space to play. Miniland was a big hit though Limited rides for toddlers. Make sure to ask for a QR code for under 3 which is not part of the Klook voucher (no charge)

Maria Clarissa Aure · 06/03/2021

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