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Afternoon tea, dinner I am wrong, I have a whole beer ? There are surprises and fun

HAUFAI · 26/03/2021

The pavilion is fun and the amusement facilities are fun, but the food is numb, but mediocre, and the overall CP value is high

Oi Ying Natalie · 23/03/2021

It is very suitable for a hotel for a big vacation. The six dishes are too much and the portion is too big. The leftovers are a bit wasteful.

Yee Fun · 23/03/2021

qr code is convenient to use, the weather is good, dinner and breakfast are ok and good food, the only bad room is that the plane is too noisy, the package does not include Noah’s Ark admission ticket

hoi yu · 22/03/2021

The dinner portion is super rich and the food is fresh. The breakfast buffet tastes good. The bear cubs completed in the bear workshop are unfortunately not available for purchase in the store, but the hotel is generally satisfied.

JANNY ROSA · 21/03/2021

The hotel has a first-class environment, a quiet island, and the standard of dinner is pretty good, and the DIY beer bears are just right! I have introduced many friends, and they are all interested in trying it out. The price/performance ratio is quite high and it is worth coming again.

Kwong Fai · 20/03/2021

There are not many places to visit and play, there are many informative fields, there is only one restaurant, and there are relatively few options.

Lai man Raymond · 19/03/2021

Dinner arrived at 6:20, and I couldn't sit down and look at the beach. I was a bit disappointed! There were only a few windows at the time. There were more than a dozen window seats and no one was seated. I asked the restaurant manager if I could sit at the window to see the scenery, but he said I feel very helpless after leaving the left position after all!!!

Kwok Pong · 18/03/2021

The room is so big and comfortable. There are two 6-foot beds that are very comfortable. Outside is the Ark platform, there are two toilets and showers. The dinner is extremely rich, the lobster seafood and sashimi are very fresh, the soup and appetizers are very good, the main course The standard is high, the desserts have many styles, and the taste is not too sweet. In the second dynasty, a buffet breakfast is provided. Deep-fried ghosts and yam chicken porridge are must-eats. There are Han Baobao, potato cakes, Gillette fish fillets, all of which are of high quality, and the taste is light and suitable for children and the elderly. I really appreciate the rocket rides and self-made furry doll workshop. In addition, we also bought Feiyao Zuofangzhou Museum, E planet, Cherish Earth Museum, etc. It was a fulfilling weekend

Pui Lai · 18/03/2021

The part of the room is just mediocre and small, and there is no scenery to watch. The most important thing is to go out to play and it will be fun. The scenery of Mawan Village and nearby beaches and the view of Qingma Bridge are very beautiful. Dinner is also good. Ma Ma can refer to photos. It's a pity that I don't include the entrance fee for Noah's Ark, so I have to buy tickets at my own expense.

kwok fu · 06/03/2021

Dinner can only be eaten in the room because dine-in is prohibited, but the bear-themed room has been upgraded, and the children are also very happy to eat a lunch box next to a pile of bears. The bear workshop is what the children are most looking forward to. We made white bears I also bought a skirt for the bear to wear. It is a pity that the theme park is closed due to the epidemic, so there is no need to hurry to play, and staycation is easy!!!

Man Ling · 17/01/2021

Due to the epidemic situation, the Noah’s Ark event was completely cancelled, but the view was 10 minutes beautiful, especially at night, and the normal deluxe room was upgraded to a special deluxe room. Because of the relationship between two children, it was necessary to add extra money to the breakfast cost, each child $99, it would be better if there are two big and two small packages, you don’t have to add money for everything

k · 30/12/2020

Good service, taste good

Ka Lun · 28/12/2020

Due to the small number of visitors, sitting in the hotel has a sense of tranquility~ The front desk of the hotel is a bit like a hotel, but the quality of the rooms is good. The dinner is enough, and the dessert is basically enough for one round. The buffet is just a gimmick. I believe that not many people will be able to eat the second round. The package gives a bear bear, and the kids will love it!

Ka Foo · 27/12/2020

The Mawan Hotel has a good set meal, including dinner. There are several staple food options. You can eat desserts at the same time. You can sit by the window and live the night view.

YINSHAN · 20/12/2020

This hotel offers a good deal, no travel, you can go to Bailiwan for a trip, you can take a rest, the environment is quiet, and I will go again next time

Ka Yeung · 20/12/2020

Ma Wan Park + theme exhibition hall + bear workshop + beach bar, you can play for two days in a matching itinerary. The surrounding environment is beautiful, quiet, and few people, which can be regarded as a real trip. The theme park and hotel facilities are very suitable for children and can be fun.

KIN YU · 23/11/2020

The entrance of Noah’s Ark Hotel is not clear. It turns out that you have to go to the hotel through Noah’s Ark Park. The hotel rooms are a bit thin and a bit old. There is a small platform, which is not very useful, because all rooms are available on a small platform. And passable, no privacy.

CHIU YICK NICHIGO · 12/11/2020

Nice Good and beautiful place

CHI LOK · 12/11/2020

Very fun, with good food and a beautiful view of Tsing Ma Bridge, the hotel room is big and the service is good

SO SUM SUZANNE · 12/11/2020

The food is delicious, and there are surprises. The scenery is first-rate. Maybe I go there on a free day, so everyone is comfortable but the staff service attitude needs to be improved. All of them are not very good. Have a good time.

Hoi Yee · 09/11/2020

close to the beach but still have supermarket to buy stuff if you want. hotel decoration and facilities are old, and rooms are small, but good to bring kids

Xinyi · 06/11/2020

relax and far away from the city. close to the beach but still have supermarket to buy stuff if you want. hotel decoration and facilities are old, and rooms are small, but good to bring kids

Xinyi · 06/11/2020

The room is of normal standard and it’s good that they have 2 attached bathrooms ! The kids love the making of bears as well. As for the dinner and breakfast provided in the package, you can’t complaint much. Overall it’s a lovely experience!

Cynthia · 28/10/2020

It's a very beautiful and interesting place to visit. The environment and scenery are very nice. It's a worth place to go.

Wai Man · 22/10/2020

It's a very happy and enjoyable trip. The environment and visiting points are very nice and interesting. It's worth to be there.

Wai Man · 20/10/2020

My girl who is 2.5 years old Iove this hotel and park. Has lots of activities for kids under 6. great place!

Zong Yuan · 17/10/2020

The environment is beautiful. The hotel is in the Ark Theme Park. The room you stay in has a small terrace. It happens that the view of the room faces the Qingma Bridge and part of the sea view. In the morning, I feel refreshed and happy with this view. The lamb steak is good, and the sweetness of the unlimited dessert stand is average. There are 3 choices for breakfast, which are quite rich. If you want to find a small trip away from the city, it will be a good choice.

PAN · 17/10/2020

Buy one get one free requirements are not too high, the overall quality is considered okay, but the refrigerator is completely free of freezing, and there is no difference between the room temperature, I asked him if it is an environmentally friendly refrigerator, so it’s not freezing, which is confusing? !

Lai Nga · 02/10/2020

Take a few years old to the bb. At the beginning, I will be shocked. I will ask you to get a good training. I request a left bb bed. At the end I will train a big bed with me. When I enter the room, there is a BB shower plate. What a surprise! Dinner and breakfast together with afternoon tea is not too hopeful, some are like a tea restaurant! But it's not too bad. Basically, the park seems to be deserted, there are no people walking...but all the fields are so clean! The employees in the Beer Bear Workshop are very nice, and the restaurant and reception employees are all very polite~ it is a good staycation experience

Wai Ting Karen · 28/09/2020

The hotel staff are kind and courteous. Although the public beach is closed, all the children's facilities in the hotel have been opened. There are not many people on weekdays. It feels very leisurely and comfortable. The restaurant staff are warm and helpful! The kids had a great time?

Lim Ying · 28/09/2020

There will be a double rainbow on the day, a rainbow cake, a picnic on the beach, very fulfilling

MAN KIT · 25/09/2020

The environment is quiet, this book is a twin room, the bed is smaller than expected, there is no luxurious decoration, but the place is clean and tidy. Among the three meals, I prefer afternoon tea. The package includes the Beer Bear Friends Studio. The instructor carefully teaches us how to make it step by step. The materials and explanations are never sloppy. The finished products are also very cute, which is a good experience.

Ceci · 25/09/2020

The package price given at $1800+ is not worth in that the quality of the hotel is entirely unsatisfactory. I recently note that the package price has adjusted to $1300+ In other words , I’ve paid $500- more . At most , the rating of this hotel is only 2 star . The conditions of the room looks terrible ! The foods offered is just average . Perhaps, the breakfast is ok and is the best amongst the afternoon tea and the dinner . I don’t think I will recommend to my friends to join this so called hotel package.

Fook Chor · 20/09/2020

The check in and out process was smooth. the location is nice and the rooms have bathtub although quite small but its cozy with a outdoor area for sitting. the whole staycation package was great but too bad the hotel did not do anything special for a birthday celebration not even a greeting card.

Jenielyn · 20/09/2020

Only because they cannot travel abroad, they stay in Hong Kong for consumption. In terms of food, the set meal includes three meals, which is actually qualified, the taste is acceptable and delicious, but there are no surprises! For example, for dinner, the set meal only includes a Chinese meal, but the restaurant has a beautiful environment. If there is no bank, you can add money to Western food steaks and other foods, which is a waste of time! The set meal also includes a teddy bear, and the waiters are all attentive and polite. Only the admission atmosphere is so deserted, there is really a halo of saving the market.

Wai Yee Clara · 19/09/2020

Weary relationship, the beach is closed, Ma Wan Park is also closed, but the hotel has complete facilities, it is definitely suitable for a family to relax, the food quality is also good, I will try the theme room next time

Kin Hei · 14/09/2020

The set dinner was actually quite good with surprise, but the breakfast was awful. The hotel room is a bit old and smelly, but with such price is acceptable.

WING HUNG · 13/09/2020

First time visiting the resort. Unfortunately the park and beach was closed so we mainly chilled at the hotel. Food was better than expected. More attention to cleanliness needed to be made to the rooms. The linen has some yellow stains and the bathroom was out of shampoo and body wash. Overall I think the experience was okay if you have never visited Ma Wan before.

Queenie · 13/09/2020

Very value-for-money and recommended staycation! There is no need for $1000 packs of breakfast, afternoon tea and Chinese dinner! And tonight is the first night you can eat in the restaurant, and you can enjoy the view of Tsing Ma Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge at the same time! In addition, the package will give you a bear beer making, you can make a bear beer yourself and take it away!

Kevin · 29/08/2020

A great place for a HK staycation in times of the pandemic.

Marco Matthias · 20/08/2020

Very good 2 days and 1 night, but unfortunately the beach and children's playground are not open, if it is open, children will be happier. The hotel activities are also very good, the package has a doll activity. There is no dine-in for dinner, room service is provided, and the arrangement is very good. The quality of the food is much better than the buffet a few years ago. I will come again when the beach opens again.

WING YI · 11/08/2020

The waiter was very polite and patiently explained. Because there is a bear making workshop, the children are very happy. The dinner delivered to the room is adequate and the desserts are quite good. It is a pity that the view of the room on the third floor is also blocked by the trees in front...

Kit Sau · 09/08/2020

A very suitable activity for bringing children, the dinner is delicious, the restaurant waiter Wayne is courteous and kind, the breakfast is rich, and the night is leisurely and comfortable.

YEE MAN · 27/07/2020

Very nice place to live, we will go again.

Cheng · 15/07/2020

Great experience! Service from the hotel was excellent. From check in to check out, all the arrangements were professionally done. Since the dinner was complimentary, i did not expect it was at this high level. Everything was just great!

PING TUNG · 14/07/2020

The receptionist had a good attitude and was happy to introduce nearby attractions. If there are no children, you can go to Tianliao Village, Fisherman Village, Xiangyuan Study Room, Ancient Kiln, Museum of Historic Sites, Dalingtou, Tai Pai Tsui Pier and Ma Wan Park. Spend two days and nights relaxed and comfortable. The package includes a rainbow cake dessert class, which is a favorite of children. Dinner can be taken by the window in the restaurant of Fengsheng Pavilion, and the sunlight at dusk can be seen on Tsing Ma and Ting Kau Bridge. The beautiful scenery is accompanied by exquisite dinner and enjoyment.

chung kwan · 19/06/2020

My mum n my daughter enjoyed so much

Wing Man Amity · 19/06/2020

The room is clean and tidy, it is good to get out of the garden. The quadruple room has two showers, two toilets and four wash basins. It is good enough for dinner. (If there are a variety of one or two main dishes, it is better to choose) Rainbow Cake Class is greedy and there are many attractions near the hotel (non-buying area)

Miranda Hoi Ting · 06/06/2020

nice package, great mini getaway with kids, cake making class was fun and easy for a 3 year old.

Cheuk Kwan Iris · 27/05/2020

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