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Its really nice and enjoy place to be with the love ones...?????❤️

Hasnah · 16/03/2021

The ticket was easy to redeem as I just had to show them my booking at the entrance. I had a lot of fun at Madame Tussauds. Do walk slowly and take as many photos as you can. This is the best time to visit Singapore attractions where you do not need to queue to just take a picture with any of the wax figures. The Digipass was a photo-taking machine with a super-imposed background. I do not think it is necessary. Because there were already some tablets and mobile phones available in there for you to take a "selfie" with the star and you can retrieve the pictures via email or QR code. The 5-in-1 package allows you to take a short boat ride in the museum, watch the 4D Marvel cartoon, check out the Bollywood stars and see images of Singapore; basically visit every exhibit in the museum.

Xiaojun · 15/03/2021

Good experience in Madame Tussaud’s! The 5-in-1 combo price worth it! Can go near to all the famous clay stars, and they look real! Omg?. Friendly staffs and there is a convenience area to park our baby stroller outside. Must go!

Ee Min · 15/03/2021

Booking on Klook was easy and price was better than many other platforms. I paid $36 for 2 weekday passes ($30 SRV + $6 top-up) for the 5-in-1 + Digipass. There are 5 experiences which includes sports, music & movies stars and famous world leaders. The Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan section is especially nice for taking good "interactive" photos. But the Marvel 4D cinema experience is the most enjoyable. After that, you can purchase 3 hard copies of your self-taken photos taken earlier at the green background screen for $20. Or you can download the free digital copies with your phone within 30 days by scanning the QR code on your Digipass. You can also pay for the F1 VR Racing experience before you exit the attraction. Overall it is a good experience and highly recommended.

Tony · 13/03/2021

Was a great experience at the Madame Tussauds with the 5 in 1 combo. The free digi photo pass that comes along with this promo was really worth it as we could download as many photos as we wanted for free! It was really interesting to learn about Singapore’s past through walking down a lane of memories with timelines as well as the boat trip.

HF · 12/03/2021

We enjoyed the museum very much! A lot of fun and also educational! Great place to visit!

Hiu Hung · 12/03/2021

Great place to hang out and enjoy the wax figure. pretty interesting on how they arranged the wax figure by timeline of Singapore. Head down to find out more

Jun Kai Xavier · 11/03/2021

It was a wonderful experience. My kid also enjoyed a lot.

Mohamed Sabith · 10/03/2021

It was quite an interesting experience and it's worth going using the SRV for the 5 in 1 combo deal. Pay $20 using the vouchers and top up another $3.60 cash. Everything was excellent just like the one I went in HK 2 years ago.

Lim · 07/03/2021

Had a great time in Madame Tussauds. Ticket was very easy to process. Thank you

Rafisah · 07/03/2021

Hassle free!!! I love it so much Hassle free!!! I love it so much

BRIAN · 07/03/2021

Had a great time with family taking photos with waxed celebrities. In times of covid the safety was well taken care of. Came early to avoid crowd and we were well rewarded. The place was far tho. Wish there were more latest celebrities added to existing collection.

Muhammad Fadhil · 06/03/2021

Sentosa Express provides FREE service till end March 2021, so explore Sentosa Island if u may. No crowd at Madam Tussauds, easy to get up-close to every wax statue. The history of Singapore reminds us of our illiterate folks in their humble era. Surprised to see a youthful Sir Stamford Raffles, charming though. The animated 4D film is the Highlight of the day, it is amazingly captivative. Overall worthwhile visit. Klook is efficient and reliable. Thank u.

P H · 19/02/2021

A very good and enjoyable day at this Madame Tussauds Singapore for my family, enjoy the boat ride, photo-taking with those look real waxes figures, Marvel 4D Cinema experience, relax and enjoy. Highly recommended for everyone

Jaan Peen · 12/02/2021

Definitely value for money especially with the 1-for-1 vday promo! It was not crowded which makes it easier for photo taking with the wax figures. Boat ride and Marvel 4D experience was great too. Highly recommended!

Joey · 07/02/2021

A small museum style building with warm and helpful staff. The wax museum has icon size real like waxes while also providing some historic clay models of Singapore. The staffs are absolutely friendly which I have not experienced for a long while. Nice visit start to 2021

Ashrael Soo Yang · 31/01/2021

was late for my last entry but lucky valid for 4 months from date of issue!! klook offer really good deal for this especially with the sg rediscover voucher! madam tussads is really one of a kind! digi photo pass allows u to take picture at the green screen and if u want physical photos, you need to pay but u are able to download soft copy!! staff are very friendly! approx spending time: 1-1.5 hrs

Mindy · 22/01/2021

We reached there about 5.30pm and it’s not crowded at all. The staff is very friendly and they manage the queue well with social distancing. We enjoyed ourselves and my mother in law as well as my kids all enjoyed this experience of photo taking with important people in the world. Highly recommended :)

Xena · 12/01/2021

Millions and millions of people have flocked through the doors of Madame Tussauds since they first opened over 200 years ago and it remains just as popular as it ever was. There are many reasons for this enduring success, but at the heart of it all is good, old-fashioned curiosity.

Liang Huat · 06/01/2021

Compared to other countries it was less crowded but good experience. There will be a guide who will explain about history of Singapore and culture. Then usual wax statues and at the end there is an avengers themed area. Overall recommend for family. 2 hrs can be spend there

Narayanan · 06/01/2021

Cheap and easy to redeem tickets! Just show ur voucher qr on ur phone :> didnt manage to go to marvel show as it was a long queue and my bf was disappointed HAHA. After all it was worth it if u use the srv! Got my fav jay chou and jj lin so no complains hahaha

Chloe · 28/12/2020

I thought that Madamme Taussad will be boring but to my surprised, it's very entertaining, especially when I'm with my family. The 5-in-1 combo was so worth it. Its very organised from, one place to another.. Followed by a short 2 min boat ride. Images of Singapore in the 70s. Wax of famous presidents, famous sports people, famous bollywood superstars, famous American singers n HK superstars.. And many more. There is also a short 10min 3D movie to watch. Very amazing. You can really feel the poke from the chair and the tingling feeling on your feet. Highly recommend to visit. You will enjoy it.

Rosnani · 27/12/2020

Its took us a while to find the place to get here. When we reached Sentosa we took a bus C and walk a short distance to the destination. We took a lot of photos and enjoyed the trip. Its will be great if the ride of the Spirit of Singapore boat ride is longer. Love the Marvel 4D cinema. At the end of the day we still have the digi photos for memory. Throughout the whole trip its was fun and enjoyable.

Li Li · 27/12/2020

Finally we are here! We brought the 5 in 1 combo ticket after redeem 20 dollars from SingaporeRed voucher we only top up 4 dollars. Being keep seeing advertisements about this and wishing to be here to see how its looks like. We have taken a lot of pictures. Spirit of Singapore boat ride is a bit short distance. If longer will be more fun and great. Throughout overall is a great experience.

Li Li · 27/12/2020

A day well spent, very interactive and the wax figures looks so real.I saw many of the Bollywood and Hollywood stars. My children are really satisfied with the experience. My son saw one of his favourite football player and was over the moon. Safety measures were in places and feel very safe there. It was not too crowded and a lot of safety distancing measures. Overall a really fun day and wouldn’t mind to go again.... Nice experience, highly recommended!!

Wan Kee · 19/12/2020

I went to Madame Tussauds on the weekday and spent around 2 hours walking around and took many photos with different "celebrities" and "world leaders". There wasn't a lot of people except Marvel 4D Cinema, so I skipped the section because I don't want to queue for it. Overall it was a good experience.

Chloe · 19/12/2020

Our first time visiting Madame Tusauds and it was an amazing experience. We took the 5 in 1 combo plus digi pass. Downside was the photo quality was so-so. Not that nice and the photographer only took 1 time shot, whether ur pic comes out nice or ugly. Ended up all our pic turns up crappy. But other than that, everything else was amazing

Hur Zaimah · 14/12/2020

This has been one of the memorable experience, was excited to see the mannequins. Its realistic and how creative the set up, we can take lots of pictures and have fun! The 5in1 combo is worth it and theres even marvel short movie screening ? great experience

NURUL · 13/12/2020

I still thought this attraction would be finished quite fast but we spent more than 2 hours in there as there are 5 zones to explore. I especially like the boat ride and 4d movie. Kids, senior and adults all have a great time.

Bee Kah · 06/12/2020

enjoyable experience

It was a pleasant surprise! Find the wax figures are almost lifelike. The boat ride though short but can see the storyline weaved into the journey! Kids enjoyed the Marvel 4D show ?

Li Peng Lee · 30/11/2020


it was excellent!

Melvin · 23/11/2020


Booking with kkday was easy and the actual day activity was interesting and fun

Jeff Tiong · 16/11/2020

It’s about 3-5 mins walk from Sentosa station as we alighted from the cable car. Redemption of tickets was super easy and there was no crowd at all during weekday. Suitable for seniors throughout the visit. 4D experience was interesting too!

Stella · 26/10/2020

I enjoyed this activity immensely. so much mire than I expected to. the wax models are pretty amazing of course , but I also enjoyed learning about Singapores past on my visit yesterday. im not a big fan of Bollywood so that wasn't my favourite part - loved the music and dancing though- but the Marvel experience was fantastic. to top it off with the F1 driving experience really nade my day .

Timothy · 13/10/2020

good price

Bought 1-1 tickets. Spend around 80 min there. Good experience.

Yuan Liu · 08/10/2020

Nice phototaking exp

Great for firsttimer to madame tussads where you can view lifelike figurine of famous politicians like barrack obama,famous sportsman like mohammed ali and famous stars like jackiechan,bruce lee

Chong Junn Teo · 05/10/2020

Bought the 4 in 1 Family package through Klook, $10 cheaper if you do not need to enter all the avtivities . we chose Marvel 4D instead of Bollywood interactive . The 5 in one includes both Marvel 4D and Bollywood. the free Ice cream is paddle pop.

martiono · 02/10/2020

It was both me and my boyfriend’s first time here and I must say that the activities provided was really exciting. We even got the chance to go for the boat ride experience as well as watching a Marvel 4D flim, other than just taking photos with those celebrities figurines. I will definitely purchase it again from Klook for this.

Michelle · 22/09/2020

A fun place to spent your weekend with together with your love ones. We get to visit the images of Singapore LIVE, spirit of Singapore boat ride, wax attraction & also the Marvel 4D cinema show. Really a great experience there. The crowd control was efficient as well during this period of time! Thanks klook for having this family bundle 4 in 1 combo.

Mindy · 30/08/2020


The tickets price is good n good app

Rozi · 17/08/2020

Awesome!! The mannequins are so real that even the hairs feels and looks real. Enjoy it every moment of it. Each section of the walkthrough is nicely setup and the feel of it also very real. Those who have good idea of photography and short videography can make it an awesome display for social media

Achmad Susanto · 16/08/2020

Very enjoyable and great experiences at here. Using Klook easy. Not many people on 31-july holiday. The models look real and happy to take pictures with our idols. 1hour visit is fantastic for both of us. Highly recommended to others. Cool! Hope can visit others exciting place in future.

Jia Yuik · 02/08/2020

The experience was pretty ok, do make sure to purchase the right amount. Its a buy 1 get 1 free entry tickets. So only purchase 1, if u want to buy for 2 people. Due to buying it on impulse, I made a mistake into purchasing 4 thinking its for 4 people and ended up with 8 entry tickets instead. I feel that they should include more interactive activities in it as it is lacking alot of entertainment.

Angelia · 21/03/2020

The personnels here are very helpful. They informed us of the activities one by one & guided us through. My favourite was the History telling of Singapore’s history, learned so much from it. The actors/actresses played their part so well. I love that they made it interactive for the audience. Will definitely recommend.

Jean · 11/03/2020

Must visit, goes without saying. Click pics with your favourite celebs. There is a nice boat ride like the Gondola in Venice boat ride and there are twi sections one with Indian film stars and then yhe other has about close to 60 celebs. The detailing of the wax statues is really good.

Pritesh · 02/03/2020

What a fun experience!

Madame Tussauds never fail to impress me, from NYC to SG! Took the boyfie out on a date and her really had so much fun! plus, the Singapore Live made the trip extra special!

· 25/02/2020

I really enjoyed Madam Tussauds and Ultimate Film Star Experience. Great places to take a lot of fun pictures. They offer some costumes and small interactive experiences. The other activities were okay at best, but may be a nice bonus for the pretty good Klook price.

Phuong Anh · 24/02/2020

I got the ticket entry + marvel 4D experience!! I don’t regret at all!! We had so much fun, took lots of pics, got to do a bit of dancing and went on the canopy. The 4D experience was amazing! They take you to the cinema and let’s say they surprise you!

Maria Juliana · 24/02/2020

its okay to visit the life size wax figure of some celebrity... we purchase the 5 in 1 attraction so we were able to go to the celebrity wax figure.. 3d show of marvel.. we rode a boat for the singapore tourisr area.. we visit the indian famous celebrity wax figure.. and lastly is the singapore live images where they discussed the singapore history as if you're there that time.. the free snack is just 1 likely the same with cheese ring

GRACE · 23/02/2020

It’s a fun experience seeing your favorite personalities in wax figures in Madamme Tussauds and have photo taken with them. Also, we enjoyed knowing the history of Singapore, riding the boat and watching Marvel 4D.

Shiela Mae · 21/02/2020

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  • With so many amazing photo opportunities, don't forget to keep your camera fully charged
  • Wax Hands: Upgrade to couple hand at special rate! Enquire on site to find out more
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