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The environment is comfortable, the food is not very surprising, but it is delicious, you can allocate $1000 to eat three meals, which is convenient. It's a pity that the service attitude is very poor. The first time I booked a hotel by myself, I felt that the unfamiliar place was laughed at by the staff, and the restaurant still had no record of the two bookings.

Kwai Chi · 19/03/2021

Good arrival, one night hotel to get $1000 dining coupons, which is equivalent to free

KA FUNG FELIX · 19/02/2021

The room was refurbished and kept clean. Quick checkout is simple and convenient. The sea view is superb.

Chun Hing · 19/02/2021

After staying in the refurbished room, the sea view room is clean and the management staff is polite, and there is a 1,000 consumption amount. Food and dinner. Dinner and afternoon tea.

yin ting · 17/02/2021

Nice view, the room is very clean. The lunch snacks are also excellent for 10 points! ?

Shuk Yee · 04/01/2021

The hotel's service is first-rate, the staff are very kind, and the rooms are clean. Due to the epidemic situation, there is no dine-in after 6 o'clock. The original dinner buffet has been replaced by a lunch buffet. The food type and quality of the lunch buffet is also very good. However, the original breakfast buffet was changed to an ordinary breakfast set. The quality was average and there was no prior notice. I was really disappointed. But overall, the hotel’s accommodation, staff service and the quality of lunch are worthy of praise. I will try the dinner buffet again after the epidemic.

Siu Wai · 27/12/2020

There is a partial sea view, the rooms are big, king-size beds, but there is no bathtub. Haagen Dazs ice cream hot pot is given to the buffet, but the ice cream has to be lined up, half of it has been melted when eating ?

PUI HAN · 25/11/2020

The transportation is convenient, and the buffet dinner and breakfast are very affordable at such a price.

SUET YING VENUS · 24/11/2020

The check-in front desk staff are friendly and kind. When you open the door to the room, you will see a beautiful partial sea view! ! ! The buffet dinner seafood and cooked food styles are average, but there are many dessert styles. Finally, there is an ice cream hot pot to make a good summary. The overall experience is good, and I will consider buying accommodation packages again!

Isaac · 12/11/2020

The overall cp value is very high, and it is very special that you can cook your own main course in the room! Other foods are also of high quality, and the portions are large! The staff who brought food from the restaurant were also very polite.

Chui Ching · 02/11/2020

There are few food choices in the evening buffet, but the isolation between the epidemic-related stations is spacious and comfortable, and the waiters have a good service attitude. The position of the toilet in the room is relatively narrow, the toilet paper will withstand the right foot, and the tank water will flow out of the bathroom floor, which needs to be improved. The color of the room is correct, the mattress is moderately firm, that is, there are fewer sockets, the toilet has no sockets at all, and there is no mirror when blowing.

Suet Man · 01/11/2020

The hotel room has a sea view, the room is clean and tidy, and the dinner buffet has many styles and is very delicious.

Yee Wa · 01/11/2020

It's a price, and the price/performance ratio is high! You can see some sea views! The handsome brother at the front desk is so nice! Food is OK! The cake is delicious!

yu · 31/10/2020

Three advantages 1-Convenient transportation 2-Sea view room facing the sea four and four straight, very comfortable. 3- The reception staff was very polite and took the initiative to upgrade our rooms and suggested our double rooms, non-smoking floors and so on. Two major shortcomings: 1-The quality of the dinner buffet is really so-so 2-Except for the director level and above in the buffet area, most of the staff are not polite

CHEUK FAI DONALD · 30/10/2020

The dinner buffet is average, but it's a price but breakfast is not a buffet. But the room is really not wrong, not too small, living on the upper floor to see a big sea view.

Ka Wing · 29/10/2020

The whole is very good, Dinner buffet food quality is ideal, the flow of people is not too long, and the room is newly decorated and comfortable.

sun ho · 28/10/2020

The service attitude of each hotel staff is very good. The new decoration of the room makes me unexpectedly well-equipped and beautiful, and the food is also very good. I will go with my friends next time ????

ka po · 27/10/2020

Staffs are nice and helpful. The only thing not very happy about the room is the wifi signal inside is very weak. Dinner buffet is ok, would be better if some "hungry ghost" customers were more considerate and less selfish, making others never got what they desired throughout.

YUK LAM · 27/10/2020

The room is arranged on the top floor. The room is newly renovated. Although it is not a full sea view, the view is nice and open. The bathroom is small in size and has no bathtub. I used the $1000 meal vouchers to eat the buffet dinner. There was a lot of wild food, and the oysters were continuously served. I also gave half a pound of cake on my birthday. The service was satisfactory.

PUI SHAN · 27/10/2020

Long holiday staycation, there are not many book options in a hurry, but the Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel is good. Small people and quiet environment near the subway station. Sea-view room $1000 will be refunded with 1,000 dining coupons. Use the Bea credit card to enter the code and minus one hundred. Because the book buffet dinner is already full in the rush, it is a Chinese restaurant at Haiyixuan. Breakfast is $50, but I have tried it after training. Can checkout at 3pm

CHO MAN · 26/10/2020

The service attitude of the hotel staff is good, and the dinner is better than expected. The meal delivery time was originally 7:30, but it was delivered first after 8:00. In addition, it will be better if the jacuzzi is open.

FUNG PING FOBI · 26/10/2020

Very comfortable bed Good seaview Size of swimming pool is not big but not small though > < Dinner buffer, hot dishes are not hot @@ in terms of price there is many choices of food nevertheless include oyster, overall food is very so~so. The main character of seafood soup has been sold out early and no replenishment @@

Yun Mei · 26/10/2020

The hotel room is new, relatively large, with a partial sea view and a police station room service. The price is very affordable, but 1430 check in. There is a queue, there are more people and the whole is good

MING KIT · 26/10/2020

The rooms are very good, large enough and very tidy, the sea view room is very open. The hotel staff is warm and friendly.

Lit · 26/10/2020

A good experience, with discounts, absolutely value-for-money, but the sea view is half blocked by the front building, and only a little bit is left, which is a pity.

HO WAI · 26/10/2020

The room doesn’t have a bathtub, but it’s better to refurbish it. Basically, the wildness is in place. The sun doesn’t reach at 3 or 4 o’clock in the swimming pool, the water is freezing, there are cigarette butts by the pool, it’s dirty, the room is good for wild food, and the meat is good. Thick body (the cost is not flat, while laughing) Hot enough, at noon, the snacks are of high quality, the service is good, the uncle exchanges the bones and the discs are so dense, it is praise, the price of a hotel The quality of the food is good. It’s uncomfortable to call medicine at night. Foodpxxxx didn’t send the driver to the room. The pneumonia was understandable, but there was no staff to help me send it to the room. Yemama staff are very busy or the hotel does not provide such services as room delivery, but I think about it a lot. The points are good, all are happy, and the frontline staff of the hotel have worked hard.

Chi Mei · 25/10/2020

very nice, food is taste good, and sea view let us feel relax.

Wai Ying · 21/10/2020

The environment is not wrong, the buffet has chocolate hot pot and oysters, both are good. The price is good, it is worth a try. ???

Chin Keung · 20/10/2020

The sea view room is open and the staff is friendly. The service is very good during the buffet dinner. The butterfly is collected quickly and the water is added quickly. When I see me carrying the ice cream ball, I will deliver the chocolate hot pot sauce.

Mei Ling · 19/10/2020

Cost-effective, the quality of the buffet is a surprise at this price. Only an additional $50 for breakfast can reduce room information and photos online. The room has been refurbished and feels comfortable. You can see the sea view. The shower pressure and hot water are sufficient

Ka wai · 18/10/2020

The sea-view rooms are arranged on the 32nd floor, with better views, and the rooms are clean and well maintained. The food in the Chinese restaurant is delicious and cost-effective. There are not many people on the weekends, it feels comfortable and good value for money.

Lai Ha · 18/10/2020

The room is big enough, there are $1000 dining can be consumed in most restaurants of the hotel. I mainly use it for Haimianxuan consumption (take it out to the room to enjoy, it has more styles than room service and is relatively safer), and the food is good. Sea view room view is also very good

Wing Shan Winza · 16/10/2020

The big night market buffet in the swimming pool has lobsters and oysters, and long-legged crabs all-you-can-eat. The toilets in the room are surprisingly thin. Once the door is opened, you can sit on the toilet and have 3 sets for breakfast.

ho yee · 12/10/2020

The place is comfortable, with a beautiful sea view, and the evening buffet is first-rate and high-quality. There are lobsters, abalone fish maw chicken soup, oysters, Häagen-Dazs ice cream and fire, and there are bread crabs. It is very attractive. Liu keeps trying!

Ching Nga · 10/10/2020

The rooms are clean and tidy, and the staff are very friendly. The dinner buffet dishes are somewhat disappointing.

Sin Tung · 08/10/2020

The hotel is a bit old, however services is good that they are polite. The swimming pool is a big one, of 25 metres long.

SIU WAI · 08/10/2020

The room is tidy and the food choices are more standard than the standard. The dining vouchers are enough for 2 people to enjoy 2 meals. Very satisfied.

KIT YING · 07/10/2020

This time I think a buffet is good: Person D is so polite: I will definitely come again next time

Bo ying winnie · 05/10/2020

Complimentary credit card Klook discount! The distance outside the window and the opposite government office is so close to cover the sea view, but they are all satisfied. If there are more food choices in the evening buffet, it will be great!

S · 04/10/2020

The room is large (more than 200 feet), and the activity space is very good; you can check in at 12 o'clock early and check out at 3 o'clock, and you can stay for 27 hours a night; regardless of the reception, restaurant, and even the underground lobby, the staff are very polite and service Good; the only downside is the lack of buffet choices; but would want to stay again and try other restaurants.

Po Wing · 04/10/2020

Accepted early check-in, arranged a room facing the panoramic sea view, and the dinner booked was unexpectedly good. It's not wrong.

Alvin · 04/10/2020

The hotel is conveniently located, the seafood dinner buffet is almost OK, the quality of the food is not wrong, and the rooms are almost comfortable.

KA WING · 04/10/2020

The accommodation part is okay, the floor is not high enough, there is a partial sea view. For dinner, pick it up and cook it and serve it to Li, the main course and dessert are good. Overall satisfaction

Tsz Tung · 03/10/2020

Overall it is good, although the hotel facilities are old-fashioned, they are all well equipped. The discount provides a meal rebate at the same price. The buffet is sincere and satisfied. It is recommended that seafood can be handled better. Hotel staff are particularly polite and catering staff.

Man Yee · 01/10/2020

The rooms are clean and well-equipped, and the buffet dinner styles are many and taste good

Wai Man · 29/09/2020

The price/performance ratio is good, and the amount of staying in the hotel is enough to pay for two Haiyixuan's noon buffets and take-out dinner for about one person. In addition, the room also has some sea views, which is already very good!

Sheung sheung grace · 31/08/2020

I emailed by myself and the hotel quickly got a reply, but unfortunately, the staff asked the Buffet to be available on the day. When opening the room, the staff helped arrange a high-floor room with a sea view and prepared a birthday cake. But don't remember to ask the staff and they did not take the initiative to remind you that there is a buffet supply. As a result, when I returned to the night, there was a buffet, but too Yan asked the front desk again to hear that there was nothing in the middle of the day, and he even said that I had left tonight. . . There is a pity. It’s okay to eat dim sum early in the morning

tsz ying · 30/08/2020

Due to the epidemic, the swimming pool is not open and there are fewer dining options, but the quality of the food is very good and the staff service is very good

Cheuk Ho · 31/07/2020

The service attitude is very good and the rooms are clean. And the food is not wrong.

Wing Yin Fiona · 19/07/2020

Pretty nice dining experience, retro style buffet is my style

jiun siew · 12/07/2020

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