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Tian Haitian is indeed well-deserved! 10 points good food, and see the sea view! I would like to mention everyone, it is the nearest hotel to exit D1!

Meiyee · 18/06/2021

The room is super clean, the staff service is good, the breakfast is good and the public bathroom is large

KA KWAN · 17/06/2021

Overall, I was satisfied, except that the room card did not have a late check-out. When I finished the gym and returned to the room, I was trapped for a little time.

po wah · 15/06/2021

Satisfied with accommodation and dining?? Good morning and rich

Wai gee · 15/06/2021

The service of every department is top-notch! Like ? The environment is comfortable, and the swimming pool is just a bit to the left! The quality of the food is very good. There is a set meal of Tianwaitianshi, tea-flavored dan, shrimp balls, scallops and delicious ?Yangzhi Ganlu food for decades, this is within the top three ? breakfast croissant has a surprise?

Clara · 15/06/2021

Free upgrade to 360 sea view room, good environment, clean room, good food, good attitude of staff

li · 14/06/2021

Great Room and Service

This stay was wonderful! The room was spacious with a great view and a large bathroom (with a bathtub!). The check-in process was easy, and the service was impeccable by all staff. Afternoon tea was very worth it if you are a durian lover.

Emily Chei · 14/06/2021

The hotel ? is novel in design! And the room is big enough! This time the package package afternoon tea☕️set~icon has always been good for wild food~ but it is recommended that you don’t eat it at the beginning and make it salty~ If you don’t eat it at the end, it will be stagnant ??? Even the breakfast is of good quality, including the package. ?????? Recommended recommendation

Yui Kei · 12/06/2021

This package has a high CP value, first-class food in the outer environment for dinner, good service attitude of the staff, and a good breakfast. The only thing is that the shower location in the room is blocked.

Mei Mei · 12/06/2021

Package excellent ocean view room, looking at Victoria Harbour is very relaxing and healing. The room is quiet enough, clean, well equipped, and the minibar is free. Tian Wai Tian dinner and The Market breakfast are worth the fare. The attitude of the waiter is very gentle and polite. Celebrate your wedding anniversary with cupcake surprises.

Yat Hung Francis · 11/06/2021

I picked up the package for the durian afternoon tea. Except for the salty point, all of them are durian. I think a pandan durian cake is the best food. It will be good if you eat sweet and then salty ? It’s so fast Don't want to eat durian anymore. Free use of the mini bar in the room. At first I thought that there are few wild drinks, but I used to drink more. There are two cans of orange fruit, two cans of lychee water, four cans of coke, two cans of beer, and there are chocolates and sweet potatoes. sheet. But the toilet seems to be unclean, there are a few hairs on the bathtub and towels. Overall very satisfied.

Cc · 09/06/2021

The room is new and clean, and the attitude of the staff is also very good ?? Breakfast and afternoon tea are good. The biggest surprise is that the room can watch the sunrise and the view is good

KIN YAN ETTA · 06/06/2021

The hotel is clean and well-organized, the staff is kind and friendly, the arrangements are attentive, and the standard of guest rooms, entertainment, and dining are also high. It is a very satisfying journey.

Sin Yan · 06/06/2021

The environment is very comfortable, the staff are professional and polite, the breakfast is rich and delicious, I feel good, praise!

Chi Wai · 05/06/2021

A pleasant experience

This is my first time to Hotel Icon. I checked in to the hotel early that day, and the staff was courteous. The rooms are spacious and clean. For lunch, I had a buffet lunch at The Market. The food was varied and tasted very good. The game room, swimming pool and fitness room are all located on the ninth floor, where you can spend an entire afternoon. After eating a rich breakfast buffet in the morning, the whole journey came to a perfect end.

Chau Sang Wong · 05/06/2021

I felt very good when I checked in this time. From check in to check out on the second day, every employee in front office, health club, food and beverage was very polite; because I had a special request (girlfriend’s birthday) when I did online booking ), the hotel upgraded the sea view room and delivered a very exquisite birthday cup cake and arranged late check out; I joined the room package, Chinese food is not wrong, there are many choices for breakfast buffet, the room is clean and tidy, but it’s a pity that it rained heavily. Failed to enjoy the swimming pool. Under the epidemic situation, there is a shortage of tourists, and only staycation is needed to maintain the hotel business. Under the layoffs, unpaid leave, and salary reduction, employees can be dedicated to their work and it is worth supporting the hotel.

Kit Man · 03/06/2021


The hotel is satisfied as a whole ? The room service can be called with a $500 dining voucher. There are not too many people in the pool on weekdays, so you can enjoy your vacation slowly without dividing time!

Moon Lee · 03/06/2021

The scenery is good, the Market has a lot of high-quality foods, but the check-in time is long, only three staff, it is recommended to arrange the processing.

Kin Ping · 30/05/2021

Dedicated service, the room is clean, well-equipped, and worthy of satisfaction.

YIM KEE · 28/05/2021

Ordering via the App is convenient and fast, and you can put a voucher in the wallet ?Super simple and easy to use. The check-in procedure at ICON is simple, fill in the health declaration form, and the staff will explain the dining location and time, as well as the facilities and arrangements of other hotels; the meals and accommodations we booked include a 6-course dinner and the market buffet. breakfast. We are very lucky to be able to live in the ocean view room on the 22nd floor. Opening the curtains is really a beautiful Victoria Harbour. The room is clean and well-equipped. There is a filter for instant drinking. At dinner time, we went to the Tianwaitian restaurant, and another lucky location that was arranged was the 90-degree window to live in Victoria Harbor. As for the food, the taste is more heavy for us, but the environment and staff service Professional, completely praise, praise! In the morning, we were once again lucky to be arranged to sit in the big window facing the garden view and have a breakfast buffet. The quality of the food is not wrong. Overall, we would recommend Klook and Hotel Icon to friends.

Lim Man Andy · 27/05/2021

The hotel facilities are clean and complete, the service attitude is first-rate, and the dining quality is good. Afternoon tea, you can check in again, and you can eat. There will be a durian prince to help you take pictures.

chun yu · 25/05/2021

The quality of the hotel’s service is good, so you don’t need to line up in person when you call the room number to enter the pool. The hotel has been notified in advance because there are children travelling, so the bb bed and bb supplies have been arranged when Check in took the room. The in-house water filter and powerbank are intimate and worthy of praise.

Cheuk Yee · 24/05/2021

The hotel room is very comfortable, the drinks in the room are free, the environment is very comfortable, the afternoon tea is exquisite, and the breakfast styles are many

WAI FUN · 22/05/2021

Celebrate the anniversary

Celebrating the anniversary with the other half, I am very grateful to the hotel for upgrading our upper half sea view room. There are also simple decorations to make the overall feeling sublime. The rooms are comfortable and tidy, and the service staff are very attentive. The Timeless Lounge is also very comfortable as a Playroom and a leisure space. Coffee and lemonade are also provided. However, the opening time for the epidemic is 8 to 8 nights.

· 20/05/2021

Good morning and evening food, average room, good front desk service, swimming pool GYm room with good facilities

Yuen Mei Jerome · 18/05/2021

The hotel service is very good, very tidy, afternoon tea is very satisfying, but breakfast is a lot of people

NGA YING Sarah · 18/05/2021

Hotel Icon experience

great service and modern hotel, we enjoyed a lot. Facility are modern and great.

Vikki Yeung · 18/05/2021

The hotel is very satisfied, the location is convenient and reasonable, the room is spacious, the breakfast buffet is rich, it is a good hotel, it is worth it

KIM MING · 17/05/2021

Celebrate Mother's Day with Mommy, the city view room was upgraded and the sea view room was upgraded. The Market buffet breakfast was average, but the dinner outside was very good. Mommy was so happy?

Mei Mei · 16/05/2021

The rooms are very new and clean, the breakfast buffet is diversified, the service is also very good, and the overall is good.

Ching Wa · 16/05/2021

Second stay

This is the second time I have stayed at this hotel. The main reason is the pleasant experience when I checked in on the sixth day of this year. At the same time I used the rest of the meal coupons from the last time. Breakfast and $500.00 dining voucher plus executive lounge. The whole journey is very pleasant, the staff is kind and polite, the greeting is thoughtful, and the most pleasant surprise, the hotel will automatically upgrade our room from ordinary sea view room to deluxe full sea view room. It is much better than the last half-sea view. The invincible sea view is really refreshing. The evening buffet is rich in food, with a wide variety of seafood and fresh food. This is definitely an unforgettable journey. This hotel will become my first choice for staycation. .

Chung John Chan · 01/05/2021

Star courtesy

The front desk is very attentive, except to help us upgrade for free, Zhonghao carefully explained the use of the facilities at the same time. The hotel rooms are also very clean and comfortable. The breakfast is considered to be multi-style and tastes good. Will come again ?

Crystal Ip · 01/05/2021

6x-year-old dad's new experience

My father stayed in a hotel in Hong Kong for the first time on his birthday. I thought that the full sea view room originally had partial sea view but the view was good. The beautiful room is so great. I am very grateful to the hotel for arranging a small cake and birthday card so that the elderly can have surprises. Both parents are very satisfied.

詠霖 黃 · 22/04/2021


I didn’t expect much to see this hotel. I didn’t expect that the room was very spacious. The only flaw is that the pillows were too soft! The breakfast was varied, and it was full of variety! There are many recreational facilities in the leisure area on the 9th floor, as well as self-service coffee machines and drinks. !

J Mok · 09/04/2021

Very comfortable

Buy a $1700 package, stay in Club 36 on 25/3 (upgrade to sea view room), the hotel will help us to delay check-out until 14:00, including club lounge, breakfast, 500 yuan dining voucher, we belong to the club lounge to get full and drunk , The dinner is a two-person set meal return to the room. After checking out the next day, go to green and use a 500 yuan dining voucher. I saw a seal at the door of the room. I felt so relieved. I went to the club lounge at three o'clock to relax, eat, drink and eat until 6 o'clock. Then I went back to the room. When I returned to the room, I saw that the hotel gave me a little surprise. Well, I didn't mention the purpose of staying. Besides, I like to be a friend of the gym. The gym room is equipped with new equipment, the floor is so high, and the sight is so bright and straight.

Miu Ling Karen Lee · 05/04/2021

The hotel room is so clean, a drinking water filter is worthy of praise, the room looks at the invincible Victoria Harbour view and sleeps makes me drunk.

Hiu Ying · 04/04/2021

The chefs of the Tianwaitian kitchen in the Chinese restaurant of the hotel have first-class cooking standards, which are endlessly memorable. The staff's service attitude is attentive and makes people feel at home!

Lai ping · 02/04/2021

Convenient and fast, can provide more preferential options for guests, good service and sincere

pui yen · 26/03/2021

The staff is courteous and the rooms are comfortable and the play station is rented to make staycation more entertaining.

C · 25/03/2021

I’m satisfied this staycation experience. Staffs are polite and patient. Complete in-room facilities . However, I originally booked a Harbour Sea View room, but I bit disappointed in a semi-sea view.

Jess · 24/03/2021

The rooms are clean, the environment is quiet, and the quality of the hotel’s food is correct. From entering the lobby to the reception, the staff are very polite and I am very satisfied.

Man po · 23/03/2021

The breakfast buffet has a wide selection of drinks and you can drink any Afternoon tea wine, and you can have free flow. The view is beautiful and the price is very high.

CHUN hung Friday · 22/03/2021

This time is a staycation to celebrate the birthday. The staff here have a super good service attitude and will take the initiative to follow up questions. They also take the initiative to deliver birthday cakes. The breakfast is first-rate, the place is spacious and comfortable, plus the large floor-to-ceiling windows Victoria Harbour is a delight! Very pleasant experience!

Suet Ling Camille · 20/03/2021

nice room with lovely decor, free mini bar which is really great. got an upgrade to sea view room so we could sit happily by the window to enjoy the serenity. the only thing that I would pick on is the wash basin design you basically would splash everywhere just by washing your hands......... we used the coupons (plus addition $$ of course) for dinner at Green . the lobster menu is the best we ever had

Po Kei · 15/03/2021

High performance-price ratio, a new style hotel managed by young people, it is worth recommending.

Kai Po · 09/03/2021

It was a quick staycation for us. We didn't foresee that so many families were going to do the same that weekend so prepare for lots of children running around the foyer. The check in was lovely and we got a Harborview room that we asked for. I was truly impressed with the bathroom: tub and shower with a small TV. Very relaxing and we had a good night's sleep. We really appreciated that they gave us complimentary wine for our birthday getaway. They sort of forgot and I had to call the front desk to remind them.

Jennifer · 09/03/2021

Very good except that the toilet flush is a bit issue for my stay.

JASON · 09/03/2021

The hotel staff is attentive and very hospitable. In terms of food, both the Room Service and the hotel’s breakfast buffet are very first-rate.

bonnie ying yu · 02/03/2021

Good location , good service , excellence facilities, relaxing environment , even though city view but you can have a tunnel harbour view , will come again in March. Thx Klook

Fung Hing Loretta · 01/03/2021

The sanitation is very good, the waiters are courteous, the rooms are very comfortable, and I am very happy to have a wonderful holiday.

FUNG YEE · 27/02/2021

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